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Beautiful and Famous Tourist Places in Karnataka in 2020


Do you know? Karnataka has five rivers free-flowing through a single district. Karnataka is an Indian state situated in the southwest in India. so let us know about some best Tourist places in Karnataka.

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The state was originally known as the State of Mysore but it was renamed as Karnataka in 1973. Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and it is the largest city of Karnataka. Karnataka was formed on 1 November 1956 as the name of Mysore State.

The total area of Karnataka is 191,791 km square. A beautiful state situated near the Arabian Sea with a rich culture and it has a very interesting history, so let us know about some best Tourist places in Karnataka.


Do you know? Coorg is also known as Kodagu, and it is known as the Scotland of India, It is really amazing. The place is known for its mountains, landscape, coffee productions, hill stations, and many more.

If you are a nature lover then it will be one of the best places for you. Coorg is one of the best places/hill-stations of Karnataka. There are many glossy green mountains hill if you are a photoholic then you will have a lot of photos after leaving this place.

Coorg was a state before the year 1956. It is spread over 4,102 square kilometres. There is also a Kodavas which is a local clan in Coorg, the hospitality of the Kodavas is famous all over. If you visit here you will easily find the Kodavas because of their dressing style.

Puthari, Kail Polud, and Kaveri Sankramana are some festivals celebrated by the Kodavas. In the 19th century, the Britishers used to call the Coorg as Scotland of India, if you will visit here you will say that the nickname really suits it because the beauty of this place is priceless.

Coorg is one of the highest producers of coffee in India. It has beautiful regal fields of coffee plantations. ‘Arabica’ and ‘Robusta’ are the famous plantation in Coorg. Coorg can be the best place for honeymooners.

Some famous places of Coorg are

  • Abbey Falls
  • Talakaveri
  • Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)
  • Raja’s Seat
  • White River Rafting in Barapole River, Coorg
  • Nagarhole National Park
  • Tadiandamol Peak
  • Iruppu Falls

Best time to visit Coorg

The best time to visit Coorg is from September to June. all the months and seasons are good for visiting here but you can avoid the monsoon months July and August.


Mysore is known as the Sanskrit Capital of Karnataka. It is one of the important city of Karnataka after Bangalore. It is now known as Mysuru, and the name was changed in 2014. Millions of tourist come here every year to see the beauty of this city.

If you like historical places, then Mysore can be a good choice, although it is known for its historical and ancient monuments.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the most important tourist places here, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a must-visit place. It was built in 1912 for the 24th ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty. It is a fantastic example of the Saracenic style of architecture. The royal family of the Mysore are the official owner of the palace which is also known as the Amba Vilas Palace.

Vijaya Dashami is a major festival which is celebrated at Mysore Palace for 10 days, the parade march by the elephants is a major attraction to the tourists whole over the world. The royal family, as well as special guests, celebrate the festival.

The palace is so beautiful that you will love to take photos but DSLRs or Polaroid Cameras are not allowed, but mobile photography is allowed and not penalized. The best time to visit here is at the time of Dussehra when the palace is designed so beautifully.

But avoid Sunday and public holidays. In the year 1912, the construction of the palace was completed and the cost of construction was Rs 41,47,913 at the time.

There is also a light and sound show at the Mysore Palace every day in the evening except for Sundays and public holiday.

LanguageDay and TimeAmount
KannadaMonday to Wednesday (7:00 PM to 8:00 PM)
Saturday (8.15 PM to 9.15 PM)
Adults: INR 70
Children: INR 30
EnglishThursday to Saturday (7:00 PM to 8:00 PM)Adults: INR 90
Children: INR 40

Mysore Zoo

Do you like animals? Are you a pet lover? So Mysore Zoo will be the best place for you. The Mysore Zoo’s real name is Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens it is one of the famous Zoological Gardens in India.

One Hundred and Sixty-Eight species are found here. The zoo is spread in an area of 157 acres. The zoo is very clean and 3 million visitors visit here annually and the gate revenu of the zoo is 7 crores.

The timing of the zoo is from 8:30 to 5:30, but who visit the Zoo from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. often complain not spotting many animals in the Zoo it happens due to the hot climate most of the animals sleep or taking rest. So the best time to visit here is before 11 am or after 3 pm. The zoo doesn’t open on Tuesday.

Some more information about the Mysuru Zoo

There are various types of animals in Mysuru Zoo. The following table shows the types of animals

Big CatsTiger, Leopard, Lions, Jaguar, Cheetahs.
Smaller CatsJungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Small Indian Civet, Common Palm Civet
PrimatesChimpanzee, Gorilla, Capuchin Monkey, Marmoset, Lion Tailed Macaque, Baboon, Brown Lemur, Ring-Tailed Lemur, Nilgiri Langur, Common Langur.
Deer and AntelopesPotted Deer, Hog Deer, Swamp Deer, Mouse Deer, Nilgai, Four Horned Antelope, Barking Deer, Black Buck, Fallow Deer, Goral.
Large MammalsAsiatic Elephants, African Elephants, African White Rhino, African Black Rhino, Hippopotamus, Gaur.
Aquatic BirdsEurasian spoonbill, Pelicans, Flamingo, Adjutant Stork, Painted Stork Sacred Ibis.
Terrestrial Birds  Macaws, Conures, Pheasants, Sarus Crane, Great Indian Hornbill, Peafowl, Tragopan, Parrots and Parakeets.
DucksMuscovy Duck, Spotted Whistling Duck, Comb Duck, Carolina Wood Duck.
Flightless BirdsOstrich, Rhea, Cassowary and Emu
ReptilesAnaconda, King Cobra, Indian Cobra, 7 types of Crocodiles, Iguana

Some famous tourist places in Karnataka are

  • Coorg
  • Hampi
  • Gokarna
  • Chikmagalur
  • Bangalore
  • Mysore
  • Mangalore

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Karnataka can be the best place for your next vacation. Karnataka is a perfect place for stress-busting business trips, it is a very beautiful place if you are a nature lover or like some historical places then Karnataka can be the best place for you.

So whenever you visit here don’t forget to visit these awesome places. It will be a memorable trip of your life.

Frequently asked Questions

What Karnataka is famous for?

Karnataka is famous for its mountains, hill stations, forests, waterfalls, and beaches. Jog Fall is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India.

Which is the largest city in Karnataka?

Bangalore is the largest city in Karnataka.

Why Karnataka is called the land of sandalwood

The reason why Karnataka is known as the Land of Sandalwood is that it is a region that is known for producing high quantities of sandalwood which is a semi-parasitic tree which is extensively used for producing various products such as incense sticks, perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils, talcum powder etc

Why Coorg is called Scotland of India?

Coorg is known as the “Scotland of India” because of its beauty, the landscapes, mountains and the hill stations are the most beautiful thing to see here. It is also famous for its usage of coconut, curry leaves, and tamarind.

Which city is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka?

Mysore is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka.



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