Backpacking to Hampi – The temple town of Karnataka

Hampi is known as a temple town which is situated in Karnataka. The thousands of temples and beautiful cinematic views, Rocky areas and paddy fields call  tourists to visit Hampi. Hampi is also the World Heritage site declared by UNESCO. What’s ahead? Brief History Tourist Attractions in Hampi Virupaksha Temple Queen’s Bath Krishna Temple Hampi … Read more

Badami: The Famous City of Caves and Rock Cut Temples in Karnataka.

Badami situated at the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. Vatapi is the other name of this city. It is famous for its Caves and rock cut temples. These structures are carved during the Chalukya dynasty. Have you ever been to Badami ? if not then let’s go now….. What is ahead? History of Badami Badami … Read more

10 Amazing places to visit near Pune and Mumbai in Rainy season

If you are staying near Pune and Mumbai or you are planning to visit this area then here are most amazing places to visit near Pune and Mumbai in Rainy season. Maharashtra Is one of the most popular and rich states in India. Capital city of Maharashtra Mumbai is the favorite of many people in … Read more

TOP 9 PLACES TO VISIT IN PUNE – The City of Marathas

Pune is rich in heritage. This city is famous for various things like education, culture,   Marathi, people and also for food culture of Pune. People visit Pune to explore it’s culture. In this blog I am giving you tour of top 9 places in Pune city and you can decide which is your fevoratie place … Read more

Food Culture Of Pune – Famous food brands and restaurants in Pune

Pune is rich in heritage. This city is famous for various things like education, culture,   Marathi, people and also for its food. Today we are going to see various types of food you will find in Pune also which are the famous foods of Pune. We will also see some of the oldest restaurants and … Read more

5 Best Place To Visit In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is also known as a ” Land of Kings”, here the most attractive things are obviously a fort, here are a large number of the fort is available. here every year many people coming through our country and abroad. Explore the beautiful lakes, museums, national parks. Rajasthan is one of the places where you … Read more

6 Best Places To Visit In South India

South India has a distinct culture that sets it apart from the rest of India but also the whole country. Not only that, but each state has also managed to retain its own distinct identity. Intricate temple architecture, history, canals, spirituality, and the beach will provide you with a varied and interesting trip to south … Read more

Amazing Tourist places in Kolkata in 2020 | The City of Joy

Hey! Are you looking for help in planning your trip? Kolkata can be a good option for you. So let us know in detail about the Tourist Place of Kolkata. I think you don’t know, Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium Is The 3rd Largest Cricket Stadium In The World. Kolkata was the capital of India from … Read more

Beautiful and Famous Tourist Places in Karnataka in 2020

Do you know? Karnataka has five rivers free-flowing through a single district. Karnataka is an Indian state situated in the southwest in India. so let us know about some best Tourist places in Karnataka. What’s in it for me? Overview Coorg Mysore Mysore Palace Zoo Conclusion FAQ Overview The state was originally known as the … Read more