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Use of AI and ML in Android Development-The best 2 latest Technologies


AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are the trending technologies of the market which when combined with android development then it makes app super-efficient and adds extraordinary features to it.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Machine Learning.
  3. Implementation of AI in android apps.
  4. Implementation of ML in android apps.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. FAQs

Artificial Intelligence-:

It is related to computers acquiring human intelligence and work in a way in which you want. It is also referred to as machine intelligence. An example of this technology can be self-driving cars, in which there is no need for a driver, It runs through machine intelligence. And it is safer than a human driving the car.

In the twenty-first century, AI techniques are becoming an important weapon in the computer fields.

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Machine Learning-:

It is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It acts as a subset of artificial intelligence. Its algorithms are based on a mathematical model based on data assigned to it.

Decisions are based on predictions or decisions without programming it. If I give an example of it then the best example is YouTube,where when we search for anything machine algorithms arrange it in descending order of popularity.

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Implementations of AI in android apps-:

It is booming technology in the development of android apps. And for increasing our business this technology is just as it easies the UI and UX of the app.
Many big companies are using these technologies for attracting the customers and it is also growing the sales of the company. It also simplifies the use of an app.

There are several ways for integration of AI into the app which can be described as-

Mining the Big Data

It refers to taking the data of the customer as what is the liking or disliking of it which Amazon, Flipkart is doing.

And the data is stored in the servers which help a company in future. This can go along way in helping to improve the precise information for correct analyzation of the data.

Security of an app

With an increase in the rates of cyber crimes, everyone wants that my app should not be hacked by someone,

And for saving app from crimes AI technology can be used which is super effective for saving of app.

It makes the app highly secure. With this, we can set some recognition types for identification and authentication of the user. This is highly useful for E-commerce type of apps.

Study behaviour of the customer

Integrations of algorithms which can read and analyse user behavior patterns can be done with the help of AI.

And we can also ask the user for its recommendations from the user, with the help of it one can personalize the list of products or services he/she is providing through his app.

This method is highly used in the E-commerce sector. And YouTube also using this method and with the help of it is showing us the videos which we like to watch. With this, it is also helpful for marketers.

Optimizing the searching process

The searching process becomes quite easy with the use of technology.

It shows keywords before you type the whole word, spelling corrections, related suggestions and a voice search is also has been placed from which makes it easy to just say and automatic typing happens.

This is the most powerful tool of the technologies which is must to use for a company or a developer to give the customer a seamless experience.

Audio and Video recognition

Nowadays we find a chat-bot feature in most of the apps from which we can chat and a robot answer all of our questions, this is because of this technology.

And now there is a feature of face recognition in our smartphones which has developed with ML but has apart of AI in it.

And Google has the best audio recognition, the best example of it is when we say OK Google, our phones automatically starts. That’s what new technologies are offering.

Digital Assistant

Now in this modern time, many customers don’t want to call on the support service or drop a mail, as a customer cannot wait for the reply as many are impatient about it, so companies place a digital assistant in a form of chat-bot, all questions and answers are needed into it, and when a person asks his query, bot replies which is almost suitable for the related query.

Some companies have started this way that they make the bots and sell to the companies and charge for it, it also becomes easy as companies don’t have to make they buy it.

Data Advantage

AI technologies gather your data and store it in their servers, it uses further data by providing you with recommendations which help a company to grow his/her business.

It links the market trends, your status, your buying patterns with their app and show what you will buy 99% of the time. It is acting as one of the beneficial tools for them.

Implementation of ML in android apps

As I have said ML is like a subset of AI, and it acts a base of it. It is used in several fields, and with its growth now it is used in the development of apps. There are many tasks which one can accomplish with it, you have to crack what do you want in your app and use it for that purpose.

As an example, one can target his/her specific customers with it by looking at the patterns of it and searching request. It is also used for security purposes like for authentication of a user with the help of face recognition. Maximum tasks of AI are accomplished with Machine learning.

Its market is also increasing day by day as it is needed for the businesses to add this technology to their interfaces.

Now, I will give some running examples of ML in the market from which you will be able to easily understand how it works in the market.

Google Maps

It uses ML for showing us the destination where we want to go.There they also show the parking space, malls and almost fulfill every query related to maps.

It also asks questions with the user that whether a customer reached its destination, has got the parking place or not. With which it improves the performance of it and give correct information to the user.


It uses many algorithms of ML, which collect the user reviews, timespan, actors which are liked by people and much more. It makes easy for Netflix to make content which is liked by the people and remove which is disliked.

They use regression algorithms for it, and many more for other purposes.

For one to integrate ML with android apps, he has to learn TensorFlow software which provides to link ML with apps, it is one of the highly efficient tools available in the market.

Apps with ML-


So, I have shared almost every aspect of AI and ML here. Also Identified the benefits of it and how much impact it can make us in our career and for our business also.

So, I would suggest that after covering up the basics of android development you look out for it, as it is gone be future of the world.

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Now, I will take some questions to the best of my knowledge which every developer may have thought about it.

1. Is it is necessary to learn about AI, ML?

No, one doesn’t need to learn about AI, ML as one have to work for making apps. But it is the need of the market, and with it, you can accomplish many tasks which I have discussed above.
And it will give your career a boost if you know these technologies of the future. I would suggest should learn at least some basic algorithms of it, as it will be of great help.

2. How I learn above technologies and from where I start?

You can learn above technology from the online courses, or YouTube or other platforms which are available for the learning. Online platforms like Coursera, udemy, etc. provide resources for learning it. You can check out.
But first, you complete the basics and make some simple apps, then go for these technologies. In starting for it you have to learn different languages like python, as it is more recommendable for it, then you go for some frameworks which are linked with ML. And as you will proceed you will automatically find what to do next. One can also use this technology by java but it is not that much efficient as python.

In the last, I would Like to say that Lookout the trending technologies as this will be gonna future of you, and it will remain for a long time. Devote some time and start learning it after developing some basic apps, it can make your career a brighter one.

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