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What is BCA all about? Full form, Course detail, Syllabus, and Career.


Do you know a Bachelor of Computer Application? Yes, you know its because it is the best option for a student who wants to make their career-making computer world but still if you don’t know what is BCA, this blog post is only for you.

 Every day new software and applications are being created to meet our requirements.  But have you ever thought that ….

  • ‌ Who makes these software and applications?  
  • ‌How are they made?
  • ‌ How can you become a software developer?

 If not, it does not matter because today we will discuss the same subject.

Today the popularity of computers has increased so much that most of the students want to make their career in the computer field.

 Keeping this in mind, today we will discuss the professional degree course BCA in the field of computers.

 So let’s know the complete information about this course…..

Let’s find it….

  1.  What is BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)? 
  2. Eligibility
  3. Top 10 Colleges in India for BCA. 
  4. Admission
  5. Duration
  6. Course or syllabus
  7. Fees
  8. After BCA best course 
  9. Career option after BCA
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

What is BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)? 

It’s a computer-related professional degree course, its full name Bachelor of Computer Application.

This is a completely approved graduation degree course so you can do this course after 12th.

There is a technical degree course in which students are given complete information related to the field of computers, so after doing this course you will get the most information related to computers.

It is a professional degree course, so this course is recognized all over the world including India.

Now, I hope you will understand that what is BCA?


It is a technical degree course, so to perform this course, the candidate must have the following qualifications

  • ‌ Candidate should have (10+2) or 12th pass. 
  •  12th must have at least 50 to 60% numbers. 

Subject and Steam are not required to do this course but still some college has the following qualifications mandatory. 

  • ‌Candidate should have passed 12th with Science stream. 
  • ‌Candidate should have 12th pass with Mathematics subject. 
  • ‌12th must have at least 60% numbers. 

Top 10 Colleges in India for BCA. 

  1. ‌Christy University, Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. ‌SRM Institute of Technology, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  3. ‌Loyola College, Chennai Tamil, Nadu
  4. ‌Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab
  5. ‌AIMS Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka
  6. ‌Jaipur National University, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  7. ‌Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  8. ‌Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  9. ‌Guru Govind Singh Indra Pratap University, Delhi
  10. ‌Madras Christian college, Madras, Tamil Nadu


For admission in BCA college, the candidate must have the above qualifications. 

Admission in this course is done in different colleges in different mediums which is as follows….. 

Direct Admission

Mostly 80% of the colleges in this course directly admit, so you can get admission through a personal interview by going to the college in which you have to take admission.

But keep in mind that not all colleges or universities directly apply admissions. 

Entrance Examination

College to enter this course which is conducted by university entrance test. 

You can take admission by appearing in the entrance examination conducted by the college or university in which you want to get admission and achieve good marks.


As you know this is a graduation degree course so this course is full 3 years

Each year is divided into 2 semesters, so there are 6 semesters in total.

Examinations are held at the end of each year but some colleges conduct examinations at the end of each semester. 

Course or syllabus

After knowing what is BCA? Everyone want to know the syllabus of this course, Let’s know…

In this course, you get the opportunity to learn about all the important topics related to computers. In the entire syllabus of the BCA, you have learned computer form basic to advance.

The basic course curriculum of this course, Typically lay emphasis on the database management system, software engineering, computer architecture, computer operating system, mobile operating system, web technology, and computer language such as HTML Java python c C ++, etc.

Here’s an overview of the topics Whom you will read in 6 semesters of this course.

Semester 1Semester 1
Creative EnglishCommunicative English
Foundational MathematicsBasic Discrete Mathematics
Digital Computer FundamentalsOperating Systems
Introduction To Programming Using CData Structures
Learn C ProgrammingData Structures Lab
C Programming LabVisual Programming Lab
PC Software Lab
Semester 4Semester 4
Interpersonal CommunicationProfessional English
Introductory AlgebraComputer Networks
Financial AccountingProgramming In Java
Software EngineeringJava Programming Lab
Database Management SystemsWeb Technology Lab
Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
C++ Lab
Semester 5Semester 5
Unix ProgrammingDesign And Analysis Of Algorithms
Unix LabComputer Architecture
OOAD Using UMLCloud Computing
User Interface DesignClient-Server Computing
Graphics And AnimationIntroduction To Soft Computing
Graphics And Animation LabAdvanced Database Management System
Python Programming
Python Programming Lab
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Lab


The fee structure in this course is different in different colleges, so we can divide the Fee of college as follows… 

  • ‌1st level private and government college- 15-35 thousand
  • ‌2nd level- 35-70 thousand
  • ‌3 level- a famous private college more than 70 thousand

After BCA best course 

After completing this course, you can opt for the following programmes.

Career option after BCA

After completing this course (what is BCA) you work as …

  • ‌Software engineer
  • ‌Network engineer
  • ‌Database administrator
  • ‌Programmer
  • ‌System analytics
  • ‌Security director
  • ‌Network security engineer
  • ‌IT manage

Before doing any course, all the students are interested in knowing where to get a job after doing this course, so let’s know the answer to this question …..

After doing this course, jobs in private sector are easily available.

Private sector jobs

If you are interested in a private job, then you can apply for a job in any IT company and you can get a job by interviewing.

Goverment sector jobs

As you know that it is a graduation degree course, so you can also apply for government jobs in which the candidate must be a graduate. 

You can also apply for technical post in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian AirForce. 


If you like to do personal work then after doing this course you can work as a freelancer (as a programmer, software developer, web developer) and later grow your company like a startup. 

Note-  If you do MCA or other postgraduate courses after this course then you would get more success, so if you don’t have any trouble then do a job only after doing a post-graduate course. 


It is a course related to computer application, whose full name is Bachelor of Computer Application. In this course, the student is prepared for the field of computer and in this course, all important information related to computers is provided.
 In this course, the student….
 Taught about computer basic.
 The computer programming language is taught.
 Web development and web designing are taught.
 Taught about software and software development.

 After doing this course you can work as a software developer and web developer.


Can BCA student apply for M.Sc.  and M. tech.?

No, BCA students cannot apply for MSc and MTech MTech
 To do M.Sc, you have to do B.Sc and similarly to do M.Tech you have to do B.Tech.

Can BCA student apply for Gate and CTET?

BCA students can apply for TET and CTET. Can not apply for GATE because for GATE you have to do 4-year degree programs like B.Tech or BE.

Can BCA student apply for UPSC and ISRO?

Yes, BCA students can apply for UPSC, ISRO
But to apply in ISRO, you need to have good percentage numbers.

BCA is in which stream?

BCA is a computer-related technical degree course that can be done by students of any stream but some colleges demand science stream.

Why choose BCA course?

As you know you are taught about computer in BCA so if you have an interest in computer and you want to pursue a career in the computer field then you can do BCA

BCA is also the best option for those students who have problems due to B.Tech and B.E.  Is unable to get admission

BCA without math college?

Yes, you can do BCA course even without Math. There are many colleges which also do BCA without Maths subject.

Why BCA is better than BTech CS?

Both BCA and BTech C are related to the computer field, both have many similarities but BCA is the best option for those students
Those who are unable to get admission in B.Tech due to any problem and who are financially weak because B.Tech fees are more than BCA.

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