Today, we are going to talk about a topic that you all will be able to relate well. Everyone must have heard or heard someone’s story at some time, do you know that you can earn money even after telling stories to people.

You can also make a career in this. In this blog we will tell you that How can you become a good storyteller, what is storytelling, how can we write our story and how can we tell our story in open mic and many other things.

Now following are the points which we will cover in this blog:

  1. What is storytelling
  2. Types of storytelling
  3. How to write a story
  4. Different way of storytelling
  5. Scope and career in storytelling
  6. Storytelling in open mic
  7. Conclusion
  8. QnA

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is made up of two words STORY means a tale and TELLING means to told what happens. Storytelling simply put the words in a sequence so, that a movie creates in the mind of people with their own words.

The storyteller says if we went back a little and after picking up history, these stories have been going on ever since humans started understanding things. In ancient times, I was coming through the medium of pictures.

In today’s time, it is coming in digital form, some stories are true and some are imaginary. Since childhood, stories have been entertaining us.

The story is the only reason that we get to know our history, it is to be seen, in every form, whether you talk about movies or every wake of books, you will get stories here.

Everyone, whether child or old, like to hear stories, you must have heard a lot of stories in childhood, but in the present time, people have come to tell the story to the world.

So let’s go ahead and see how many types of stories are there and how we can make them write and become a good storyteller.


Now let’s talk about how many types of stories are there. What kind of people we can say, who would like to listen to someone? If I answer in one line, then the number of types of movies is the same as the stories of the types. So,

one is a true story and the other one is imaginary.

Let’s see how many types are there, if we look at the main form

Tragedy, Comedy, Inspirational, Motivational, Horror, Romantic, etc. So you can write any of these types of stories.


What is storytelling, how many types of story are there, after all these, you must be thinking that how to write a story, don’t worry, we will tell you how the story is written?


    First, you have to decide the type of story, what kind of story you want to write like romantic, funny, etc.


    After deciding the type, you have to decide the length of the story whether you want to write a short story or a long story or a novel.


    After this, you have to choose the characters in your story. You can select them according to your story type, do not take too many characters in the beginning.


    Now, write an outline of your story so that you do not wander around.


    Now, select the title of your story.


    Once you tell your story to your friends and get feedback from them and then start writing.


    Do not forget the core message of the story that you want to convey from that story.


    Try to write down your story daily in a short paragraph or parts. check it daily

  9. END

    Write a satisfying end and end the story.


01. Oral Storytelling

The oldest way to tell a story was to tell stories to each other orally, in the old time. In the same way we must have heard stories from our grandparents or in childhood, that were also part of oral storytelling.

If we take the example of ancient times, in ancient Greece, people used to come to listen to the stories of Homer, it is said that they used to listen to stories in such a way that people would get emotional with them in the story.

If you liked this oral storytelling, then you too can practice it and speak

02. Visual storytelling

This method is a good way to reach your story message to the people. In this, you can see the story through photographs or paintings to understand. In ancient times, people used to leave a painting in the cave and we used to leave them with the same pictures.

As time progresses, the human being develops new technology, such as radio and podcasts, you can reach your story to millions of people in one wake.

03. Written Storytelling

Ever since we started writing from humans, we have had a story written by us. If we go by example, then the two great epics of ancient times Ramayana and Mahabharata are very good examples of written storytelling.

In today’s time, since the invention of the printing press, since then the revolution in print media has started and people started writing. In the present time there are countless books in which stories are written, these all are examples of written storytelling.

04.Digital Storytelling

The easiest and most effective way to reach out to people is through digital media. You can reach a story through photos or by making short videos, it is a very effective way to record voice.

In this way, you can use any of the four methods written above. You can reach all kinds of people in their own way, someone likes to listen to a story, someone likes to watch and someone, both you can hold your own with the help of digital storytelling and you can also earn money from that thing.

In the next sub-topic, I will tell you how you can make money from storytelling and how to convert your hobby into a profession.


Now, the question is coming in your mind that how to make a career in storytelling, can you earn money from it? So, today we will tell what options do you have

1. Podcast

The best option is a podcast. You have a good voice and people like your way and if you can connect with people, then you can communicate well, then podcasts can be a good option for you. It is like a radio. Just as radio is RJ, so in the podcast, the only difference is that other things are heard on radio apart from stories, but podcasts may not.

2. Public speaker

If you draw people from your stories, then it means that you have the quality that you can also become a good public speaker, a good influencer.

3. Social media

You can earn money from social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, you can upload your audio or video in these places.

4. Author

Write books and makes movies. You can publish your own book, write good stories, write scripts or storylines for movies.


Apart from all these, you can also do jobs in different places, even in schools, colleges or in big companies. Just work on your skills and practice, both jobs and business are open to you.


Do you have a story and want others to know? But you are not a famous storyteller or author then, open mic is the best option.

If you do storytelling and are looking for a platform where you can go and perform, then you will hardly get any other option from the open mic.

Whether it is still your good luck or you are experiencing, open mic is a good platform for everyone.

In open mic, storytellers come and try their material in front of a live audience. There is a lot of open mic in India where storytelling can be done like, Tape A Tale which is in Mumbai.

A face that comes in the world of storytelling is personal narratives – stories on real life. These are the everyday stories of layman people.

With this you will be able to connect with the people easily, which will help you to move forward.

Now it is not for that those who do the job can not use it, any person who can bind the people to their story and connect with them. This is a sign of a good storyteller


I hope that you can find the answer to all your questions in my blog about what is storytelling, types of storytelling, how to write a story, and much more. If you still have any doubt or query, then you can ask in the comment box below or inbox. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A NICE DAY


1. Can be mixed open mic, have a platform for storytellers?

Yes, storytelling is a topic in a mixed open mic. You can contact an open mic in which you want to perform

2. Is there any difference is present between storyteller and writer?

The only difference between writer and storyteller is that the WRITER uses written words in various ways to communicate but a STORYTELLER conveys through words, images, and sounds

3. In some open mic, rewards are also given for storytelling artists like poets?

This is not specific. This depends on the particular open mic and their terms and conditions.



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