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5 Best Places To Visit In December In India


While snow claims India’s bits the sun loves its beaches. Its seven outlines required and effortless charm and the plains get used to a much-awaited extra layer of clothes. The Indian peninsula enters into one of the best places to visit in December in India.

Best seasons to travel in India here are India’s best places to visit in December a month marked by a string of holidays is in your feet to get out and travel.

5 best places to visit in December in India is_

  1. Auli in Uttarakhand
  2. Dawki to Shillong
  3. Goa beach
  4. Pondicherry
  5. Leh-Ladakh
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Auli in Uttarakhand:

The first thing to do in Auli skiing is one thing that is even difficult to see in India forget about the experience it.

But always one place where you can actually do it the season for skiing in Auli from late December to March.

If you’re going to Auli just for skiing I recommend you to confirm the availability of it before planning your trip. The second thing to do an Auli tracking there is four routes on which you can do.

Tracking and Auli I’m going to tell you about every single route. But I will recommend you to choose the right path as per your prior tracking experience the first tracking route is from Auli to Garson.

It’s seven kilometers the second one is from Garson to Tolly it’s six kilometers. The third one is from Kawari faster Clara it’s twelve kilometers the fourth one is from cholera to topo1.

You should visit these best places to visit in December in India the fourth thing to do in Auli is to experience the cable car. If you’re going by your own vehicle I’ll suggest you get down at Joshi Mart.

If you’re going by bus you can do the same thing from Joe Shima to Auli there is a cable car which will cost you four hundred to five-minute box but it is worth it. It is one of the longest cable cars in India.

Dawki to Shillong:

If you are in Shillong it’s basically a very detailed travel guide to Sri Lanka. Scotland of the East so if you’re planning a trip to Sherlock I’m sure this blog is going to help you.

I’m actually still in Shillong and it, I am dying to go to Taki and them my long village. Which is supposed to be the cleanest village in Asia so yeah let’s go and see a boy on a bus run by making a layer to the Sun.

we operate depending on the number of people who want to go to the Auli or a particular dam and it costs around five hundred rupees per person and for Japanese 350 rupees per person if you’re going by the puzzle.

Canyon and Shillong and guys the views on the way into a spectacularly beautiful and literally like we were driving in the cloud.

It was so beautiful I have captured some shots but I don’t think they’ll do any justice to the actual beauty.

You have to come here and see it for yourself leave your breakfast where you couldn’t get some Maggie you read of little with me nice now. In the background that that is Bangladesh and all those people are bound away.

Boat Ride

If you want a boat then you can buy your tickets from this place for 700 rupees per vote. So right now with the board guys and this is so good the water here is so clean and apparently.

It gets clearer in November and I’m here in October so yeah this is the only beautiful from the board. A goddess to this island called um one and that’s number they’re going on a fishing expedition very sweetly Landorus is fishing rods.

Honestly, this bridge is such a wonder like nature and so beautiful and filled with wonders come into the long village which is Asia cleanest village. And that the entry fee is – this place is rupees fifty and even in their living room fridge.

There was an entry fee of rupees ten per person and this is so clean because the villagers you’re clean. This themselves and the houses are very pretty very basic like hearts but even inside the houses.

Goa beach – best places to visit in December in India

The most beautiful beaches of the city but at least it used to be for commercialization happy new nonetheless. It has a very calm sea and a node of tides.

If it easily walked 100 meters into the sea enjoy the feeling of moving water running to your face. You can also get away from the massage while you’re there.

The best nikka of pom genius one of the most prominent places to see in goa. It is an important place for Catholics in power and the incorrupt body of st. Francis is kept here this church was made in 1605.

It is one of the best examples of barbecue style of architecture in the country at number four fourth Aguada food water is a heritage from the bodies.

The sport faces the Arabian sea and was basically made to provide defense against touch and Murata’s at present.

It stands as a landmark that divides the Centurion beach and the candles beach numb up with tooth solder Falls. This waterfall is situated on the Karnataka border and is one of India’s best sites to visit.

Best places to visit in December in India because of the largest waterfall in the country with water cascading down from a height of 1017 feet.

Also Check Mount Mary Church and Museum

You should also visit cent of the steam tire and Mount Mary Church act number eight. Baga beach and a Goa trip if you haven’t been to bother Beach you haven’t been to co-locate.

It is not warring this place has a chap line of motorboats and paragliders you in today and when you are done with the Sun night.

Is the time when the beach watch becomes available from great party options to amazing music. Bala is a party heaven every night. 

Goa state museum who our state museum is known for its rich culture and history. Is the state at logic Museum this place has a well-preserved collection of 8,000 relics in the Anjuna market.

We will associate the name of angina with its pyrite life and the train seems. But this is just one aspect it has a very famous meaty minister flea market which is an ideal place for all shopping lovers.

Pondicherry – the best places to visit in December in India

Pondicherry is connected to the rest of the Country. It can be reached both by train or air. By air, reach Chennai airport first.

From there go to Pondicherry by road. Chennai is 135 Km away from Pondicherry and it will take almost 4 hours to reach Pondicherry from Chennai.

A local cab will charge around Rs 2600 for this trip. There is also bus service available on this route. Fare starts from Rs 250. If you are traveling by train then go to Pondicherry station directly.

Upon arriving Pondicherry check in to your hotel. After breakfast go for a sightseeing tour. Reserved Car fare will be around Rs 2500 1st go to Auroville Ashram is a ‘Universal Town’ founded in the year 1926 by Sri Aurobindo.

Here, men and women from across the world of all cultures and traditions live together in peace.

From there go to visit Seaside Promenade This clean and well-maintained. The place is famous for its beautiful view of sunrise and at this place you can actually feel the proximity of the sea.

Pondicherry Beach’s

After that, go to Pondicherry Beach Pondicherry Beach is another famous beach in the city. It is 1.2 kilometers long along the Bay of Bengal and is the most famous road in Pondicherry.

Visit Serenity Beach This is the most beautiful beach in Pondicherry. This virgin beach attracts many tourists every day due to its calm & quiet environment.

Paradise Beach Situated in Chunnambar, close to Pondicherry town, Paradise Beach is a beautiful golden sand beachfront. Anytime, you can enjoy the cold sea breeze here.

Typical mid-range Pondicherry hotels will charge around Rs 2000 per day. The total package will cost around Rs 9000 for a couple.

So, overall it will be a nice short trip where you can enjoy the proximity of nature and reach culture.

Leh Ladakh – one of the most popular destination

Traveling to Ladakh supposed to just rest and acclimatize because Ladakh is at a really high altitude. So there’s nothing much on today’s agenda we’re just gonna rest and take it easy so stand in immorally.

Visiting the Naropa Festival it’s a little bit of background Naropa is actually one of the biggest Buddhist festivals in the world and that’s the reason we’re in Ladakh.

We are now at Emma’s monastery. This is said to be the largest monastery in Ladakh and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Also, the snow has intensified so it’s quite cold so we started from all the way down. There and we’ll ride on top of Hemis monastery and the view from here is amazing.

The next stop is at Dixie monastery and this is what it looks like. So we have to go all the way up there we’ve made it to the lay market and it’s super lively. So our plan is to just walk around maybe do some shopping, eat some food and then head back to a hotel.


December is the best time to travel. Because during this time the winter season arrives. And there are some places in India Auli, Dawki, Goa, Pondicherry, and Leh-Ladakh which should be visited in December itself because at this time its beauty and sparkle come.


Why December is the best time to travel?

winter arrives in December and the best time to visit an icy place like Leh-Ladakh, Auli & many more.

Which are the best places to visit in December in India?

here I mentioned places to travel in December are Auli in Uttarakhand,
Dawki to Shillong, Goa beach, Pondicherry, Leh-Ladakh.



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