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Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti(2020) Movie Review: A Story that stands for Women

Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti Movie Review

‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’ is a movie stands for ‘Equality for Women’. It has been depicted by a young lady, named Shabri, who is very passionate and into multiple professions, and goes against the norms of society for achieving her dreams.

Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti Cover Photo


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Cast & Crew:

DirectorAritra Mukherjee
ProducerNandita Roy
ProducerShiboprosad Mukherjee
Writer/ ScreenplayZinia Sen
MusicianAnindya Chatterjee
CinematographyAalok Maiti
EditorMoloy Laha
Dialog WriterSamragnee Bandyopadhyay
Art DirectorAmit Chatterjee
Crew Details
Name of CharacterName of Character
Ritabhari ChakrabortyShabari
Soham MajumdarBikramaditya
Soma ChakrabortyAmrabati
Ambarish BhattacharyaPratapaditya
Manasi SinhaGurudasi
Subhasish MukherjeePurohit Moshai
Cast Details

‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’ Movie Review: An inspiration to all women stand for their rights:

Critic’s Rating: 8/10

Genre: Indian Bengali drama film

Released: 6 March 2020

Recorded: 2019

Length: 2hrs 07 min

Language: Bengali

Shabri performing Saraswati Puja

‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’ Story:

Shabari, a lecturer by profession teaches Sanskrit in a college and also responsible for playing drama and performing arts, is a very passionate young lady who is now ready for being married.

The movie begins with a play of the ‘Draupadi Cheerharan act of Mahabharat’ written and directed by Shabari playing the lead role of Draupadi. To give the act a bold impact, she adds up the concept of ‘Sanitary Pads as Women’s Protection’ which was highly criticized by the Judges of the inter-college Competition.

Only one of the judges, Bikramaditya who came as a proxy liked and appreciated the act of Shabari. He was the one who came to marry Shabari. In the pre-marriage meeting arranged by the parents, when asked about what she does, Shabri says ‘Ami Pujo Kori’ (I worship). This statement of her brings dramatic change later in the Movie.

While, the two of them, Shabari and Bikramaditya, were getting married to complete Indian rituals, Shabari refuses to perform the renowned and mandatory ritual of ‘Kanyadan’ – Donation of the Daughter of the family (i.e Bride) to the Groom’s family. 

The family of Bikramaditya is orthodox, and refuses to accept Shabari as a family because they believe without the ritual of Kanyadan marriage is incomplete. After a short debate, the family accepts her.

Since Shabari was an open-minded girl, Bikramaditya’s mother and aunt dislikes her. And goes through a lot of conflicts.


The movie takes a dramatic turn when the fact comes out that Shabari is a daughter of Priest and she also wants to be like her father. She performs rituals in ‘Pujas’ (a ritual in honor of the gods, performed either at home or in the mandir ( temple)) and in Marriages.

Shabri as a Preist performing Marriage Ceremony of a couple

The society opposes Shabari as no women are supposed to be a priest as their body is considered as impure. She stands for her passion and fights from the whole society to prove herself.

‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’ – My Review:

“Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti” – is a movie that highlights lots of superstition beliefs in India which is still practiced without any question and opposition. 

In the history of India, where great leaders fought for unfair practices to be stopped, but in today’s world nobody cares for even resisting such practices. People have accepted these norms as the society’s rules and continue to practice it without any proper knowledge about it. 

This Film also refers to the ‘Sabarimala Temple ’ case, which is about the ban on women entering the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. In 1990, A petition was filed in the Kerala High Court seeking a ban on entry of women inside the Sabarimala temple, which was upheld in 1991 and put a restriction on entry of women of menstruating age.

This movie has questioned such beliefs. These are the questions which come to every woman’s mind but is never answered. Aritra Mukherjee’s strong character Shabari represents a real Indian Woman who after a marriage manages her passion and family’s oppositions simultaneously. 

In India, for a married woman who is passionate, every day is like a war for her. She can’t do what she wishes with complete freedom.

More about Filmmaking of “Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti”

Aritra Mukherjee through his movie brings out a very unique idea of a woman being a Priest. No such movie has been ever seen before. It also brings the audience’s concern towards equality for women, superstitions of India, etc. He also has shown the meaning of true love.

Women as a Multi-tasker, Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti

Ritabhari Chakraborty as Shabari said, “The duty of a priest is to set up a connection with God and it is unfair that only males from an apparently high caste get to do the job. Not only women but also males from other castes cannot perform the rituals.

Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti speaks against all this discrimination. It only requires one to have a pure mind to perform the rituals, since we are all born with a pure body.

This movie has also faced some controversies. It is said by one of the renowned writers, Debarati Mukhopadhyay that the plot of the movie is copied from her book Diotima without any attributions, whereas Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy said that the claim is baseless and also filed a suit of 10 crores.

Bramha Janen Gopon Kommoti is a comedy-drama film which highlights social ills with a lighter approach. Ritabhari Chakroborty on this context says, “I think it is important to address serious issues in a light-hearted manner to have the maximum reach, If we can’t reach the families through the film, we won’t be able to spread awareness.

Shabri and Bikramaditya Marriage

Audience Reviews:

  • Preetam
    #SuperDirection #GreatActing #Inspiring #Wellmade
    Review Rating: 4/5
    Review Date:  7/3/20
    Very good presentation and the storyline was wow

  • Swarnali
    #GreatActing #WowMusic #AwesomeStory #Inspiring #Wellmade
    Verified Review|
    Review Date : 10/3/20
    পরিচালনার কিছু ত্রুটি আমার ব্যাক্তিগত ভাবে মনে হয়েছে। ১) তরজায় শবরীর হেরে যাওয়া উচিৎ ছিলো না, বা হেরে গেলেও তার জানানো উচিৎ ছিলো সবাইকে যে সে কন্যাদানের মন্ত্রটি জানে কিন্তু নির্দিষ্ট কারণে উচ্চারণ করবে না। ২আর যদি হেরে গেলো ও বা এবং সেটা সে জানবেও না সবাইকে কেন উচ্চারণ করবে না, সেক্ষেত্রে পুরোহিতের পালিয়ে যাওয়া উচিৎ ছিলো না, বরং ব্যাপারটা অন্য নাটকীয়তায় নিয়ে যাওয়া যেত, যেমন সেই পুরোহিতের ভুল কোনো আচার বা মন্ত্র উচ্চারণের ত্রুটি ধরতো শবরী, এবং সেটার প্রমাণ দিতো। ব্যাক্তিগত মত।

  • Prasenjit
    #SuperDirection #GreatActing #AwesomeStory #Wellmade
    Review Date:  9/3/20
    Kudos to the makers of this film for questioning the age-old taboos and “customs” that are designed by a patriarchal society. Hopefully we will live to see a day when everyone can actually overcome these practices and make the world a better place to live.

  • Manas
    #SuperDirection #AwesomeStory #Inspiring #Wellmade
    Verified Review|
    Review Date: 7/3/20
    Genuine effort to put a nice story on the big screen. Special kudos to the creators for the unique concept.

  • Istaque
    #SuperDirection #GreatActing #AwesomeStory #Blockbuster #Rocking #Inspiring #Wellmade #Unbelievable
    Review Date: 8/3/20
    unexpectedly awesome.. Direction, screen play, casting each and every part of this film is brilliant..I have no words to describe the talent of Ritabhari Chakrabarti..She is proving herself as a mature artist every time..she is so adorable…

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