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BUTTER CHICKEN – Making Authentic Butter Chicken in 3 Easy Steps


Murg Makhani how many people known the dish by it’s real name, yes it’s the Butter Chicken or Chicken Murg Makhani, it’s the most modern dish of India though consist of a rich content of Mesmerizing Flavours.

In this blog I will take you to swim through the flood of the rich amazing flavours of the Chicken Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken with me.

What’s in this Blog

  1. History of the origin of Butter Chicken
  2. Ingredients
  3. Method of preparation
  4. Nutritional Information
  5. From Where To Try Butter Chicken
  6. FAQ
Created ByKundan Lal Jaggi
County of OriginIndia
Region of OriginRegion of Origin
Other NameChicken Murg Makhani
Restuarant of OriginRestuarant of Origin
Year of Origin1950s
Butter Chicken

1. History Of Origin Of Butter Chicken

Most of Traditional India Chicken delicacies have Ancient History of at least few hundreds of years, the most famous Chicken dishes in India is of Mughal Origin.

In the case of Butter Chicken, it is not an ancient dish it is first prepared recently in the 1950s.

The history signifies that some of the most famous food preparation are prepared ‘By Chance’ like in the Case of

Ice-cream Cones, Chips, Corn Flakes and the most famous cold drinks Coca Cola.

Let us enlighten the history of Origin of the dish,

Punjabi cooks Kundan Laal Jaggi, Kundan Laal Gujral and Thakur Dass jointly discover the dish

They flew to Delhi due to certain political issues and founded Restaurant Moti Mahal in Delhi

One day they “by chance” mixed the leftover chicken with rich buttery tomato gravy with cream in the gravy

This unique delicacy is known as Chicken Murg Makhani this is how this fine chicken delicacy originated the dish.

The recipe was first published in 1974.

2. Ingredients

  1. Chicken
  2. Yogurt
  3. Kashmiri Red Chili powder
  4. Clove
  5. Ginger
  6. Garlic
  7. Lemon
  8. Butter
  9. Cream
  10. Tomato
  11. Coriander
  12. Onion
  13. Black Pepper
  14. Fenugreek (Kasuri Methi)
  15. Cashew
  16. Salt
  17. Turmeric Powder
  18. Cinnamon
  19. Cardamom
  20. Nutmeg
  21. Mace
  22. Coriander Powder
  23. Cumin Powder

3. Method Of Preparation

The method of preparation of Butter Chicken according to myself comes in three-part

Frst preparing the Tandoori Chicken

Second Sautee of the tandoori chicken

Third and the last cooking the chicken into the gravy.

Preparation Of Tandoori Chicken

At first, we have to prepare Tandoori Chicken

So first take the chicken and mark few deep cuts into the chicken so that the spices and the flavours penetrate through the last layer of chicken,

Take a bowl and marinate the chicken with lemon juice and

Salt and keep it for at least an hour or few this process will help to make the chicken tender and allow the flavours to enter into the chicken

Then marinate it with yogurt, Kashmiri red chilli powder, finely crushed black pepper because crushed black pepper gives more prominent flavour than powder, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, mace, nutmeg, coriander powder, cumin powder, fenugreek, cloves, garlic powder, onion paste, ginger paste,

And give it a rest of a couple of hours or a day or few

Giving rest days or few help the chicken to become soft and flavours deep inside the chicken.

After marinade is properly tenderized and it ready for the next level of treatment

Grilling of Tandoori Chicken in Tandoor Oven

Grilling The Chicken

Take the chicken and tandoor it in most of the cases there is a question of availability of tandoor domestically so it is not possible therefore it is best to have a charcoal barbeque grill to prepare the Tandoori chicken otherwise if it is not possible for the charcoal grill we can grill it in microwave or gas stove if not we can pan fry the chicken

But it is preferred to be grilled rather pan-fried because it will give a smoky and grilled flavour to the butter chicken,

At first grill the chicken only 40% and let the grill chicken rest for half a day

It will let the smoky and spicy more prominent to be tasted so that the chicken can melt into our mouth

And taste buds can identify the individual flavour of each and every ingredient in the chicken,

At the last stage grill the semi-cooked chicken for the mouth-watering Tandoori Chicken which will be cooked in creamy buttery tomato gravy.

Sautee Of The Tandoori Chicken

After the preparation of the tandoori chicken we have to Sautee the Chicken into the pan

For this we have to heat the pan give butter cubes into the pan

And add finely chopped onions and cinnamon and toss it until the onion to change it’s colour into golden

Beware of overcooking the onions this process helps the flavour of onion and cinnamon to absorb into the butter so that we can enjoy the flavour consistently throughout the dish,

And now add finely chopped garlic and ginger into the pan and toss it again after half a minute

Add chopped green chillies, coriander and little bit turmeric powder and Sautee it properly let the fragrance of the spices mixed onions, ginger and garlic comes out pan this will make your mouth watering,

Now the time came where we add the Tandoori Chicken to the pan

When the smell starts to comes out from the pan and cook it for a minute

Now comes the stage comes where we cook this Tandoori Chicken into the gravy.

Cooking The Chicken Into The Gravy for Making Butter Chicken

Here the last stage appears where will cook the Chicken in gravy to get the last result of a mesmerizing Butter Chicken.

We have to make a puree of tomatoes in a mixer grinder and we have to filter the tomato Puree,

We have to add this tomato puree into the cooking Tandoori Chicken on the pan

After a minute or two add pure cream and turn the flame to low and cover the pan with lit,

If somebody likes less spicy food he/she can add water to it but I recommend not to do it because it will totally ruin the flavours of Butter Chicken.

The slow cooking helps the to give a nice and mild flavour a balance between the Flavours of tandoori chicken, spices and onions,

After slow cooking of almost 5 to 10 minutes it will be ready to be served

Garnish it with a little bit of cream over the top and finely chopped coriander leaves sprinkled

It is now to hypnotize anyone fruit it’s marvellous fragrance and mesmerizing flavours.

Chef Kundan Laal Jaggi used to add a single drop of kewra water which he said gives a smell and flavour to the dish.

Many people make the dish in a different way they Sautee the onions and tomatoes together and blend it with a hand blender or mixer grinder and then filter it and use that puree to cooked the Tandoori Chicken with the spices and cream

But the method I have mentioned is more authentic and tastier than this method.

If you love reading this recipe you can also read the recipe of Laas Maans, Shami Kebab, Aloo ka Paratha and Mughlai Paratha.

4. Nutritional Information

100 g of Butter Chicken almost have 202 calories

14 g of fats depending upon the amount of butter and cream you put into the preparation if you put a large amount of butter and cream in it grams of fat and the total calories will increase sharply because only 1 g of fats gives 9 more calories out of the 14 g of fats 5 g is saturated fat 2 g is polyunsaturated fat 6.5 g of monounsaturated fats

And it almost have 500 mg to 600 mg of cholesterol

It contains 4 g to 5 g of Carbohydrates out of which 1 g to 1.5 g is Dietary fibres It also contains 14 g to 18 g of proteins depending upon the amount of chicken put in the preparation

The amount of protein also depends on the Chicken piece the Chicken Breast pieces contains more protein and negligible fats, on the other hand, Chicken Leg piece contains comparatively less protein than Chicken Breast Piece it also contains the number of fats and Cholesterol.

It also have Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin C

And Minerals like Calcium, Iron and Potassium the curd is the main source of Calcium used in making Tandoori Chicken there is usually only 500 mg of calcium but we can more yogurt to increase the amount of Calcium.

We can make Butter Chicken healthy by using less amount of butter and avoiding the cream putting fewer spices and using water for the gravy,

But it will taste not as great as the original version once anyone tastes the original version he or she will not dare do any changes in the dish because it tastes totally mesmerizing.

5. From Where To Try Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is just a delicious food if anyone want to try Butter Chicken he/she Can dhabas in the roads of Purana Delhi or you can try the restaurant where the dish was actually created Restaurant Moti Mahal,

If we want some expensive stuff ITC chains is known for serving the best Indian dishes but it will take few thousand to have the experience of Butter Chicken at ITC.

The first time I remembered to have an experience of Butter Chicken is with my mother at an unknown multi-cuisine restaurant we take it with Masala Kulcha the manager personally came to take our order all the staffs were very well trained and polite to us they served our food by little portion by portion so we can hot food and every time the chef comes to us ask about the flavours and quality of food the food,

I remembered is absolutely mesmerizing and all time the manager of the restaurant Delicious Taverna always have a watch on us while we were eating it seems a little bit awkward but it shows the sincerity they toward serving a customer.

6. FAQ

1. Does Butter Chicken Consist of a Large amount of Butter?

Yes, Butter Chicken Consist a large amount of Butter.

2. Does it heathy to eat Butter Chicken at a Regular Basis?

No, it is not at all healthy to eat Butter Chicken at a regular basis but you can eat it occasionally.

3. What is the alternative of Chicken in Butter Chicken?

Panner or Cottage Cheese is the best alternative of Chicken in Butter Chicken.



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