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6 Critical Thinking Questions – To Boost Your Thinking Ability


First of all critical thinking is the process of thinking which depends upon your thinking ability. This is a quick process which is happened in your mind. So to think critically you have some questions in your mind. and this blog is so helpful for knowing the critical thinking questions.

Because when quickly questions stand in your mind then you find your answers and take the right decision. So, for thinking critically, you have to know the questions which help you to understand the situation quickly.

Here are some examples of question which is so helpful for you to develop critical thinking in you. So if you want to adopt this skill then know all the questions and also relate it to the situation.

The number of critical thinking questions is classified into different groups. So you can easily understand it. For better understanding here is a short explanation also.


  1. Start with what
  2. Star with who
  3. Start with where
  4. Begin with When
  5. Start with why
  6. Can you explain?
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Start with what

Questions which start with what

  1. What is most or least important?

    You always have two or more than two options. So you should ask this question to yourself that – what is most important for you at that time. What to do or not. It is also helpful in time management.

  2. What can we do to make a positive change?

    If you are in a tough situation then do not panic and think about what you can do to handle the situation. How can you make a positive change in this negative situation?

  3. What is best or worst

    It is also important to choose always the best because the best result comes from the best selection. But for choosing the best you have to think about what is best or worst for you in that situation.

  4. What is another alternative is the best critical thinking question.

    Sometimes it becomes too difficult to go out from a tough situation. You don’t have any idea for fight with this. Then in this you have to come back a step and then find what another alternative to fight is.

  5. What would be a counter argument?

    Most of the time in debut you say your opinion without thinking its replay. And then lots of questions are stand in front of you. So you should have to think about what would be a counter-argument. It’s like a chess game in which players always mind his next move.

Start with who

This type of question is so helpful to choose the right person for any work. And in that type of question always concentrates on a person. So, here are some examples of questions that start with who.

Who is best

This is the most important thing to know who is best because if you work in a group and know who is best then it can increase your productivity. And best always give you the best results.

Who benefits from this

If sudden changes occur in rules or anything happens around you then you should think why this is happening and who benefits from this. for getting deep understanding of this skill you should have to know the critical thinking psychology and importance.

Who is most directly affected

As you see someone is benefiting from changes then you should have also seen that is most directly affected by this. And what will result in the end?

Who would be the best person to consult

Sometimes you get into a problem and you don’t have any solution for this so in that situation you should always know who would be the best person to consult. And try to out from this situation.

Start with where

There are also too many questions started with where and mostly in this type of question you talk about a place. So let’s know it in some examples.

Where will this idea take me

When you start a business or any other work. So you have an idea so on behalf of this you take your steps. So you should have the proper knowledge and a full understanding of your idea. And also know where this idea will take me.

Where are the areas to improvement

Improvement is necessary for your life. If you can’t improve yourself with time then you go back as compare to the world. So for critical thinking, you have to improve your weak areas so know them and improve it.

Where can get more information

Now you know about questions which are a stand-in mind so as a result, you should have to know the answers to these questions. So you should know where you can get your answers. And where can you get more information about your questions?

Begin with when

There are lots of questions that starts with when and generally it is related to time. Let’s discuss some examples.

When this is acceptable or unacceptable

Some things are right but that has time to accept. Before accepting things you have to know when this is acceptable or unacceptable.

When would this benefit me

Before starting anything or make a plan always remember that things include when this would benefit me. When anyone offers you any project then think about it.

When is the best time to action

If you have a master plan then you should not waste it by showing off. You should know where and when is the best time to take action on it.

When will we succeed

When choosing your goal then deeply think about it and set a timeline that is when will we succeed and achieve your goal. For more improvement in your thinking, you should know the critical thinking strategies.

critical thinking questions start with why

This type of question creates curiosity and objections. The examples of this type of questions are as following

Why is this best is the best critical thinking question

If you see any unique thing then think about it why this is unique, which things make it the best, and get the information about it.

Why are people influenced by this

You see some person which attracts everyone and all others like them, talk with them, so think about it why people are influenced by him. What he has.

Why should people know about this

you see that every day or every month new things are comes in the market or social media. And then everyone talks about this. So try to know about these things why should people know. about this

you can also read this tips on critical thinking.

Can you explain

If you are in discussion and you didn’t catch his explanation then don’t shy. And say to explain the whole term in brief. You should have a better understating of your topic.

Go in deep with him and generate frequently questions to deeply understand the topic. You can say to explain one or two times so you can take your time to see it with different prospects.


In Conclusion, Above all these critical thinking questions are most important for you if you want to develop critical thinking skills. So it is the easiest way to develop critical thinking by applying these questions in your daily routine.

These questions also help you to build your knowledge. And in getting always the right decision.

In other words, It gave you options to think deeply about a thing and also by thinking deeply on a topic increase your thinking ability so overall it builds critical thinking skills in you in less time.

By this, you can make the right judgment. So, you should try it once and then observe yourself. You see a change in your thinking.

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FAQ for critical thinking questions

Where to learn and use critical thinking?

Once you read our all blogs on critical thinking, it includes all parameters of critical thinking and then applies it in your daily life. And it can be used at every moment of your life.

How to use critical thinking?

By think deeply on your discussion and know all things about topic.

Can critical thinking be measured?

No, there are no instruments to measure this in numbers. But it can be determined that your critical thinking skill high or low by giving you situations.

How critical thinking is important in digital marketing?

In digital marketing there are so many competitors are here And it grows rapidly. So you don’t want to stand in the queue. Then you have to think critically.

Importance of critical thinking when writing?

It gives you a large amount of material to write in your mind. It also increases the writing speed.

Importance of critical thinking when reading?

By these imaginations are clear in your mind and when questions stand in your mind then the interest of reading automatically increased.

Why critical thinking skills are important?

Suppose you already think critically but if you don’t know the key skills of it then you can’t improve it. Because they have insufficient knowledge about it.

Why critical thinking matters?

It matters to take a right decision.

Critical thinking will help in?

It will help in decision makes and information providing.

Can critical thinking be improved?

Yes, by applying it in daily life.



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