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Top 10 Effective Ways to Overcome Laziness


If you come across this blog on How to overcome Laziness, then it means you want to be more active, more energetic, but you didn’t find a proper way to get rid of your laziness. But realizing yourself and taking the charge to improve yourself is the very first step of Self-Improvement.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step, and now I’m assisting you with your next steps. Reading this blog and following the things and ways discussed is all you need to overcome laziness. Read once!

What’s in this blog for you?

  1. Causes of Laziness
  2. Harms of Laziness
  3. How to overcome Laziness
  4. Simple Daily ways to Overcome Laziness
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Causes of Laziness

To know how to overcome laziness, you should first understand the cause of laziness. If we observe from a broader perspective, we will find that there are only 2 causes of laziness:

  • Inactiveness of mind or body
  • Lack of interest

I’ll explain to you both with examples.

Understand the first cause first. Think about a Bicycle. A bicycle has a proper framework of breaks, chains, gears, etc., and if the bicycle left unused for a longer period, then it starts rusting here and there. Even a longer period of un usage makes such a condition that it cannot be used without proper oiling then.

In the same way, our mind, as well as our body, is also a kind of framework. If you do not use your mind, didn’t exercise your mind and body, then after some time, your mind, as well as your body, will reduce its power, and lose its efficiency. This will make you feel lazy and inactive.

This non-usage of your body makes you physically lazy, and the non-usage of your mind makes you mentally lazy. Both of such laziness are also interconnected. If your mind is retarded, you’re body also feels so. And in the same way, if your body is getting retarded so as your mind will.

Now coming to the second cause. When you have to get-up to get ready for going to your school or college, you feel lazy in getting up and getting ready for college. But think about you going out with your friends to enjoy as planned by you all. Do you guys feel lazy at that time?

No. This is because you are interested in going and hanging out with your friends, and not in going to school. So, the lack of interest in doing things is also a cause for your laziness.

Harms of Laziness

Many people say that the unwillingness to spend your energy is Laziness. But actually, it’s not true. You feel lazy because there is a lack of energy either in your mind or in your body. There is no question of spending your energy when you do not even have energy.

Some of such harms of Laziness are as follows:

  • Mental retardation
  • Poor health
  • Reduction in productivity
  • Leads to the habit of Procrastination
  • Weak memory

How to overcome Laziness

As I’ve mentioned above that ultimately there are only two causes of Laziness. So, if you want to quit this habit and overcome laziness, then you need to look at both the causes and deal with it.

To stop feeling inactive, you have to use your body as well as your brain. You should exercise regularly, involve yourself in sports activities, dance, etc. to make your body active. In the same way, you should start reading, brainstorming, or start doing such things that require your concentration to make your mind active.

To avoid a lack of interest, you should do such works that are more interesting for you. There are also some works that you have to do, in which you’re not interested and you cannot stop doing them also. For such works, you have to look for ways to make your work interesting. Try setting small rewards for yourself for doing such works.

For an example, if you do not want to go to the gym and you cannot even stop going there as it is good for your health, then you can make friends at the gym, or even you can ask your friends to join your gym. Such things will make your work interesting, and you’ll not feel lazy doing it.

Along with these, I’m providing you some ways and techniques that you should do in order to feel more active, fresh, and energetic. Add these things in your daily routine to overcome laziness, and you’ll start feeling changes just in a week. Have a look!

Simple Daily ways to Overcome Laziness

1.) Exercise Daily

Here, I do not mean Exercise only at a physical level but also at a mental level. As I’ve mentioned earlier, both physical and mental health are essential. You should do physical exercise daily as it will make you feel more energized and active. In the same way, you should, at least once in a day, indulge your mind in any such activity which uses concentration and focus of your brain and requires deep thinking. This will make your mind active.

2.) Stay Hydrated

It is a proven technique to overcome laziness. Drinking enough water throughout the day and stay well-hydrated makes you feel energetic and reduce laziness. According to sources, you should drink about 8 glasses of water in a day. It will also make you feel fresh.

3.) Wash your Face

After waking up in the morning, wash your eyes with splashes of water. Putting water splashes over your face and eyes will instantly make you feel fresh and energized. You can also do it at times when you feel sleepy to maintain your activeness.

4.) Eat Fruits

Fruits are an instant source of energy. While other cooked food requires 2-4 hours to release energy into your body, fruits releases energy in much lesser time. You can eat fruit every morning as it will charge you instantly.

5.) Stay Clean and Organized

If your surroundings are dirty, your room is unorganized, then you cannot expect yourself to feel fresh and energetic. The place where you live, the way you live there also has a great impact on your mind. You should keep yourself clean and your surroundings organized, to feel active and cheerful.

6.) Define your Purpose of Life

Having a clear and defined purpose in life is very important. Without the purpose of life, one has nothing to do rather than wasting his time, which ultimately makes him dull and lazy. To overcome laziness, you should have a clear vision of your purpose, so that you can work in a direction without being lazy.

7.) Set Challenging Goals

While setting your goals to achieve, you have to keep in mind that your goals should be challenging. If you set an easy goal, then you do not want to spend your energy in achieving it. Same as if you set an unfeasible goal, then also you don’t want to try for the same. So, your goals should be challenging enough that keeps you trying to achieve.

8.) Plan your Day

Planning your day is an effective way to overcome laziness. For today, either at yesterday’s night or after waking up in the morning today, you should plan your entire day. You should know that which works are to be done by today, and should schedule your day as per your work. This will keep you reminding of your work, and avoid being vacant and feeling lazy.

9.) Sound Sleep

Giving proper rest is to your body is very necessary for you as it will relax your body. If you take more sleep than required, then you’ll feel inactive, and also if you take less than required sleep, then also you’ll feel sleepy the entire day. So, having proper and enough amount of deep sleep at night will keep you fresh and active for the next whole day.

10.) Meditate

Along with giving rest to your body, giving rest to your mind is also very important to energize it. Meditation is the best way to relax your mind. You should meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. This will make your mind relax, and also increases your productivity, so that you can overcome laziness in a better manner.


Concludingly, to Overcome your Laziness, you have to focus on the root causes of Laziness as stated above and start working upon them in order to reduce them as much as possible. Also, add the daily activities described in your day-to-day schedule as these are some of the best activities that will help you out to get rid of your Laziness, and makes you feel fresh and active for the entire day.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the root causes of Laziness?

There are basically 2 root causes of laziness, as mentioned in the blog.
i.) Inactiveness of Body or Mind
ii.)Lack of Interest

Are Laziness and Procrastination the same things?

No, not exactly the same things. Laziness leads to Procrastination.

Is lack of motivation a cause of Laziness?

Lack of Motivation is also a cause, but it’s not a root cause for being lazy.

Does Laziness cause tiredness?

Laziness makes your mind as well as your body inactive, which eventually leads to tiredness.


  1. Nice blog. It contains most of detail which should have. but one of the most rooted cause of lazyness is stress .


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