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7 Effective Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

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You go to any kind of job & it doesn’t bring happiness to you or it doesn’t excite you. And you have a belief that you don’t have any meaningful purpose in your life, it’s only for the special kind of person & gets settled with this thought for the rest of your life.

Well let me give you some good news that it’s not at all true, each & every being on this planet is capable of finding their purpose.

I have been through this situation where I’ve been doing things mindlessly & don’t even have the slightest clue that what I’m doing with my life. But by feeling stuck in my life, I started to spend some time with only my thoughts & feelings.

The more I try to understand myself, the more clarity I get that what brings me happiness, what am I good at”.

Purpose of life is like a treasure hunt once you know where’s that treasure is; You know where to go? How to reach there?

 Below I’ve explained 7 ways to find your life purpose:

1. Don’t blame yourself:

If you are having a hard time finding your life purpose, relax. Don’t run for your purpose, take a pause. It will come to you when your mind & soul are in peace & contentment.

Many people have no idea what they are doing with their lives, life is happening with them. Don’t worry it happened to most of the adults, you’re not alone in this.

People in their 50’s or 60’s finding their purpose & live happily by working on their purpose. And I can name many of them like- Colonel Harland Sanders who started Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) at the age of 65.

So don’t blame yourself that you haven’t found your purpose till now. Be thankful that you’re now aware of the fact that you want to find your purpose.

2. Don’t chase others dreams:

We often tend to follow the path of what others are doing in their life. We feel everybody’s getting ahead in their life & they are doing something right, so we should follow them.

 Everyone has their own journey; everyone has their own passion & purpose in life. What makes them happy about doing something doesn’t necessary that the same profession or job makes you happy.

Don’t forget that this world is full of competition & if you just blindly follow someone’s path then you may become good at that job but you will never become the best in that because it’s not your calling.

So start figuring out your calling, what you are good at & what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.

3. Start asking questions:

Just by asking questions about your life isn’t enough. You may have heard this type of question like, ask yourself; how much money you want to earn? What car you want to drive?

These are just materialistic needs of an individual & this is not considered a purpose. To find your purpose, you need to deep dive in within yourself & you need to ask more specific & relevant questions. Like-

Q) Who do I want to be?

Q) How can I contribute to this society?

Q) How to do it?

First one, the answer will help you with the fact that what characteristics or skills you acquire & how will others describe you.

The second one will give you the perspective of how you want to create an impact to the society bigger or smaller doesn’t matter. You may have faced or seen some problems in this society that you think should get solved, why not you become the solution of that problem.

You already know that, what impact you want to make & how you going to contribute to this society,

And the third one will help you with the fact that how you going to do it. By forming an NGO, by becoming a social activist, teacher, entrepreneur, engineer, and writer or with any profession you resonate with.

4. Try everything:

I’m a firm believer that you can find your true purpose only by trying every possible thing out there. You never knew it, until you try it.

Like in the case of food, suppose you like to eat only Indian food, but one day your friends suggest you to try pasta, you’ve never tried it but after trying it becomes your favorite dish. Just like you build your taste over time, the same thing applied to your career path also. You must try doing everything without caring about failure.

Suppose you wanted to become a scientist. Ok! That’s cool but to become a scientist it includes, lots of studying, lots of research, your experiments may fail many times, try to visualize yourself facing this kind of experience see if it resonates with you & you wanted to do it for the rest of your life or not.

5. Childhood Passion:

We all have something that we love to do in our childhood, whether it can be painting on walls, playing sports, dancing, singing, or try to mimicry our elder one.

Then suddenly as we grow up we somehow lost the touch from that hobby which we do it so passionately in our childhood; the reasons could be, lack of time, we won’t get any financial reward from it or because of society.

When we are indulged in that hobby in our childhood, we don’t care who’s watching or not, we don’t even care about doing it perfectly or not, we don’t seek any reward for doing that hobby, we just do it for the sake of doing it & we have fun while we are doing it.

And we lose that touch when we grow as adults. Many great talented artists, entrepreneurs, convert their hobbies into their profession.

Our childhood teaches us we should do that thing which we love doing it & we should not care if we’re being judged or not or getting any reward from it.

6. You forget the world around you:

When you’re doing a certain task or a job you can observe it that you don’t count hours, you can do it countless hours & still, you have the energy to do more. You don’t care if it’s day or night what hours whenever you indulged with that task, you don’t care about your surroundings. It can be your passion that you can pursue it for the rest of your life.

7. Get comfortable being uncomfortable:

One day you have decided that you will pursue your passion, but soon as you start to visualize your journey, you get a negative thought that what if people laugh at me, what if people judge me, what if my friend circle makes fun of me.

 Let me tell you one thing yes you will get judged, you will face rejections, people will laugh at you, but if you don’t pursue your passion because of others judgment, then my friend you will have a life-time regret & when you’re in your death bed you will ponder on the fact that I should have pursued my passion.

Everyone likes literally each & everyone those who have seen big dreams & try to achieve it they have faced rejection, people do make fun of them but still they made it. You know why?

Because those who reached the level of greatness, they are also a rookie once who had dealt with self-doubt & self-confidence. So go out & pursue it whatever you want.


Purpose is not only for selected people, everyone can find their own one. Finding your purpose is a journey & everyone has their own journey to follow. We all can find our purpose, you just need to know yourself better by self-introspection & apply the above-mentioned concepts.


Q. What is the Purpose of life?

Each & every person’s ultimate purpose of life is happiness. The only difference between every being purpose is what medium bring them happiness. Ex-By helping others, To make people happy, To give your parents a comfortable life.

Q. Difference between Purpose & vision?

Our ultimate purpose of life is achieving happiness & the path or any profession we choose to fulfill our purpose is what “Vision” is. For ex- One wanted to become a best doctor (Vision) so that he could save other lives (Purpose).

Q. Difference between Purpose & goals?

Both are inter-related with each other. “Purpose” is the basic need of our life; it gives meaning to our life.  Whereas “goal” is the steps taken to achieve our purpose. For ex-

Purpose- To become a doctor so that one could save other people lives.

Goal- To study from the top MBBS Institute.





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