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How to Destress – 3 Best Spiritual Ways

How to Destress

Today you will learn that How to Destress. Stress is a pain, which i comes to tell me, there is something i need to change.

It is our creation of wrong thoughts which has an effect on our efficiency,

Memory power, decision power and hence our performance.

So, Stress has an impact on our physical and emotional well-being and hence any amount of stress is damaging.

Targets, Pressure, Deadlines, Exams are natural but Stress is our choice.

Stress is equal to Pressure(Situation) divided by Resilience(Inner Strength).

My first responsibility in any situation is to first take charge of my state of mind,

Because that is the only thing which is in my mind control.

Let’s follow the following steps that how to destress easily.

Let’s Find out :-

  1. Clearance of Stress
  2. Impact of Stress
  3. Quality of Thoughts
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

How to Destress

1. Clearance of Stress

Clearance o Stress will help that how to destress

Sometime everyone around us tells us unless there is stress, I will not perform and if there no stress

Then i will become very passive and laid back and i wouldn’t have that drive you know

They call it that drive to perform to achieve

So we need to ask ourselves is it really true, for that i need to ask myself what is this stress

And when i experienced it how do i feel, it’s like my normal way of walking

And then suddenly i have a problem in my knee and

When i have a problem in my knee then it’s start paining,

I am still walking but is the walking is same as i was walking before no because it is now in paining so it’s going to be a little uncomfortable

But i say this is okay and this is natural but you know with age a little pain and all thus part of life

So i still keep walking and because i am not taking care of healing it the pain is constantly there and at times even aggravates,

I am still managing my life now suddenly i have to run because of some reason

Then i will not able to run with that pain and Same thing with stress. 

Read the following explanation will help you that how to destress.

Stress is in our mind and it’s a little pain in the way i feel, just sit back

And remember the last time i experienced which wouldn’t be very long back it will be probably today,

Sometime in the day or yesterday and how did i feel even if you’re not able to check yourself on the emotional level

Even just check the physical pathological parameters like your heartbeat increases,

Your pulse rate increases, at time your mouth goes dry and you start feeling uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, your head get’s heavy

And this is when the effect of the mind has already taken its  toll on the body

And this is the much later stage.

When we used to go and give exam

So on the day of the exam in the morning butterflies in stomach feeling happens.

When you have to give a public speech then your mouth dries, shivering of legs happen


This is the effect of mind on the body but this is a much later stage.

Let’s say a little child goes to his exam and exam is a target, pressure

But if he creates anxiety he will not perform better.

We remember when we used to give our exams  and

We used to evaluate our own performance and there were place where we knew the places

And we had made mistakes then we used to call it as careless mistakes which means i know the answer but have written something else

Because clarity is not in the mind and anxiety is present in the mind.

Load is fine, Pressure is fine or pressure means i have to do this by tomorrow evening or this is a deadline

It’s a target so if you remove that target from me then i will take six days to finish it

But a minute you tell me this has to be completed by tomorrow evening

So there it is bang here that tomorrow evening this has to be finished found it so immediately i start working faster

But while i am working faster if i creating the thoughts how will i finish it tomorrow by evening,

If i will not be able to finish it by tomorrow evening

What will be the consequence, will i be thrown out of my job, will my boss get angry with me

And what if someone else finishes it before me does that mean they will go ahead,

If this happens my career is finished, all these creating Thoughts in my mind i am still performing

And working now what is going on in the mind is stress or negativity


Similarly in some person has a quality like that it is my target and i have to finish it by tomorrow and

I will achieve it and nothing else on my mind only this work

And i am going to do this by tomorrow evening and one has reached the destination with stability, happily and

Other has reach the destination (target) creating stress and

The end result will externally same both have performed but internally other person is totally fatigue

And that person will conveniently put the responsibility on the pressure like obviously

I had to feel like this the target was tough and i had to do it in 24 hrs.

Stress in science has a simple formula stress is equal to pressure divided by resilience,

Pressure is numerator coming from outside like

Targets, exams, relationships, situations, traffic jam, deadlines etc and Resilience is my inner strength to face that pressure.

Today we have conveniently ignored the denominator resilience

Because i am not ready to take responsibility of my inner strength and we say stress is equal to pressure.

Spirituality is now focuses on the denominator the resilience because Pressure

And situation is not in my control so numerator not in my control and any situation 10%

Numerator is responsible and 90% is my power to cope with that situation

That is my power and strength because if the pressure is not there there’s no question

There will be no stress created so 10% we give responsibility to the pressure

And the remaining 90% how much i take charge of how i am going to handle that pressure.

Read the following explanation will help you that how to destress.

Example :-

If your is hitted by someone else car either you will shout him or abuse him and other person will also in same manner but there is a choice

That you can also say it’s okay have a nice day by doing this you just saved yourself from a lot of wastage of energy and

You have conquered on your own weaknesses and you created a good thought by saying it’s okay and then you will feel very nice

Because if you have your car insurance your car will be fine but you don’t know while reacting to the situation how much you damage your mind

You don’t know because on my responsibility list car is higher than myself so when i keep the myself responsibility the highest or number one in the list,

My state of being is my first responsibility then whatever happens i will first take care of myself that am i okay then i will see if everything else is okay. 

Responsibility is the my ability to respond is the responsibility.

Imagine i run in a life always trying to control all the things which are not in our control

And ignoring that one thing which is in our control and then saying oh my mind is not in my control that is the only thing which is in our control.

So now you have learnt that how to destress easily by clearance of stress.

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2. Impact of Stress

Impact of Stress will help you that how to destress.

If you react on somebody’s behaviour then you are wasting your energy, you are reducing your own emotional strength and then you come into the next situation you will weaker than before and then the next situation again weaker than before and

By repeating this you will be adopt a bad habit by reacting on any situation

And then every time saying it’s natural and then by doing this you get high blood pressure,

Heart problem and you will say high blood pressure is natural,

Every third personality or person has this problem because if the stress is natural

Then the byproduct of this stress will also be natural and then it’s natural for my children also to be stressed

So that’s also natural so everything that was unnatural was labeled as natural so all get’s stressed and achieve what we want in life and then say we want happiness unlimited.

Here unlimited means which is not dependent on any limited object, people or situation, physical material

So it’s a state if being which is unlimited unconditional ,independent free absolutely.

We create limitations and dependancies and therefore fear what i don’t get it then what

And then i will never be free.

Whenever there is a dependancies on someone or something immediately the second thought will be of fear,

What if i don’t get it to you, suppose if i create a thought like on achievements,

If i achieved this then i will be happy and second thought is what if I don’t achieve it


Ihave immediately created fear and as i have created fear happiness is gone that’s why you will find people saying that you know

If everyone in the house is happy they will say don’t be so happy you never know what’s there the next corner so even being happy they are scared to be happy today,

They also say don’t be happy when you are happy today and don’t be sad when you sad because you never know this is very temporarily

Because it is dependent on situation so today the situation is favourable so you are happy but don’t be so happy because you don’t know what the next situation is going to be

But if your happiness in your mind or independent of situation then you can be happy 24 by 7 because it’s not dependent on any situation, people

Because it’s my creations which i choose irrespective of whoever and whatever outside.

So if we want to be happy 24 by 7 then we have to take care of ourselves or our mind

And take self responsibility then it is possible to be happy 24 by 7


If it’s dependent on outside then an occasional and

The more situation become challenging, the major people behaviour become unpredictable, it’s going to be tough and that’s why we have started accepting stress as natural

Whereas it was happiness which was natural.

So now you have learnt that how to destress easily by learning Impact of stress

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3. Quality of Thoughts

Quality of Thoughts will help you that how to destress.

Let’s sit back comfortably, let’s look at myself, I the creator of every thought and feeling, i have pressures in life, targets to achieve deadlines to meet,

It’s just a pressure i am the one who’s going to achieve the target, let me take care of myself as work towards achieving the target, the quality of my thoughts and feelings as i move towards the target.

Any fear, anxiety, worry let me first sit back and change the quality of Thoughts, I am a Powerful being and i can achieve

What i have decided but i will first take care of myself, nothing and no one can influence my state of being,

It’s totally in my control, I am the powerful being, protected

And secure now move towards my target, this is my journey of Happiness.

So now you have learnt that how to destress easily by qualiy of thoughts

And you can help other by sharing this article how to destress step by step.

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4. Conclusion

So These are the 3 Best Spiritual points like Clearance of Stress,Impact of Stress and Quality of Thoughts, In these points allready explained vastly above with examples that Clearance of stress because stress is like a pain type so do meditation daily stress is not good for life

So create only positive thoughts in your mind, watch only spiritual videos, consume good information every morning

Impact of Stress is very harmful because if you load something on your mind then it causes of many diseases in your mind and which is very dangerous so don’t take any stress, let it go whatever is going in life, leave stress and find thousands of reasons to become happy in life.

Quality of Thoughts is most important so create quality thoughts like I am a Powerful being and i can achieve what i have decided but i will first take care of myself, nothing and no one can influence my state of being, it’s totally in my control, I am the powerful being, protected and secure So these are the all points that will help you that How to Destress Immediately

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5. FAQ

1. How can I destress fast?

You can definitely destress fast by let going whatever is going , don’t think too much about something. Say yourself quality Thoughts like i am powerful, peaceful soul.

2. Why is it important to destress?

It is very important to destress for everyone, because it can cause mental issues, can cause many diseases in your health. So do meditation daily.

3. What is Stress?

Stress in science has a simple formula stress is equal to pressure divided by resilience, pressure is numerator coming from outside like targets, exams, relationships, situations, traffic jam, deadlines etc and Resilience is my inner strength to face that pressure.

4. How does stress affect the body?

There are main affect to the body like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and headache.



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