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10 Amazing places to visit near Pune and Mumbai in Rainy season


If you are staying near Pune and Mumbai or you are planning to visit this area then here are most amazing places to visit near Pune and Mumbai in Rainy season.

Maharashtra Is one of the most popular and rich states in India. Capital city of Maharashtra Mumbai is the favorite of many people in the world.

Many people from various parts of India want to move to Mumbai and Pune as they consider the cities which will fulfill their daily needs as well as help them to achieve their dreams.

Apart from all this Industrial area, urbanization and city life Maharashtra has beautiful nature to see.

Maharashtra has a 720 km coastline. The state has  two major hill ranges called as Sahyadri and Satpura. It also has wildlife centuries, plateaus and prosperous food culture.

What is ahead?


Lonavala is one of the popular hill stations in Pune district of Maharashtra. What is the effect of fashion for a weekend trip for one day trip for the people staying in Pune Mumbai area in Pune and Mumbai.

Tiger Point is the main attraction of Lonavala. This place has beautiful scenery, mountains , waterfalls and clouds. Lions point is another attraction this is just 500 meter away from Tiger Point. Lions point is famous for its deep Valley

Lonavala is famous for chikki . You will get different chikkis in Lonavala market.

This is one of the most popular places to visit near Pune and Mumbai in rainy season.

 Distance from Pune and Mumbai

Around 60 km from Pune and 96 kilometre from Mumbai


Khandala is a hill station in the Western Ghat mountains of Maharashtra, Western India.

It’s home to vantage sports including sunset point and Rajmachi point with views of Rajmachi fort. Kune falls is a three tier waterfall set in a dramatic Valley.

Waterfalls surrounded the Tamhani Ghat mountain pass. East of town, the Bhaja and Karla caves are ancient, Buddhist rock cuts shrines featuring intricate carving and pillars.

This place is as popular as Lonavala to visit near Pune and Mumbai in rainy season rather name of the two places are considered together.

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

Around 70 km from Pune.

80 km from Mumbai

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam is near Lonavala. There are staires near wall of dam from where tourist enjoy the views.

This place is generally very crowded. You could sit on the stairs and enjoy the flowing water. I can feel like a waterfall.

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

 Around 90 km from Pune and 196km from Mumbai


If you like peaceful places then this place is for you. There are various viewpoints in Matheran. You can cover these viewpoints by horse but before that  go to the train station and reach Matheran Market by Toy train.

First is Panaroma viewpoint. You have to track around 2 kilometer to reach the Panorama viewpoint. Next is  Khandala viewpoint Which is near to the railway station. There are 7-8  major points . You can skip other points.

Entry fee : Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for kids.

You can reach Matheran by train or by road.

Nearest railway station is Neral.

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

 Around 120 km from Pune and 82 km from Mumbai

Amboli Ghat

Amboli is famous for dense fog, smoky waterfalls, large amounts of rain and dense forest.

Thousands of people come every year to enjoy  waterfalls in Amboli Ghat. Amboli is known as Cherrapunjee Maharashtra.

Amboli is situated on the way which connects Karnataka and Maharashtra.

MTDC husband steps to stand under the waterfall. Explain sub-standard Amboli waterfall gives you heavenly pleasure.

Distance from Sawantwadi: 30 km.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is one of the Mountain passes on Western Ghats connecting Kalyan to Junnar region. Monsoon in malshej ghat is heaven with clouds and myriad waterfalls. Marshalls Ghat is Motor able scenic route like Bhor, Tamhani and Amboli Ghat.

Malshej is famous for its tracking destination with numerous forts and mountains on its menu, famous being Harishchandragad. The Malshej Ghat is famous for its tall waterfall, fence forest, flora and fauna .

The Ghat was then constructed for transportation but now it’s become a tourist destination.

The Ghat is entirely covered in dense clouds during a mansion with very low visibility. The beauty and peace of Malshej Ghat cannot be expressed without actually experiencing it live

This road connects Pune and Mumbai and thus considered as one of the famous places to visit near Pune and Mumbai.

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

 Around 120 km from Pune and 125 km  from Mumbai


Malavali is a station near Lonavala .

This place is full of nature. There is forest around, paddy farms, clouds, waterfalls and caves also. Bhaje caves are famous caves. walking distance from Malavali railway station to the caves is 30 mins .

Bhaja caves or Bhaje caves is a group of 22 rock cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC .

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

 Around 56 km from Pune.

95km  from Mumbai.


Lavasa city is India’s first planned city. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portfino. Lavasa is a perfect weekend getaway, specially for the people of Pune and Mumbai.

Lavasa is along the western Ghats and the weather here is pleasant throughout the year. However, the city looks the best during the mansion and so I visited Lavasa city during the mansion.

You can see colorful buildings, can do adventure activities, boating, cycling and shopping.

This is also one of the most popular places to visit near Pune and Mumbai.

Distance from Pune and Mumbai:

 Around 60 km from Pune.

189km  from Mumbai.

Sandhan valley

Have you ever imagined the track in the gorge / canyon? In Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra lies one of the longest cannon of western Ghat and that is Sandhan valley.

Sandhan valley is Asia’s second largest valley. This valley is also known as valley of Shadows or valley of suspense.

This valley comes under kalsubai- harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Sandhan valley provides excellent views of Kalsubai, Ratangad, Ajobagad and Alang.

one can start trek from one point of the gorge starting from the Samrad village near Igatpuri town and ending up near Dhene village. These two villages act as a base village for trek.

Post mansion and winter season is best for the trek.

To reach Sandhan valley you need to reach Samrad village first. If you are travelling by Mumbai or Pune then reach Igatpuri first. Igatpuri is well connected by road and train.

From Igatpuri you will not get a direct bus to Samrad village. You have to get a bus for Sending and from Shendi you will get a private vehicle to reach Samrad village.


Surrounded by dense and evergreen forest the lord Shiva temple in Bhimashankar Rain is 6th jyotirlinga . It is believed that the original temple of Bhimashankar was built in the 12th century CE.

The immaculate natural environment with hills, waterfall and forest.The wildlife sanctuary and ancient temple of Bhimashankar offers the ideal setting to find peace and spirituality.

It is also a perfect place for trekkers and adventure lovers. You can find abundant wildlife here.

Mansion is the excellent season to visit the stunning beauty of nature in this region.

It is well accessible from all parts of Maharashtra.


Where to stay?

Home stays, Hotels and resorts are available at these locations.

What are the near by places to visit?

Mumbai city and Pune City also you can explore food in near by area.
If you want to know about food culture of Pune then press here.

What are the things to be taken care of during visit to this place?

Following chart shows the things to be taken care of:



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