How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing Guide

In a short word you can say that affiliate marketing means earning money by referrals. Many websites offer you to become an affiliate marketer. It is simply referring anyone to any product from your link. There are a lot of ways to do affiliate marketing. The basic idea is to convert anyone to buy a … Read more

Generating Income from Website And Application (Passive Income Guide)

Passive income can be generated by creating an app or a website. There are a lot of people who earn a good amount of passive income by creating an application or a website. There are many types of apps and websites, some are informative and some are for entertainment purposes. This is a digital era … Read more

Generating income by Youtube (Passive income guide)

Youtube is a video sharing platform and it is the world’s second-largest search engine. Anyone can upload their videos and anyone can watch them. There is almost every type of videos available on it. It works as a search engine too, you get video results of anything you search for. Many people use it as … Read more

Earning money by Selling Books, ebooks, online courses, Stock Photos (Passive Income Guide)

You can sell different things online like books, e-books, online courses, stock photos, and many more things. There are different online platforms available for selling Books, ebooks, online courses, and stock photos. These type of things does not give you one-time income but provides you passive income. Whenever a person buys a book or online … Read more

Real estate business – How to earn money through it. (Passive Income Guide)

Real Estate is a great source of generating passive income. It means properties, land, and buildings are considered as real estate. This sector is very popular and recognized globally. People used to generate a high amount of passive income through real estate. You can buy or sell properties to generate passive income. Properties like a … Read more

What is Income? Secrets of Passive and Active Income 3 Important Assets.

“Income is money you get in exchange for service or product selling in any company or corporation.” In ancient times the people exchanged their things or service behalf or their service that is called the Bata system. Now the currency is coming inflow. Money is a value or your work or service which you are … Read more

Passive Income-13 Best Ideas for Passive income (Complete Guide)

Passive income is the income that we generate without working or working little. Generating it always doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it. You have to work for it initially and it generates income for you in the long term. Many people invest in the share market, metals, real estate, and do many … Read more