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What is keyword research? How to find the best keywords


If you are a blogger or an Internet guy then you must be aware of the word “Keyword Research”. If you don’t know then do not worry, we are here to explain everything about Keyword Research. Keyword research is very important especially for content writers.

It is needed to structure a blog article according to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It always plays a very major role in the blog. You have to focus two times more on keyword research that you focus on writing good content.

So, Here in this article, everything about the keywords, Keyword research, top free tools available on the internet, and many more thing. So let’s explore thing from here:

What will you find here:

  1. About keyword research
  2. Keyword research free tools
  3. Advantages of keyword research
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

About keyword research

It is the very first step of a blog, which is the most important step, this step can decide the future of that blog, If we use the right keywords in the right manner our blog can rank high on the Google Search. Before we go deep into it we must know:

The keywords

“A word or a group of words which has a valid meaning, and used to ping the search engine to get the idea about what the content is based on, are known as keywords ”

Types of keywords

We can measure keywords in different types according to our comfort, But there are three basic types of keywords used in the content writing:

  1. Short tail keyword
  2. Mid tail keywords
  3. Long-tail-keyword
  4. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

1. Short-tail keywords:

Short-tail keywords contain one or two words, they have a very high search volume, high SEO difficulties. These keywords are very competitive to rank on search engines. 

Example: Best smartphones.

2. Mid-tail keywords:

Mid-tail keywords make the balance between the Short-tail keywords and Long-tail keywords. These keywords are not so highly competitive and not so low competitive. These are mid-range keywords, contain 2-3 keywords.

Example: Top Best smartphones.

3. Long-tail keywords:

Long-tail keywords are more specific than other keywords, they are long phrases. they contain more than 3 words. These keywords get less traffic but they are more accurate. 

Example: Top Best smartphones under Rs. 20,000.

4. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords:

keywords that are suggested by Google are known as Latent Semantic Keywords. When you search for something on Google, It shows you relevant results and when you scroll down to the bottom, you will see some searches related keywords suggested by Google. These keywords are LSI Keywords.

Keyword Research:

“It is the process to find the best keywords, on a particular topic.” There are some points that you should keep in your mind while doing keyword research:

  1. Search Volume: It shows how many times a keyword searched on Google search in a month.
  2. SEO Difficulties: SEO difficulties show how difficult it is to rank a keyword. It is measured in the percentage. Less than 50% shows it is not so difficult to rank that keyword, and more than 50% shows it is more difficult to rank that keyword.
  3. CPC (Cost Per Click): CPC (Cost Per Click) How much that keyword costs for the one-click, if we try PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

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Keyword research free tools

Before we talk about free tools or paid tools for the research, we must know that Should we need tools to do keyword research?  If you are thinking the same then my answer is Yes. 

There are a lot of tools available in the market for keyword researching. Some are paid and some are free. You can choose anything paid or free because only keywords can not rank your blog, you should have the mind of good writing that can kill competition. I will recommend you to use free tools. So, Let’s explore the free tools:

1. Google keyword planner:

This tool is totally free for finding new keywords, it shows monthly average searches, competition, and Cost per click. This tool is available on Google Adwords. It is totally free.

How to use:

  1.  Open Google Adwords and login to your account.
  2. On the top left corner, you will find an option “Tools and Setting” select this option and then click on the “Keyword Planner.”
  3. Now, Click on the “Discover new Keywords” option and then enter the keyword, For example, we are taking: Top smartphone” Keyword.
  1. Now you will see all the keywords, there are many filters available you can use them to get more accurate data.

These are the basic steps of Google Keyword Planner, You can be expert in this by practicing more and more.

2. Uber Suggest:

Uber suggest is another tool which is almost free but not totally free. This is one of those best free keyword research tools. It has a better User Interface than Google keyword planner, It has more filters than Google Keyword Planner.

How to use:

  1. Open Uber Suggest
  2. Search for the keyword, it can ask you to log in, you can log in.
  1. You will get all the related search keywords. Now you have to find keywords with high search volume, low CPC, low PD, and low SD. You can use filters available on this tool to find the best keywords for you.

3. Answer the Public:

Answer The Public provides a very good and most important tool. It gives you keyword ideas based on recently asked questions. You can download all the keywords. You can use these keywords for the FAQ section too.

Google trends can be used to find new trending topics and keywords to work on them. Here you can find the real-time search queries that help a lot to start on a new project. All you have to do is just open its website.

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Advantages of keyword research

Keyword research plays a very big role in content marketing. If you learned how to play with the keywords then this field will be yours. So let’s discuss some advantages of the keyword researching:

  1. It finds new keywords to work.
  2. This process saves your time, If you do not do the proper keyword research it will be time wasting to write a blog without keywords.
  3. Research gives a direction to the writer to write content around the keywords.
  4. It helps to target your expected audience.
  5. It gives you new subtopic ideas, So, you can scale your blog with the right keywords.
  6. Proper keyword research helps a lot in getting a higher rank in organic searches.
  7. Keyword research gives you an idea of competition.

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Proper research always helps the blog to get a higher rank on the organic searches. If you do not do keyword research before writing an article then it means you are just a newbie in this field, You have to learn a lot. While researching keywords, if you are finding your keyword is not easy to rank then try to find alternate keywords with less competition and high search volume, This is the best strategy, which works always in the content marketing.


Is keyword research dead?

No, It is not dead till now. If you have the mind to find the trending keywords then you will definitely rock the platform.

Can I rank if I use free tools?

Yes, You can. These free tools are not less than anything.

Why to do keyword research?

It makes your blog rank on your targeted keywords. To get more traffic you need to do proper keyword research.

Are there any disadvantages of keyword research?

No, Keyword research does not directly affect anything in any wrong manner.



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