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Which game is best -Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Pc?

Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg PC!

If you are a Pubg lover then it must be known that Pubg is nearly available on all platforms. So today we are gonna check Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Pc. In other words, we’ll compare Pubg Mobile and Pubg Pc. But first, let’s know about Pubg.


Player Unknown’s BattleGround or Pubg is a Battle Royale shooter game that pits up to 100 players against each other and allows you to use any strategy you can use to be the last man standing.

For newcomers to the Pubg game, they are like throwing a lump of fresh meat at a hungry dog. Players must fight to find weapons and supplies if they are the only survivors in a battle for control of a large area, such as a town, a farm, or even a factory.

The Pubg creator company has also released its mobile, PC, and console versions. This is to ensure that gamers from different platforms can enjoy the game and the game can generate maximum profit from gamers of different platforms.

But with that, there come many questions like – What are the differences between Pubg mobile and Pubg PC? Is there a map difference or gun difference? Well, today we are gonna compare these two games. So let’s get started.

Let’s Find Out:

About Pubg Mobile:

The mobile version of Pubg was released in 2018. It is currently one of the best mobile games that almost everyone plays, and it is currently the most popular mobile game on the market. The action of the game – packed gameplay, high-quality graphics, and unique gameplay mechanics make it a perfect addition to mobile devices.

Thus, the multiplayer game, which can be played as a single-player or in a team with up to four players, became the most accessible and entertaining multiplayer game on mobile devices.

Later, a lite version of Pubg mobile was also released for low-end phones having low RAM and processors.

About Pubg PC:

Pubg, the online shooter game, also has its PC version that has popularized the Battle Royale mode. It was released in 2017 and is currently one of the best online PC games that almost every player with high-end PC plays. The specialty of the game is its action, quality gameplay, high-quality graphics, and unique mechanics that make it a perfect game for computers.

Unlike Pubg mobile, Pubg PC is not free to play and costs around $29.99 US Dollars to download.

But fortunately, the Pubg Company Tencent released a lite version of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This lite edition of Pubg PC is free of charge in the Windows Store, Mac Store, and Linux Store and can be played without spending any money. The only disadvantage is that this lite version comes out with limited features and sizes.

In fact, PUBG PC Lite is the only Battle Royale game that can be played on a low-level PC.

Can I play Pubg mobile on PC?

If your PC is unable to run the normal or the lite version of PC then you can try playing Pubg mobile in PC. Yes, it’s actually possible to do so.

You can install an emulator with which you can I play Pubg mobile on PC. There are many emulators available on the Internet, but only a few of them are good to play Pubg. The best emulator is Tencent Gaming Buddy as it is developed by the same company that developed Pubg. It runs the game smoothly on PC. After some good time of gaming, you will enjoy the game with a lot of customization options and good control over your character and the game will run reasonably smoothly.

You can down Tencent Gaming Buddy from Android Authority.

Pubg Mobile VS Pubg PC


It is obvious to say that the graphics of the PC version of a game will be far better than that of its mobile version. The same thing applies to Pubg too. It has been found that the lowest graphics of Pubg PC is far better than the medium graphics of Pubg mobile. This is because the processor of a PC can process the graphics easily than that of a mobile.

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The resolution of Pubg mobile ranges from 480p to 720p depending on the processing speed and the internet connection. While on PC, the resolution ranges from 720p to 1080p. So, we can get a clear idea about the graphics differences in both the platforms.

So in the war of Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Pc, pubg pc takes the lead in case of graphics.

Size and Data:

The size of the Pubg mobile is about 1.8 GB while that of the PC version is about 30 GB. That’s a high difference between their sizes. Even if we compare their update sizes, there is a big difference. A major update of Pubg mobile is of 1 GB to 2 GB size whereas a major update of Pubg PC is of 15 GB to 30 GB size.

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If you are too conscious about your data packs then you should never play the PC version of the game. Its updates can cost you up to 30 GB. Furthermore, the data used while playing the mobile version is far less than the PC version.

With a good internet connection, one can easily hit ping under 30 ms on Pubg mobile whereas the average ping on Pubg PC is 70 ms. Thus in Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Pc, mobile game takes the lead.


The FPS limit of the Pubg mobile is 60 fps. And it is kind of impossible to go above playing on a phone. On the other hand, in a PC, it’s impossible to play in 60 fps. The playable range is 90 to 100 fps. It can even reach 300 fps if played on a beast gaming PC.

Unlike the mobile version, you will hardly find any bots in the PC version. Bots are added to make the game easier but there is not even a single bot in PC. Most of the players are pro gamers and surviving in the top 10 is damn hard and crazy.

You can even encounter big Youtube and Twitch streamers like Shroud, Rakazone, Sikh Warrior, etc if you play in their server. Thus Pubg PC is more enjoyable than the le version in Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Pc.


Controlling recoil in mobile games is not that hard as the guns have small recoil and it is easily controllable. But controlling recoil in the PC version is one of the hardest things. Even a pro mobile player will face extreme difficulty controlling the recoil.

You can also find the 15x scope (available only in the airdrops) in the PC version of the game.

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Moreover, there is a replay feature in the game. This feature enables you to analyze how you were killed or what the other players were doing while you were doing a particular thing. Thus in Pubg Mobile vs Pubg Pc, the PC version takes the lead.


Due to limited features and size in Pubg mobile, some limitations actually act as a good thing. The vehicles in the mobile version are easier to control than in the PC version. The physics in the mobile game is much lowered that it is likely to flip your vehicle and you can go super fast even on the off ground. In the PC version, if you go over a hill with vehicles like bike or buggy, you will end up flipping your vehicle.


The minimum requirements for Pubg PC are-

  • Operating System- Windows 7 64bit or higher.
  • CPU- Intel i3 4340 or AMD Fx-6300 or higher.
  • RAM- 6GB or higher.
  • GPU- Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD7580 2GB or higher.
  • Direct- 11.1 version or higher.
  • Storage- 30 GB or higher.

Source: Pubg official website

On the other hand, the minimum requirements for Pubg mobile are

  • Operating System- Android 5.1 or higher.
  • CPU- Snapdragon 430 or Kirin 655 or higher.
  • RAM- 2 GB or higher.
  • GPU- Adreno 505 or Mali T830 or higher.
  • Storage- 2.5 GB or higher.

Source: Pubg Gaming

You should always check if your device is meeting the minimum requirements or not before installing the game.


Let’s sum up what we have learnt till now in a table

CharacteristicsPubg MobilePubg PC
GraphicsLow end graphicsHigh end graphics
PlayersYou will encounter real players and botsYou will encounter only real players most of which are pros
Resolution Range480p to 720p720p to 1080p
Training CampNo training campAdditional training camp called Camp Jackal
Gun RecoilPretty less and controllableHigh and uncontrollable
FeaturesFeatures like auto pick up, auto open doors are availableSuch features are not available
ScopesUp to 8xUp to 15x
VehiclesEasy to driveHard to drive, can be flipped easily
PriceFree$29.99 US Dollars (Source)
Mini mapDisplay in the top right hand cornerNo mini map available
Death CamAvailableNot available
FPS60 fps is the limitCan even reach 300+ fps in a gaming PC

So overall we can say that Pubg mobile is a good game if you are a newbie. Playing in Pubg mobile is also fun unless you don’t want an enhanced and realistic graphics gameplay.

Once you get used to it, you can upgrade to Pubg PC but you must be beware as features like auto aim, auto pick up, etc are no less available and most of the players are pros. Pubg PC is not free but one thing is for sure, it will give you an ultimate Battle Royale Experience.



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