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World War III – The Whole World could be Destroyed

World War III

World War III (WW3) is the third-largest military conflict in the world after World War II.  The term has been used since at least 1941.  Some have used it explicitly to refer to limited or minor conflicts. Such as the Cold War or the War on Terror. While others have argued that such conflicts would surpass previous World Wars.  Its scope and destructive effects.

Due to the development and use of nuclear weapons towards the end of World War II. Its subsequent acquisition and promotion in many countries. The potential risk of nuclear destruction for civilization and life on Earth. It a common one due to speculation about World War III.

Another major concern is that biological warfare can cause a large number of casualties. Either intentionally or unintentionally, by the release of biological agents. Their adaptation to other species after unexpected agent conversion or use.

Due to the advanced technology used for destruction, such high-level apocalyptic events have the potential to populate the Earth’s surface.

Before the outbreak of World War II, World War I (1914-1918) was believed to “The War to End all Wars”. Because it was believed that there would never be another global conflict.  Enormity.

During the Civil War, World War I was commonly referred to as the “The Great War.” The outbreak of World War II in 1939. That humanity might have gone beyond the need for a world war.



With the outbreak of the Cold War in 1945 and the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology in the Soviet Union. The prospect of a third global conflict became even more significant.  In the Cold War years, the prospect of World War was anticipated and planned by the military and civilian authorities in many countries.

The situation ranges from conventional warfare to limited or complete nuclear warfare.  At the height of the Cold War, a scene called Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). That was calculated that determined that an all-out nuclear war. That would surely destroy all or almost all human life on the planet.

The possibility of the perfect destruction of humanity could contribute to the ability of American. And Soviet leaders to avoid such a situation.

After the death of Iranian Major General Qassim Soleimani in a US airstrike on January 3, fears of a third world victory spread around the world. With China now returning survey ships to Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, raising concerns about WW3.

In light of the tense relations between countries around the world. I have created a guideline for Flashpoint where World War III is likely to start by 2020.

US vs Iran, Word War 3

 The US drone strikes on Friday, January 3, following a series of “orchestrated” attacks on Iraqi coalition bases over the past few months and attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad, all hinted at that.  General Soleimani.

USA vs Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump has approved the attack on General Solomon. He claimed that the move was made to “make the world a safer place.”

Iran vs Israel

Tensions between Iran and Israel have been simmering for some time as a result of the short-lived war in the Middle East.

The former nation supports anti-Israel groups in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon in particular, while Israel often attacks Iranian forces across the region.

Overall, Israel has sought to build an anti-Iran alliance at the diplomatic level, while Iran has invested in growing ties with militias and foreign actors.

US vs Turkey

Tensions between the United States and Turkey have risen over the past year, primarily as a result of US approval of Turkey to remove the Syrian border from US-backed Kurds.

But then the United States threatened to impose sanctions on Ankara, further escalating tensions.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested that he has a desire to engage in nuclear weapons.

As a result, US-Turkish relations deteriorated in the state and raised concerns about the future effects of the NATO alliance.

US vs North Korea

The conflict between North Korea and South Korea also dates back to World War III.

Aggressive action could take as a result of fundamental tensions at the canter of US-North Korea relations.

North Korean president Kim Jong-Un

Tensions between the two countries are at an all-time high since 2013, and the upcoming US election could threaten further relations.

President Trump’s administration has maintained that an agreement with North Korea could improve the prospects for its election in November.

However, North Korea is not particularly interested in Trump’s proposal.

Recently, North Korea promised a “Christmas gift” that many in the United States feared would test nuclear or ballistic missiles.

That did not happen, but the country could force the United States to intervene if it conducted a nuclear test.

World War III: US vs China

In the near future, we may see World War III between China and America

US-China relations have been very tense in recent years.

The trade deal between the two countries is likely to ease some tensions, but implementation is still questionable.

Today, the world’s two largest economies embroiled in a bitter trade war.

The controversy has been simmering for nearly 18 months, with the United States and China charging hundreds of billions of dollars in goods for each other.

President Trump has long accused China of unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft, while China has the idea that the United States seeks to stem its rise as a global economic power.

At the same time, China has worked hard to secure relations with Russia, while the United States has been embroiled in controversy with South Korea and Japan, two of the region’s closest allies.

Both Donald Trump and President C have a lot of political reputations on the trade situation in each country and so both have incentives for diplomatic and economic growth.

 If the situation worsens, it could lead to military conflict in the South China Sea or in East China.

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence could potentially create risks in the coming decades.  A 2018 RAND Corporation report argues that AI and related information technology will “have a major impact on the issue of nuclear safety in the coming quarter of a century.”  Presumably in the future AI could provide instability to track “second launch” launchers.

USA vs Chaina


Incorporating AI into the decision support system used to decide whether to initiate can create new risks, including the risk of hostility against AI’s algorithms by third parties to trigger launch recommendations.

Some ideas that emerging technologies lead to “world domination” may also be unstable, for example the risk of a natural strike increases.

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