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What is a low carbs diet? 6 low carbs diets for quick fat loss


Low carbs diet is the diet in which you put your carbohydrates intake lower than all the other macronutrients.

Despite being the most used diet in the market there are a lot of people who don’t know how to do it properly so here I am for you.

About me

Hi I am Sparsh and I am a fitness enthusiast but not from my childhood. I used to be very fat even on my last to last birthday my body weight was like 105kgs and I was concerned about my body structure. But the day I make the decision not being in the body that I’m currently right now.

Then I started searching on the internet about fitness related to losing weight or burning fat. There was not much clear information on the internet even though I try every single way of losing fat but none of the work.

Then I purchase the course and I become my own personal trainer. And I want you to help with the same knowledge because I’ve already put time and my energy in this by learning and applying this on to myself.

So at least I am fairly good to guide you and let me tell you, This is the diet you can have a variety of food choices.

What’s in it

Meaning of low carbs diet and how it works

Low carbs diet is the diet that you use to do fat loss or weight loss with manipulating the carbs intake in your diet.

In the typical low carbs diet, the carbohydrate intake varies between 30 – 45 % of your total caloric intake. The protein intake is the highest one in here and fats remain in a moderate amount. So here we’re going to understand how reducing carbs can help us a lot in losing weight or fat.

Low carbs Diet

Types of low carbs diet

The typical low carbs diet

This typical diet does not have any specific definition just put this as if like a restrictive diet with low carbs depending upon the goals of the person.

As a friend let me tell you this, It the easiest diet out there in the world, and you can start doing it from today as well, let me show you how in here below.

You put your daily caloric intake on the paper where your weight remains the same, if not! I’ve already made an in-depth blog finding the daily caloric intake on this so go and check that out first. Because we’re taking the BMR in reference here.

  • If you have wanted to lose weight like ½ kg/week then you should have carbs like in between 150 – 200 grams considering you are eating fewer calories then the actual BMR.
  • As if you have wanted to lose weight like 1 kg/week then you should have carbs like in between 100 – 150 grams considering you are eating fewer calories then the actual BMR in this also.
  • If you have wanted to lose weight like 1 kg/week then you should have carbs like in between 100   – 150 grams considering you are eating fewer calories then the actual BMR in this as well.

The Paleo diet

The paleo diet is become famous due to its ease in its rule book. Anyone can easily adapt to the paleo diet just by practicing in the matter of some days. It is a low carbs diet but you can adjust your calories into the fats and protein as where you want to.

There are a lot of studies shown that this is the diet that helps in weight loss, lowering the blood level sugar and improves the factor of heart deceases. But the real paleo diet restricts you to eat processed food but you can adapt to the new paleo culture. 

The Atkins diet

The Atkins is also a low carbs diet and it is best known for only low carbs dieting culture. Here also we compromising the carbohydrate intake and eat a lot of protein with fats in your desire.

Actually it has 4 phrases

Phrase 1 = you cannot eat more than 20 grams of carbs per day straight for 2 weeks.

Phrase 2 = adding slowly some nuts and low carb vegetables of foods

3rd Phrase = when you reach your weight loss goal add carbs day by day until your weight loss becomes slower

Phrase 4 = Now eat carbs as many you want but that carbs should be like complex carbs until you started gaining your weight back.

Zero carbs diet

It is as its name suggests zero carbs, here we completely evacuate the carbs from our diet until you reach your goal weight. The calories you eradicate from the carbs you put them especially in protein and rest of them in fats.

This diet shows results very quickly and prevents muscle loss as well unless you have a very hectic lifestyle with hard resistance training and with intensive cardiovascular activity.

Indian Low carbs diet plan

Before starting the plan you should know the type of food that you should avoid and they are given below.

Refined sugar and grains

Things like soft drinks, ice cream, cake, candy sweets, etc and in grains like wheat, rice, barley, cereals, and pasta

Trans fat and highly processed food

Vegetable or hydrogenated oil and factory-made food or ready to eat food.

Low fat products and starchy food

You can’t have food like low in fat, low-fat dairy products contain a lot of sugar, starchy vegetables and fruits having high carbohydrates calories.

The foods you can eat

Nuts and seeds

seeds like chia seeds and nuts like almonds and walnuts or anjeer.


pear , orange,  apple  and any kind of berries like blue berry or black berry and strawberry


Any vegetables like Spinach, Okra (bhindi), Broccoli, Cucumber, Cauliflower (highly recommended), Eggplant (baigan), Bell peppers (Shimla Mirchi) try some colors in these, Cabbage & onion, Green beans. Make a big chunk of bowl as a meal.


curd ,yogurt , cottage cheese (paneer)  , low fat milk , whey protein.


Any kind of meat that available in the market in near you like fish , lamb , chicken, beef mutton etc.

Oil for cooking and butters

olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, and fish oils and in butter like sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, hazelnut syrup.

You can have legumes and any sort of lentils but they are having high carbohydrates intake so you should have some times in moderation.

Dark chocolates are the one thing to go but that should have at least 70 % of cocoa in that and can have diet drinks like diet coke and Pepsi, coffee is good to go, tea without sugar or green tea is best to go, and try to drink at least 4-5 ounces of water every day to keep yourself hydrated

 let me tell you why there are a lot of electrolytes into our body and when we are on low carbs diet our body starts to release the water in the first week or so

and same in the first week the blood sugar tries to adapt in the new low carbs environment so you going to feel hungry and crave more things due to blood sugar levels.

When all the body’s water start to depletes the electrolytes of our body comes out with that as well and you start to feel like low and sick,

now to prevent this take a pinch of pink Himalayan salt into the water 2 – 4 times a day.


The low carbs diet has a variety of options to do but you have to select what diet suits you the best. These all work perfectly fine but you have put in the work what it needs to be done

you stick to the diet long enough to show its results and I’m telling you that the losing fat is not the sprint, it is the marathon you have to survive till the end goal. 


Can you lose weight eating 50 carbs a day?

yes you can but you have to ensure that you are eating less calories than your maintenance caloric intake

How do I start a low carb diet?

you can easily just dive into the dieting straight and learn along the way. you can click here.

Is this low carbs diet is the best diet?

Every diet is the best diet but you have to stay consistent with it.

Which low carb diet should I start as if I’m beginner to the dieting?

i have shown you each and every thing in this blog what eat and what not to in details so check above.

How much time it takes to show its results?

It depends on your deficit volume, but it can easily show results on the weighing scale with a week.



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