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Increase Immune System: 5 Best Yoga Poses


 It is very important to increase immune system because if our immune system gets weaker than we may be caught by any disease.

Now we will discuss that if our immune system gets weak then what will be the problems we may face?

A person can meet with serious cough cold and even tuberculosis and cancer also. 

What are the measures we can take to increase our immune system? 

Do these following five pranayamas daily:

Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom, Bhramari, Udgeeth pranayamas

Give importance to each asana mentioned above.

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Now let us talk about the acupressure points to increase the immune system of our body.

Press the tip of your ring finger with the thumb.

Also, press the hand with the thumb between the elbow joint and wrist. 

This procedure will help you to increase the immunity power.

What’s in for me?

  1. Setubandh Asana
  2. Matsyasana
  3. Matsyendra Asana
  4. Vakrasana
  5. Mandukasana
  6. Pro Tips

Setubandh Asana

Name of the first asana to increase immune system is setu bandhasana, also known as the bridge pose.

In this asana, we will make a bridge-like structure from our body.  It is also helpful in removing back pain.

Firstly,  sleep on a yoga mat keeping your stomach upward and back downward. Now fold both the legs with your palms touching the floor.  

Put your hands on the floor and touch the heels of both respective legs.

Now take a deep breath and lift the middle part, hip area and waist part upward as much as you can. 

Make sure that your chin touches the chest. Hold it for some time with the stomach inward.

After when you reach your capacity put your middle part slowing downward with relaxing your body and exhaling. 

Do this process 8 to 10 times. 

This process will help you to open up your thymus gland and also be responsible for the growth of T cells.

These are the type of white blood cells which help our body to fight with any kind of infection and ultimately increases immune system.


Next asana to boost immune system is Matsyasana which is also known as the fish pose.  

Now let us discuss how we can perform this asana.  Sleep on a yoga mat with keeping your stomach or chest in upward direction and back or hips in the downward direction.  

Now put your hands resting on the yoga mat facing towards the floor. 

Now take a deep breath and lift your chest by keeping a stand with both the elbows on the floor and stretch your chest as much as you can. 

When you reach extreme stretch, drop your head downward with exhalation. Hold for 7-12  seconds and again come in the initial position, slowly put your chest down and take a rest.

Do this process for 10 to 15 times in one round for the better results.  

This pose helps to open the heart with the opening thymus glands and also regulates the t cells which ultimately helps in increasing immunity power of our body.

Matsyendra Asana

Now we will learn about matsyendrasana, to practice this asana firstly we have to sit in a dandasana position while keeping both of our legs straight on the floor. 

Now bend your both legs by keeping touching the palms on the floor.

Put your left heel on the write hip line by folding it inward. And put your right leg outwards the left knee by folding it.

And then hug your feet to strengthen your pose. Now put your right hand behind the back to support it.

Raise your left hand and inhale, after that bend it while your elbow facing towards the floor fixes it outside the right knee. 

Hold it for some time and feel the twist in the stomach and abdominal area.

Look over your right shoulder and if possible you can touch your left knee or right leg as well. Keep your breathing normal.

After holding it and neck towards the initial position release your hand from the back and now slowly release the left folded leg.

Lastly, release the right leg and then come in that initial position again.

Do this process with another side by putting your right leg hip line by folding it and after this fold the left leg and put it on the right knee.

Now put your hand backside to support the back.

Put the right hand and fix it outside the left knee.

Now feel the twist again on the stomach by moving your head backwards. 

Make sure before putting your right hand outside the left knee, take a deep breath and after fixing the hand exhale. 

After successfully coming in this posture hold it for some time and then slowly release it by applying the above-mentioned steps.

Our digestive system also helps in increasing the power of the immune system and also helps in increasing the digestive power as well as immune system power of our body.


Next asana to develop the immune system is, Vakrasana. This asana is also a bit similar to matsyendra asana. Like before sit in a dandasana position by keeping your legs straight.

Fold your right leg towards your body by touching the palms on the floor.

Now move your right hand backwards by making a stand for the back. 

Raise your left hand upward by taking a deep breath, now try to touch the toes of your left leg from the left hand by pushing the hand from behind the right leg’s knee.

Try to feel the twist on the stomach. 

After coming in this vakrasana pose holds for some time while making your breath normal. 

Now release the hand and right leg outward. Again perform these steps left like my folding the left leg pushing the left hand backwards.

It can make a stand for the back, raise your right hand upward by inhaling, push your left knee inward and move your right hand behind the and touch the right toes of your body. 

Again feel the twist in thighs, back and stomach. 

Repeat these steps 10 to 15 times and as a result, your immunity power will increase.


Next asana comes is mandukasana. This asana also helps in increasing our immunity system as well as removes back pain,  releases digestive gases and gives a glow to our face.

Sit in a vajrasana position, to sit in this position firstly sit in a dandasana position and then fold your legs and place them below the hips.

Now take a deep breath and keep your head as well as back straight and try to be in a comfortable position.

Raise your hands and after folding the fingers and keeping the thumb inward put your hands near your navel.

Bends in a forward direction by fixing both hands in between the stomach and thighs.

Once you go downward hold your body there and take breath normally.  

You can do this pose for 2 to 5 minutes in a single go and when you reach your capacity, slowly bend upward towards your initial position and then inhale.  

This is the first phrase, now comes the second phase. This is slightly different from the first one.

In this phase, initially put your left hand on the navel and then place your right palm on it.  

Now bend downward and after some time again come to your initial position.

After completing this second phase now let us consider the 3rd phase.

This time put your right hand’s palm on the left hand’s palm and then repeat the above-mentioned steps afterwards.

As we have discussed, mandukasana also helps us in removing the digestive problems. 

In the 2nd phase when we put our left hand inward and right hand outward it helps our liver to remain healthy.

And in the third phase when we put our right hand inward and left hand on it.  This helps our pancreas to sustain. 

So by doing this,  we can ensure that our digestive system and immune system will become strong.

Pro Tips

I want to give you pro tips by using them you can make your immune system stronger.

Here is the list of top fruits and vegetables which will help you to increase your immune system.

Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, Yoghurt, Almonds


To conclude, I hope that this blog will give a positive impact on your life.

Stay fit, stay happy and practice these yoga poses to increase your immunity power.

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