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Remove Back Pain: Best 5 Yoga Poses


Are you a person who has to do regular sitting while doing your work?  

And this adversely affects your waist?

But you have no choice other than doing your work. 

Do you know what are the causes of back pain?  

Whenever you do the heavy lifting, your back pain may start.

So, back pain is one of the most common reasons for the people to meet the doctors whether it would be their birth disabilities or today’s lifestyle.

What are the symptoms of back pain? 

Your muscle ache increases, the pain increases from your body part and radiates down your leg,  you cannot be able to bend, lift anything or stand, walk easily etc.

 To cure all these problems introducing some that will help you to get rid of back pain.

Now let us discuss the yoga poses that will help in removing back pain:

What’s in For Me?

  1. Ushtrasana
  2. Markatasana
  3. Bhujangasana
  4. Dhanurasana
  5. Shalabhasana


Now we will discuss ustrasana,  this asana helps us in stretching your chest, abdomen, back as well as strengthens our knees and removes back pain.  

To practice this asana,  you should sit in the vajrasana position with folding both the legs below the hipline. 

Now place your toes on the floor and lift your body upward while standing on your knees.

Now take a deep breath and raise your right hand, touch on your right heel and simultaneously lift your left hand and touch your left heel.

 Try to push your upper body backwards and bend towards your heels. 

Drop your head down and exhale.  Hold it for  5-7 seconds initially.  

Now for releasing this pose, first of all, raise your left hand from the left heel and put it down similarly push your right hand as well and place it in a comfortable position.

This is a special pose which everybody cannot do. 

So, the people who are not able to do this asana can go with Ardha ustrasana posture. 

For this,  take a deep breath and put both hands on your lower back, now push yourself backwards and drop your head so that your stomach, chest and back get strengthened.

This asana also helps in improving spinal flexibility, reduces fat on thighs and loosen vertebrates.


Next asana is markatasana, this asana helps in giving flexibility to the shoulders and spine. 

It can also cure asthma, lung-related issues and knee pain.

If we talk about the disease then it is also helpful in curing slip disc, spondylitis and sciatica.  

Now how to perform this asana?  

First of all sleep on a yoga mat keeping your stomach upward and back touching on the floor. 

Now fold your legs while touching the heels to hips.  Spread both the hands sideways by palms touching the floor.  

Now take a deep breath and move both the legs right side by touching your right leg on the floor sideways and simultaneously neck in the opposite position means on the left side.

Hold for some time by exhaling as you will on your thighs as well as stomach and back.  

Now again take a deep breath and come to your initial position and exhale.

Now this time shift both the legs left side left leg sideways neck in the right position while taking a deep breath.  

After holding for 5 to 10 seconds come to your initial position

 And once you complete this asana, let’s move your legs forward and put your hands near your back while sleeping in a straight position like a savasana.

Repeat this process 10 to 12 times for better results.  After doing it for 30 days you will feel the relaxation in your shoulders as well as the spine.


 Now we will discuss bhujangasana which is also known as cobra pose.

This asana helps in strengthening the spine, chest, lungs, abdomen part, relieves stress and fatigue as well.

Firstly, sleep on a yoga mat by pushing your stomach on the floor side and back on the sky side.

Now take you both the hands and put them near your chest on the floor. 

Now take a deep breath and lift your upper body upward with stretching and raising your hands. 

Make sure that you only raise your body till your navel touches the floor. Hold it for at least 10 seconds. 

And then slowly come to the initial position by exhaling. Do this process for at least 10 to 12 times. 

This pose is phase one of bhujangasana.

Now we will discuss phase two, place your left palm on the floor and make sure that you place it straight to the chest. After that place your right hand on the left one. 

Now raise the upper part of the body by stretching your full body upward.  After raising your chest,  slightly tilt your upside with eyes seeing the sky.

Now excel and come to the initial position.  Do this process for 10 to 12 times in one round.  Complete three rounds in one go. 


Now we will discuss dhanurasana which is also known as bow pose.

This asana helps in weight loss, removes back pain, improves digestion & appetite. 

It also helps in curing diseases like dyspepsia (obesity), rheumatism and gastrointestinal problems.  

To perform this asana, sleep on the yoga mat which keeps your stomach down and back upside.  

First of all, put up both legs by folding them.  Now take a  deep breath and hold both legs with respective hands.  

After holding them stretch both sides of your body towards the middle and hold it for some time.  

This film stretches your whole body including chest, stomach, thighs, legs and hands etc.  

After when you reach your capacity, lose down the stretch to their initial position.  

Practice asana for 10 to 12 times to get better results.  And this yoga pose is best for removing back pain. 

What if you are the person who is already having serious back pain? 

In the beginning,  you should not force your body to practice this asana.   

Instead of holding your legs with the hands just join them and place it on the back.  

Now lift your body from both sides as per your capacity. You will also get benefited by doing this modified pose. 


The last asana of this series for removing back pain is shalabhasana.

it is also helpful for removing not only back pain but also reliefs in sciatica and getting rid of unnecessary fat around hips, waist etc.

It also strengthens and adds flexibility to back muscles and spine.

First of all, wicket keeping your back upside and stomach pressing the floor.  

Now firstly sleep in a  makarasana while keeping your body relaxed and breathing normally.  

Now take a  deep breath and please your hands below the thighs and chin relaxing on the floor and face pointing forward.  

Now raise your upward without bending knees.  Hold it for  7-12 seconds as per your capacity. 

You will feel the tension on your back.  After holding, release your leg by exhaling.  

Again do these steps by lifting it while taking a deep breath and without folding the knees.  

Try to maintain a  good posture for better results.  After holding it for 7 to 12 seconds release your neck towards the floor with exhaling.

Do this procedure 10 times each side for high tension in the back.  Now, again take a deep breath and raise your both legs in one go without folding them.  

This time you will feel more tension as compared to the previous procedure.  

And this is the best part you can practice in this whole posture for removing back pain. 


 I hope that you like this blog if you do the above-mentioned yoga poses daily your back pain will cure easily.  

Because before doing any work our back plays an important role in doing any physical task. 

Practising these asanas for at least three to four months results in your day to day life will make a big appreciable change.  

So, now to conclude we have discussed various yoga poses to cure your back pain effectively.

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