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8 Creative Business Ideas In India For 2020


If you are willing to start a business in 2020 then it is good but you might
be thinking of this Corona so don’t worry.
I have discussed 8 creative business ideas that corona will not affect and
it will be a great start for you also.

Why you should start a Business?

With the growing time competition also increases and doing jobs might not be
a good option but if you think of doing business than you should have
to stand out from others, you need to think differently something
which is out of the box.

Starting a new business is good for your own and others as you help in
creating new jobs for people as well as helping in decreasing the rate of unemployment,.

But doing the same type of business or copying others is not going to work you
need to think of new creative business ideas so that you can stand out from
others and also you will face less competition or nearly zero competition
if you had a unique and creative business idea.

Table of Content

  1. How to Develop Creative Business Ideas?
  2. Steps to collect ideas correctly?
  3. How to find out the creative Business Ideas?
  4. Here is the list of 8 creative Business Ideas.
  5. Magazine with Personalized Memories.
  6. A new Game for a social cause.
  7. New and Interactive Podcast.
  8. Presentation For Stall in Events.
  9. Attract More Customers For Your Business.
  10. A game for Dance Floors.
  11. Massage according to Music.
  12. Lying is an Art Form.
  13. FAQ.

How to Think or Develop Creative Business Ideas?

Well, the answer is simple you need to work upon your creativity many times the same idea which exists in the market is used it is re-designed and some
creativity is added to the same existing idea.
You Might be not enough creative so How you can increase your creativity? You can do this by following the steps below given below

Are You collecting ideas correctly?

Let’s Discuss methods of collecting/ observing Ideas.

  1. Save the Design: Every design/technology advertisement/film, etc. Basically, anything that catches our attention is important. Ask yourself Why did it catch your attention is important. Give valid 1-2 reasons. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, but write down your reasons. Observe 1 such product every day and build your own notes.
  • 2. Map Every Problem: Look for Problems, not offer yourself, try to
    think of solutions every day, and making a diary of your every thought,
    it will create a Bank of Ideas For you.
  • 3.Building references: Collecting every interesting photo you see on
    social media, Try to save 5-6 interesting photo, helps in strengthening
    you RECALL and enhancer your perspective in every idea you create
  • 4. Feel F.O.M.O: write own your every silly thought/idea because genuinely,
    all of us have MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS, we have to just observe them correctly
    at times. You never know your silly thought from grade 7th or  9th  merge with your current idea, and create wonders. Hence feel fear of Mission out (F.O.M.O), every-time you feel lazy to note down an idea.
  • 5. Don’t Be Shy: Discuss your ideas no matter how stupid they sound,
    no matter how many times your friend hung up on you.
    You are not doing it for them. Discussing will help you hear your idea out of loud. In short, Filter your ideas by discussing them, Do it for yourself.

How to find out the creative Business Ideas?

You will find n number of sites which say do this that but they all are telling you the same thing which is outdated but if you want to find out the creative business ideas that can work for you then read our articles. I assure you after reading them you will also be able to generate your own business ideas.

Here is the list of 8 creative Business Ideas.

Idea Number 1: Magazine with Personalized Memories.

What if there was a magazine with your stories and photos in it, its time for photo albums and brochures to evolve.

Imagine what if there was a magazine completely based on your wedding memories you’re your recent trip with your family or a magazine that covers all of your college life memories.

Some uses of this product are gifting, saving, brand advertisement, thanks giving for marketing tool and wedding planners, photographers, interior designer.

Idea Number 2: A new Game which help became you Popular.

It is fun to play board games right, Monopoly, Sequence, Cantan but what if along with the fun we could also spread awareness for social issues. Basically every game has a goal to win like making more money and earning more property in monopoly and making more sequences in sequence etc.

Now what if there was a game based on both luck and strategy where the winning goal is to get popular online, basically becoming viral in the game, with more likes, comments, followers, etc

But as a character who is oppressed by a social Taboos like inter-caste marriage, off beat career option, homosexuality, etc. The rules and the obstacle of this game could be similar to the real life

Struggles of such characters the journey from no acceptance to a huge fan base. The primary goal would be acceptance , but to make it more materialistic and fun, we’ll use social media numbers likes and comments.

Idea Number 3: New and Interactive Podcast.

Social media vector created by stories – www.freepik.com

Have you ever forgotten to take your earphones to the gym and had to listen to boring songs on gym speakers? What do you usually listen to in the gym? Motivational songs, motivational speeches tutorials for exercise routines, etc, right.

Now what if there was a podcast that combines all of these elements together so basically if you have a chest day you just have to select the exercises and songs on the app and then app narrator walks you through all the exercise step wise while shuffilng the songs in the background, and if you don’t need a tutorial for your exercises narrator can tell you interesting facts about them, mixed with motivational dialogues, scenes,songs, interviews,etc.

Basically a customized podcast with daily new information plus entertainment this new could be a new feature of existing workout based apps Or maybe music apps or maybe a completely new app with customizable podcasts for various purposes.

You can Learn App Development from GeeksforGeeks.

Idea Number 4: Presentation For Stall in Events.

The earlier weekend was usually about watching movies sleeping family dinner but recent edition shopping experience just now every weekend fashion exhibition happens across the city and we love shopping from them because of the variety offered and the majority of the sales of a lot of fashion Brands happen in such exhibition.

But generally, problems faced by search brands are lack of good presentation stall managing sales staff holding stalls in different exhibitions but it is impossible same time now what is there was a company who manages all exhibition sales across the country everything from choosing the correct exhibition to the negotiating prices to designing and managing your stalls 5 different styles of a brand in five different exhibitions on the same day.

Idea Number 5: Attract More Customers For Your Business.

We love it when someone clicks our photos but can’t making photos helping in getting more customers for a fashion brand have you ever noticed that always having this strong instinct looking at ourselves in the mirror while shopping and that is the primary reason why stalls with Mirrors attract more customers in the exhibition.

Now what was there were exhibition brands that offer a free short photoshoot in the store with the close and accessory you choose the brand would provide free and extra value in the form of photos of the customers while showing them how they look in that dress for free and the photos can be mailed to the customers regardless of the buying anything or not as this gives them hope for promoting brand tag in the photos and very simple technique but imagine you use it in an exhibition to attract more customers stalls.

Idea Number 6: A game for Dance Floors.

In every House Party, everyone On The Dance Floor wants to play their own song next but it’s impossible to play everyone song right now whatever there was a system that gives everyone a fair chance to choose the next song but with the catch so imagine what if there was a wearable band for the hand which can detect whether you are dancing or not and everyone On The Dance Floor is wearing it.

Now whoever dances is the most of the best in the sink with the music beats their bands turn green and they a get the power to choose the next song only the green band can unlock the music system to play the next song and that too only once so basically every song is like around which you have to win to choose the next song to motivate everyone to dance in party turning it into a game to make it even more interesting.

Idea Number 7: Massage according to Music

Have you ever tried massaging someone head back on legs while listening to music and tried syncing with your movements with the beats of the music what is there was a band that makes you feel every single beat of the music with sync pressure and movements.

Imagine a tight band for your rest with multiple vibration points on the inside which can individually vibrate and pressurize your skin sync with the music also software to design specific impactful movements by 10 20 maybe hundred such micro vibrating points would up left experience of music completely and it would make you feel literally Such tech on everyone’s hand in a concert in movie theatres seats or cars, etc? Imagine feeling the guitar chords the first line of the brand drums in the second and base in the third possibilities are endless.

Idea Number 8: Lying is an Art Form.  

Okay imagine you are sitting in an open mic event with 25 other people and performer walks upon  stage and tells 10 person stories right after this performance you are suppose to guess which stories were true and which of them were lies and what if they are ten such other performers and at the end of the event the audience member who guess the most member of lies wins and the performer with more number of clean lies wins to may be the winners get cash rewards, Gift Vouchers, story telling can be the form of Comic or poetic. It is a open mic where you lie.

Final Words.

Last Words Hey let me know which one is your favorite idea from the above list.

Want some more Ideas for Business.
Unique Business Ideas.
Online Business Ideas.
Business Ideas for apps and Websites.

How to develop creative Business ideas?

For creative business idea you need to be creative itself.

How to find creative Business Ideas?

Finding a creative idea is not easy because most people try to keep their ideas with them, so be aware of trending things which people generally or use like idea number 1: Idea of Magazine it can help in bringing more business and people will have something new in which their feelings about the moments are written.



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