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Amazing Biography Of Akbar, Akbar’s 9 Gems

Hello Friends, here today we are presenting an inspirational biography of Akbar, And the spiritual personality of India.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Who Is Akbar
  2. Personal Information
  3. History
  4. Akbar First Marriage
  5. Who Is Hemu Vikramaditya
  6. Second Battle Of Panipat
  7. Petticoat Government And Adham Khan
  8. Akbar Proposal
  9. Akbar Title To Jalaluddin
  10. Haldighati Battle
  11. Akbar Receives Son
  12. Akbar Nine Gems
  13. Conclusion
  14. FAQ

Who Was Akbar

Akbar son of Humayun, And who had already expanded the Mughal Empire to India. So After defeating Sher Shah Suri at the Battle of Chausa and Kannauj in 1539-40, And the Mughal emperor Humayun went west where he met Hamida Banu Begum, 14, the daughter of Shaikh Ali Akbar, in Sindh.

He married her and the following year Jalal Uddin Muhammad was born on October 15, 1542, to the Rajput family in Umarkot, Sindh, where his parents received refuge from the local Hindu Rana Prasad.

So After the long exile of the Mughal ruler Humayun, Mohammad Jalaluddin moved to Kabul with his entire family. And Where Uncle Kamran Mirza and Askari Mirza lived.

And He spent all his youth hunting, fighting, fighting, running, making him a mighty, brave, and brave warrior. however But in all his life, he never learned to write or read.

Personal Information Of Akbar

Full NameMohammad Jalaluddin Akbar
Birth15 Oct 1542
Father NameNawab Hamida
Mother NameBano Begum Sa
WifeRukaiya Begum, Salima Sultan Begum
and Mariam Uz-Zamani Begum (Jodha)
Death27 Oct 1605

History Of Akbar

Akbar First Marriage

Mohammad Jalaluddin first marriage was to the daughter of his uncle Hs, But Rukaiya, at the age of 9. When Humayun died on January 27, 1556, he was hitting Sikandar Suri with Bairam Khan at Kalanaur, near Machida.

He received the news of his father died on February 14, when he had made a brick throne there and made king. Humayun’s reliable position sits on the throne of Delhi while Mohammad Jalaluddin was in Punjab.

Who Is Hemu Vikramaditya

Hemu was born in Rohtak, Haryana, was a salt merchant. One day, Adil Khan Governor saw this gets shocked and takes Hemu with him.

Shortly after, Hemu reaches the position of minister of Waha. When Hemu sees that Humayun is dead and Tardibeg is sitting on the throne of Delhi, he takes the opportunity to attack Tardibeg and seriously defeats him and sits on the throne of Delhi.

Hemu remains the last Hindu ruler to sit in the Delhi Sultanate. Tardibeg flees to Punjab and says this to Mohammad Jalaluddinand Bauram Khan and tells them that we should now return to our kingdom.

Mughal Army is frustrate after heard this talk about Tardibeg. Bauram Khan kills Tardibeg because he believes that is why Delhi has gone to hand.

Second Battle Of Panipat

On November 5, 1556, the second battle of Panipat will fight between Hemu and Mohammad Jalaluddin. At the time, Mohammad Jalaluddin was only 14 years old, so Bauram Khan makes the tough decisions.

Hemu had almost won this battle, but Bauram Khan called a group of archers from Iran. Hemu wore iron armour all over his body, And so Bauram Khan tells the archers to hit Hemu in the eye,


An arrow hits Hemu eye and Hemu get hurt, this makes Hemu’s army depressed and Akbar wins the war. Baburam Khan tells Mohammad Jalaluddin to kill Hemu, but Akbar refuses to attack the wounded, then Bauram Khan kills Hemu by building a wall, and Mohammad Jalaluddin receives the title of Ghazi.

The title of Ghazi is assume by the Muslim ruler after defeating the non-Muslim ruler.

When Akbar becomes ruler in 1556, the situation between Bauram Khan and Akbar begins to deteriorate. Bauram Khan used to punish anyone for small things that Mohammad Jalaluddin does not like.

Due to many of these reasons, in 1560 Bauram Khan occurs in Tilwara and Khadap in Akbar and Bauram Khan is a capture. Mohammad Jalaluddin places three conditions in front of Bauram Khan, the first to obtain Chanderi and Kannauj,

The second to become the army adviser and the third in which he must go to Mecca Medina. Assume third thing, Bauram Khan leaves for Madina Mecca on the way and killed by Mubarak Khan Pathan at a place called Patan in Gujarat.

Akbar marries Salima Begum, Boram Khan wife and son Abdurrahim receive higher education. Abdurrahim receives the title of Farjand from Akbar and later this is the title of Abdurrahim eat food and it is included in the nine gems of Mohammad Jalaluddin.

Petticoat Government And Adham Khan

After Bauram Khan’s death comes to the Enaguas regime in which Mohammad Jalaluddin right-hand man, Maham Anaga, was the boss. Our son, Adham Khan, the son of Maham Unga, is an expert in war but has character traits.

Mohammad Jalaluddin makes his first attack against Malwa in 1561 in which he does not go alone, but sends him to Adham. At that time the king of Malwa is Baz Bahadur, who was a lover of music. Tansen also belonged to his court.

When Adham Khan attacks, he captures the capital city of Sarangpur in Malwa and creates massive loot and treats women. Baz Bahadur’s wife, Roopwati, commits suicide to protect her integrity. The tomb of Baz Bahadur and Roopvati is built-in Ujjain.

Adham Khan was Stole from Malwa’s wealth by Aadham Khan hiding him from Mohammad Jalaluddin. Slowly Akbar becomes aware of the ills of Aadham Khan and Maham Anaga, and to avoid this Akbar informs Atanga Khan the Prime Minister.

When Shen Atanga Khan is asking for the money account, Aadham Khan gets angry and kills Atanga Khan and goes to kill Akbar in the harem. See the sword, when the harem women make a noise, Mohammad Jalaluddin dream opens up and Adham Khan is captured by Akbar’s bodyguard.


Mohammad Jalaluddin narrates the punishment for killing Adham Khan from the fort and when Adham Khan is taken down from the fort, he is still suffering, so he is killed again when he falls from the fort. This leaves Mehm Anaga in shock and the petticoat rule comes to an end.

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Akbar Proposal

Akbar sends his envoy to various princely states of Rajput and proposes to accept his subjugation. Almost all the kings have rejected the offer, but Raja Bharatmal of Amber, now known as Jaipur, asked for time to think.

In 1562, when Mohammad Jalaluddin arrives in Ajmer, the dagger of Moinuddin Chisti, King Bharmal asks Akbar to marry his daughter Harka Bai (Jodha Bai). At first, Mohammad Jalaluddin refuses, but then he marries.

Then Amer meets the Mughals and Mohammad Jalaluddin gets the best commander in the form of Bhagavat Dus, son of Raja Bharmal and Man Singh, son of Bhagvat Dus, also remains the best officer in Mohammad Jalaluddin court

In 1564, Gondwana, whose capital is Garkantag, is attacked by Mohammad Jalaluddin. At that time there was no king over Gondwana and Queen Durgavati as a protector. And In this battle, Rani Durgavati fights bravely but is then agreed to with Akbar And Mohammad Jalaluddin subjugation is accepted.

Akbar Title To Jalaluddin

In 1562 slavery was abolished by Mohammad Jalaluddin. So the pilgrim tax was removed in 1563 and the jizya tax in 1564. Because the Jizya tax is a tax collected by a Muslim ruler from the non-Muslim public. Happy with all this, and the non-Muslim public gave the title of Akbar to Jalaluddin Muhammad. Because Mohammad Jalaluddin means great.


Akbar organized the court of Nagaur in 1570 in which many kings accepted the subjection of Akbar but Maharana Pratap of Mewar and Raja Chandrasen of Jodhpur did not accept the subjection of Mohammad Jalaluddin.

Akbar sent four mandates on duty to Maharana Pratap. So First, Jalal Khan, in 1572; second, Mansingh, in 1573; third, Bhagwant Das; Fourth, King Todarmal, but Maharana Ratap was all that adds to say that we do not accept the submission of the Mughals.

Haldighati Battle

The battle of Haldighati takes place in the army of Maharana Pratap and Akbar on June 18, 1576, And when Maharana Pratap does not accept Mohammad Jalaluddin subjection. So In this war, Akbar did not go to Swam but sent the army under the leadership of Mansingh.

Because Maharana horse was called Chetak and his elephant was Ramprasad. In this war, And Chetak climbed onto the trunk of Mansingh elephant because Mansingh falls from the elephant, and in which Chetak is also wounded by a dagger in the elephant.

And When Maharana is surrounded by the Mughal army, Jala Bada tells Maharana Pratap to leave there and Savam begins to fight wearing Maharana Pratap’s crown and eventually Jala is killed even after winning the Mughal soldier in this war.

But He could not rule over Mewar. Therefore, this war is says to be inconclusive

Akbar wanted to subdue Mewar but in his life, Mohammad Jalaluddin was unable to subdue Mewar entirely. And he sent his commander several times to attack Mewar.

The Battle of Kawalgarh in 1578 fights between Mohammad Jalaluddin commander Shahbaz Khan and Maharana Pratap, but even in this war, Akbar was unable to obtain Mewar. And on 1582, Maharana Pratap along with her son Amar Singh invaded Dewar and seized many Mughal states.

Akbar Receives Son

He is not going to have a son, so he goes barefoot to Moinuddin Chishti dagger in Ajmer, but he doesn’t have a son yet. Akbar is Advised by someone to pray at the gate of Fatehpur Sikri Sheikh Salim Chishti Akbar does exactly that and gets a son in 1569, who is also called Akbar Salim.

And The Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri was also built by Mohammad Jalaluddin to commemorate Gujarat victory. So His work began in 1575 and was complete in 1602.

Establishment of the Din-i-Ilahi religion by Akbar

In 1575 Mohammad Jalaluddin built Ibadat Khana in Fatehpur Sikri where people of different religions used to talk about religion, for the first 3 years Islam was only allowed to eat in Islam, but later people of different religions can also visit it.

And Mohammad Jalaluddin influenced by many religions, so the Day-e-Ilahi religion started in 1582, which was a mixture of all religions, and the Ilahi era began in 1583. Only Mahesh Das (Birbal) of Hinduism adopted this religion.

Akbar Nine Gems

  • Birbal (Mahesh Das) considered the wisest person in Mohammad Jalaluddin court. And he died on the Kashmir expedition in 1586 when he was sent to join Yusuf Jaiyo.
  • Tansen (Ramtanu Pandey) This Megh Malhar use to sing very well, it says that when Megh Malhar used to sing it would rain.
  • Raja Todarmal was the Ministry of Finance responsible for them.
  • Mansingh
  • Abudurhim Khane Khana Khana was the son of Bairam Khan who was giving the title of Farzand by Mohammad Jalaluddin. And he translated Tijuk e Babri into Persian.
  • Abul Fazl wrote Ain Mohammad Jalaluddin. And they also inform in many languages.
  • Faizi
  • Hakim Hamam
  • Mesh of onion

John Mildenhall was the first Englishman to arrive in India in 1560. And In 1577, Mohammad Jalaluddin handed over 500 bigha lands to Guru Ramdas of the Shikhas, in which the city of Amritsar is located today.

Mohammad Jalaluddin dies in 1605 due to Pechis (diarrhoea) and Mohammad Jalaluddin grave is located in Secunderabad.


I hope you enjoyed this life story of Akbar. According to me, Akbar is a great man, He respects the all non-Muslim and Muslim people, so Akbar is the great king. His famous thought is: I do not know what America intends to do there next and what will be the reaction of the Iraqi people then. All I know is that the Iraqi people have only one option and to leave Iraq.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Where Akbar was born?

Akbar born Umarkot, Pakistan

Q.2 Are Akbar Birbal stories true?

Yes, Akbar Birbal story is true, if you know more click on Birbal.

Q.3 What is the full name of Akbar?

Full name Akabar is Abu’l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar.

Q.4 At which place Bairam Khan was killed ?

At Patan, when he was proceeding towards Mecca.

Q.5 Between whom and when the battle of Haldighati was fought ?

Between Mughal ruler Akbar and Rajput ruler Rana Pratap Singh. Akbar defeated him in this battle in 1576 AD.

Q.6 In commemoration of which victory Akbar got built “Buland Darwaza” in Fatehpur Sikri?

In commemoration of the victory of Gujarat.

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