5 Best Headphones vs Earphones Which One Is Best In 2020

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Do you want to know headphones vs earphones which one is best? of course yes that’s why you are here. When you buy a smartphone which one is mostly used accessories,

I know you will say adaptor but it is not a useable part it is compulsory for smartphone after that you will say cases,

But again you are wrong with its headphone or earphone and there are very fewer people who bought smartphones only.

So today we will discuss which one is better and I will tell you which headphone or earphone you should buy and what should we check before buying any headphone and earphone.

So don’t worry this is a buying guide for you.

Inside this content

  1. Headphones vs Earphones which one is best
  2. Difference between headphone and earphone
  3. Best gaming headphones under 2000
    3.1. Redgear Hell Scream Professional Gaming Headphones with 7 RGB LED Colors and Vibrations(PC)
    3.2. Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect, Mic and in-line Controller for PC
    3.3. Kotion Each GS410 Headphones
    3.4. Maono AU-A1
    3.5. Cosmic Byte Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED – G4000 Edition (Blue)
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Headphones vs Earphones which one is best

The first and important this is which type of earphone you should you buy, is this comfortable for you which one you are going to buy and how often you use it in the day, week or months. You should decide this first.

So on the basis of your using duration, I will suggest which, kind of earphone you should buy. Is this in earphones or is this over the earphone mean headphone?

As we know earphone are placed inside the ear while headphones are places outside the ears.

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If this question in your mind who should use inear earphone then, listen basically if you use your earphone whole day up to 7 to 8 hours, traveller then this is for you because this is lightweight, easy to handle, and comfortable.

An in-ear earphone, there is not any worried about charging it. It can be used for long-lasting.

While if you are video editor and uses your headphone often sometimes or are you in office and want to experience music their beats, want to cancel outside noise then this is for you.

If you are a long-duration listener then this headphone is not for you because you fell something to put on your head, after sometimes it starts felling to heavy on your head.

Difference between headphone and earphone

I know you are still confused about which is best for you which headphone you should buy. There are too many factors that come it may be your comfort, sound quality, headphone linear size.

You are thinking are they all important in earphones or headphones then yes. As seen most people review headphones has richer sound quality than any in-ear earphone.

So before going to any conclusion let see the following terms.

Earphone is placed inside our ear also known as in-ear earphones. It may be a wired earphone or wireless.

It also comes with a neckband style earphone which delivers active noise cancellation and more comfortable compare to any heavy headphone.

While headphone also comes with wireless or wired. The wireless is chargeable and has to charge.

But I didn’t recommend buying wireless because it connects with the Bluetooth of your device that’s why it reduces sound quality, by the way, its totally your choice.

Overall Guide.

If we combine overall, both have their pros and cons because earphone and headphone have their advantage and disadvantage.

Headphones offer much better and superior sound quality than earphones. Headphones rest on your external ear and don’t seal the auditory surface while earphones are meant to be entered inside the ear.

This will cause partial deafness within the end of the day. Headphones are better than earphones for blocking external noise if you would like to.

Now, earphones are light-weight, easy to use, easy to hold, and portable can be kept in the pocket which isn’t the case with headphones.

You can wear earphones while doing other stuff such as walking, running or maybe at the gym but almost all headphones can get all sweaty and make your earshot.

Earphones are more comfortable if you do not want to mess all together with your hair and earrings. So from the above discussed, we know that headphone is better sound quality than an earphone

Best gaming headphones under 2000

You are searching the best gaming headphone under 2000 in India, well I have a good collection of all these for you. I covered all the best headphones under 2000. As now a day gaming is getting more and more competitive.

So becoming a good online or offline player you must have good quality headphones to experience your game. Good quality headphones give you fell like you are playing the game in real life.

Without good sound quality headphones, it is much difficult to hear enemy noises, footsteps, etc. so without all these we can’t able to locate the position of the enemy.

So gaming headphones will help you better understand the position of the enemy. If you have Apple Smartphone, I hope you would like to buy these top trending Apple Smartwatch

So here I collect some best sound quality Headphones vs Earphones which one is best so that you never miss your gaming experience.

Redgear Hell Scream Professional Gaming Headphones with 7 RGB LED Colors and Vibrations(PC)

I bet you will love the colour quality and solid build of this headphone. This headphone has very soft cushioned headbands and also having soft ear muffs.

Colour: RedSystem Requirements: All Windows
Vibration effectsHeadphone Power Source: Braided Cable with 3.5mm Plug
Cord Length : 2.1 meterssensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB
Driver Diameter: 50 mmimpedance: 2.2kohm
Impedance: 32 ohmOperating current: Below 100 mA

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect, Mic and in-line Controller for PC

It has 7.1 Virtual surround sound for best gaming experience and for all kinds of games.

It also has Noise cancellation to reduce noise and noise cancellation mic to avoid disturbance and reduce noise. LED effect on the Earcups also on the tip of the microphone

Only PC CompatibleComfortable fit
USB: – Audio in and Audio out7.1 surround system
Impedance: 1kHz/32ΩComes with 1 year warranty
Sensitivity: 103±3dBAdjustable
Manufacturer Detail: Redwood InteractiveNoise cancellation

Kotion Each GS410 Headphones

If you are looking for your budget-friendly headphone for enhancing your gaming experience then you should try this headphone with Mic and for PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPhone, and Android Phones compatible.

Its blue color gives a superior look, this is the best budget-friendly gaming headphone. Its build quality is very good and ear cushions give you superior comfort to wear and due to the best cushion quality your ear would not hurt.

You can hear good sound in it. Its sound quality is excellent, you can hear very clear footsteps of the enemy while you play Pubg like games. This comes with a 3.0 mm jack.

Primary kind of gaming headsetDeep Bass
listening musicFlexible microphone
Soft cushion3.5mm Jack
guarantee hours of gaming comfortmic with great sensitivity
elivers clear soundadjustable length hinges

Maono AU-A1

I can bet this is the best gaming headphone among all for gaming purposes under 2000. Crystal clear sound, superior comfort great design. Have a look below the table.

Crystal stereo soundOmni-directional microphoneKey microphone mute
Deep strong bassnoise-cancellingButton on volume control
Splendid ambient noise isolationgreat sensitivityHigh tensile strength
Precision 40 mm magnetic neodymium driverSupport PCMulti-points head beam
Superior comfort2.1meters cable Long cable
Heat sweat, skin friendly3.5mm poleSupport PSP, Tablet etc

Cosmic Byte Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED – G4000 Edition (Blue)

The sound quality is superb. you’ll use this headphone for enjoying online multiplayer games. you’ll hear the footsteps of enemies very easily in games easily and very easily kill them before they even notice you

perfect for playing gamesLED light
Soft cushion head-padfashionable and stunning
Soft cushion ear-pad3.5mm stereo
Flexible microphoneVery comfortable to wear.
great sensitivityNoise cancellation


I did the best of my research and found all these Best Headphones vs Earphones which one is best in under 2000 that’s why I’m recommending you to buy any among them and it totally depends upon you what specifications you want.

By the way, I cover here all the specifications here so I think you would not need to do any further research and also give you the basic concept of which Best Headphones vs Earphones which one is best and inear is best or over the ear.

So I hope you would like this post, and imp itty sure you got your answer regarding your quarries.


1. Which is more harmful earphones or headphones?

Using of earphones and headphones doesn’t harm our ear but excessive use of earphones and headphones does, that’s why I shared collection of headphones for you. Here I also guided you which one is best for your ear.

2. Headphones vs earphones what is the difference?

Well, I explained very detail in this blog, difference between Headphone vs Earphones and also guided for you best headphones in the market for listening music, playing games and much more.

3. Which Is Best Headphone or Earphone?

I suggest my best in above section of this article, which is best and why. So you should check once.

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