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Brain Fingerprinting and it’s illegal in 2020

Brain Fingerprinting is a technique used to determine scientifically what is a store or not in a particular brain.

This all depends on facial expression, a human’s response in about any question and Yes, It is Illegal in 2020


  1. Introduction.
  2. The Technique of Brain Fingerprinting.
    1. MERMER technique
    2. Scientific procedure technique
    3. Computer Controlled technique
  3. Advantage
  4. Limitations
  5. Applications
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ



It is a technique used to detect concealed information stored in the brain by human expression and brain-behavior. and Their field called criminology and then next a doctor to determine who is lying by their expressions.

This technique machine is developed by a new DR. B. S. Farwell chief scientist and president of human brain research and laboratory in the US (united states).

He is told their name is “Frain Fingerprinting” and their technique name is called “Brain Fingerprinting Technique and also called machine technique”.

After that this technique/machine is tested on criminals who very much lie. and ten Their main region is that by this machine we are tartar him to speed truth and by this machine,

We can also determine (by based on provides very big data) by his expressions and their touches spencer. And also this test name is called a polygraph test.

This test is passed by criminals then introduces the new technique to take facts is call brain webs technique. It is measuring the response to a visual or audio stimulus.

You can also chake Graphology

Technique and how it works:

There are many techniques to determine to he is lying or telling the truth. I am going to tell some important techniques to determine whether or not the subject telling lying or telling the truth.

MERMER technique:


Firstly, Brain Fingerprint technique or method based on an electric signal which is known as MERMER.

It is a controversial proposed investigative technique that measuring electrical brain wave responses to words, phrases, or pictures that are presented on the computer screen.

Secondly, This MERMER farewell discovered the P-300 MERMER (“memory and Encoding related mutated multifaceted Electroencephalographic Response”)

This is similar to the Guilty Knowledge Test. The Guilty knowledge test is a series of the word and series of sound or a series of pictures are present by a Computer.

Then the target is chosen relevant information to the test object and used to force brain responsible for information that is insignificant to the subject in this context.

Some off the non-target is relevant to the situation, probes, are reverent to the test and significant to the subject, and also will elicit a MERMER, signifying that the subject has understood that stimuli to be significant.

A brain is locking the information, this technique uses the well-known fact that is electric signal and we are known as P300 is emitted from an individual’s brain approximately 300 milliseconds after it is confronted with a stimulus of special significance.

Then we wait for a P300 response related to the crime in question E.g. a murder weapon or a victim’s face because this is based on the EEG signal. The system does not respond to this issue in verbal response to questions or stimuli.

Finally, This is depending on brain response not depends on the evocation’s response. Brain fingerprinting is fundamentally different from the polygraph (lie Doctor), this is mastered based signal on heart ret, sweating, and blood pressure.

In this met herd or this technique, we can determine whether or not the subject is lying or he is telling truth.

Scientific procedure technique:

Siencetific technique

The scientific procedure technique is going to test the following procedure. and A sequence of word pictures and a sequence of the word and next is sound these all present through a computer who specially design for this type of testing.

If we have caught any criminal after that we are going inside some fair after that we are going to testing on this subject.

These all approximal are the same but also After these tests performed by this computer. and most of the non-target stimuli are irrelevant reacting to the other.

Then all are the relevant stimuli are referred to us probes information relevant to the crime.

For the subject with the investigated situation, the probes are note is noteworthy due to that knowledge, and hence the probes elicit a MERMER indicating information present after that.

All information store in the brain after these crime tested is relevant to the victim then only known the who tested this technique then information present indicates an informed affiliation with the group in question.

Computer Controlled technique:

Computer Contoral Technique

These types of Brain Fingerprinting system are under control by computer and also including presented of stimuli.

Firstly All are recorded by the computer. And secondly These all three types of stimuli and recording of the brain. and then These data are amylases by an algorism of mathematical data.

Finally, It is all determined the information present and determined the confidence level these all process is presented and recorded without any intemperance by computer and system expert affect the presentation or the result of the stimulus presentation.

Advantage of this Technology:

  1. Identify criminals quickly and scientifically
  2. The record is 100.00% accuracy.
  3. Brain fingerprinting also has an advantage in comparison to witness testimony.
  4. Identify terrorists and members of gangs, criminal, and intelligence organizations.
  5. Reduce the evasion of justice.
  6. Access criminal evidence in the brain.
  7. Fingerprints and DNA, through accurate and highly, can only be collected in approximately 1% of all criminal cases the brain is always there
  8. Human rights-oriented.

Limitations of this Technology:

Brain fingerprinting detects information processing brain responses that reveal what information stored in the subject’s brain. It does not duct how that information got there, be it a witness or a perverter.

Brain fingerprinting is only deducting information and not then intent. The fact that the suspect knows the uncontested fact of the circumstance does not tell us which party’s version of the intent is correct.

Brain fingerprinting is not applicable for general screening for example in general pre-employment or employee screening any number of undesirable activities or intentions may be relevant.

Brain fingerprinting is not a substitute for effective investigation on the part of the investigator or commons and good judgment on the part of the judge jury.


  1. To carry national Threats
  2. In any crime or terrorist act, the brain of the perpetration is always there – planning, executing, and recording the crime.
  3. There may or may not be other kinds of evidence.
  4. Brain fingerprinting technology can identify the perpetrators and planners of terrorist acts by detecting the record stored in the brain.
  5. Also, it could be used to identify trained terrorists.


Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary new scientific technology for solving, identifying predators, and exonerating innocent suspects, with a record of 99% accuracy in research with US government agencies, actual criminal cases, and other applications.

Thus, fingerprinting is a promise to a future void of tampered evidence or as a definite short at humanitarians’ peace.

How to chake any persone is guilty or not.

  1. A: First of all chake the who is committed the crime

    Who is committed the crime or suspect is tested by looking at three kinds of information represented by different colors lines

  2. Chake Red webs

    Red: Information the suspect is expected to know it arises due to target type stimulus.

  3. Chake Green webs

    Green: Information not to suspect. The irrelevant stimuli are responsible for this type of brain waves.

  4. Chake Blue webs

    Blue: Information about the crime that the only perpetrators would know. This occurs due to probes.

  5. Step of GULTI

    GUILTY: The suspect is GUILTY because the blue and red lines closely correlate, the suspect has critical knowledge of the crime.

  6. Step of Not GUILTY

    Not GUILTY: The suspect is not GUILTY because the blue and green line closely correlates the suspect does not have critical knowledge of the crime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a Basic technique of brain Fingerprinting?

A: Brain fingerprinting uses brain waves to test memory. A crime suspect is given words or image is only known by the police or the person who committed the crime.

Q: What is the block Diagram of Brain Fingerprinting?

A: First of all, we are sowing similar type of some picture or word or sound and after that triggers neurons of the brain (Stimulus) and after that, these all generate the brain waves,

It gnarly has P300 after that Electrical potentials accumulate in the brain by and any technique, (some important technique discusses on the above) this time.
We work on the MERMER technique than these all headgear fitted with electrodes placed on the scalp then generate P300 -MERMER (a scalp ERP EEG).
These all measures brainwaves then this technique generates anlage signals like EEG amplifier then these all data feed into a computer and study the data using computer program after that we are found GUILTY or NOT GUILTY.

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