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Future Technology: 10 Technologies That is Going to Change Our Life.

Remember those days, when we used a camera with a reel to take a picture. we used a noisy typewriter to write anything. Remember, we used an STD telephone which cannot be moved, to make a call. But the scene has changed now. Today we can take a photo, we can type letters, also we can make a call from anywhere, anytime using a single device which is called a mobile phone. 

At that time, we have not imagined that this time would also come but with the continuous improvement in technology, we have achieved this moment. The process of innovation and development of technology has not been stopped yet. Technology has a massive growth from the last few decades especially on Information technology and is also going to have amazing growth in future. Today scientists have successfully built supercomputers to quantum computers. In future, we are going to see the unbelievable technological miracle. Here, we are going to discuss some of the future technology.  

We are going to cover these future technology:

  1. Hyperloop
  2. 5G internet
  3. Artificial Neurons
  4. Self-Driving Cars
  5. 3D Printers
  6. Space Exploration and Space Tourism
  7. Cyborg
  8. Humanoid Robots
  9. Robotic Antibodies
  10. Genetic Fortune Teller
  11. Conclusion
  12. Frequently Asked Questions


imagine you can travel thousands of kilometres in just one hour. Isn’t it fascinating? Yes, of course, it is fascinating and It could be the future of our transportation system. Hyperloop transportation was first introduced by Elon Musk in 2012. It is the technology in which passengers travel in the pods inside the partially vacuumed steel tubes at very high speed. 

It is based on two general principles of physics, magnetic levitation and air resistance. Magnetic levitation helps to move the pods in the tunnel using a magnetic force. Reducing the air resistance by making the tunnel vacuumed gives it high speed. 

Today’s fastest bullet train has a speed of approximately 431 km/h but it is considered that hyperloop can touch the speed of 1200 km/h. Companies like Virgin Hyperloop One has already started work on this project. This future technology will be going to revolutionize the transportation system.

A future technology hyperloop.

5G mobile networks

Fifth-generation mobile network or 5G networks is another big future technology. Currently, we are using 4G LTE networks in general. Now, it is considered that fifth-generation networks will be 10 times faster and can handle 1000 times more traffic and data than the 4G LTE network.

The fun fact of 5G networks is that the maximum speed of this network will be going to be 20 Gbps. That’s enough to download 10-12 movies in a second. Now you can imagine how fast it will be. The traffic on the internet is increasing day by day and people need fast internet. So, the 5G network is the best alternative for the current internet. Currently, it is in the developing stage and soon it will be in the market. Check out the detailed blog of 5G network.

 Artificial Neurons

For the very first-time scientist have been successful to attach artificial neuron into the silicon chip, imitating the neurons in our nervous system and copying their electronic properties.
This future technology can be used to improve the nervous system and to cure the disease like Alzheimer’s and heart failure in future.

A picture is showing a brain with a electrical circuit.

Self-Driving Cars

We all have seen automated cars without drivers in the movies. But it actually going to be the future of our cars. The driverless car is a very interesting concept which is currently trending among the cars company. Many car companies are trying to build a perfect driverless car. Currently, the driverless car is in the stage of a prototype. Some of the companies have made them but they are not perfect yet. Among the companies, Elon Musk’s Tesla is one of them.

Driverless cars have high sensor cameras inside and outside cars which help to navigate the road and other cars and prevent from a collision.

These types of cars are especially helpful for those people who are old and who can’t drive. These cars are still developing and companies are making them more secure. More development in future technology will make these cars safer and companies will take them in the market for commercial use for everyone.

 3D Printers

3-D printing is the technology of making anything using computer and machine without any human effort. 3-D printers are going to be the future of the manufacturing industry. We have achieved some of the success in the field of 3-D printing, but still, it has more to develop. Currently, we are using 3-D printers in the manufacture of jewellery and gift industry but in future, we can able to make huge buildings, bridges and many architectural monuments.

a picture is showing 3-D printers.

Commercial Space Exploration and Space Colonization

Space travelling is always been a fascinating subject. Till on today’s date, only national space organizations like NASA are sending humans to the outer space. But can you have imagined about the commercial space exploration? Also, can you ever have imagined colonizing a new planet? Well, that might be the virtual things for you but it could be the reality of the future.

Different companies are trying to build technology for commercial space travelling. It might be quite expensive but it will be adventurous. Also, Space X, a company of Elon Musk, is working on the way to colonize Mars until the year 2040 and trying to build up enough technology to colonize Mars. Well, that is just a proposed idea but if it would be the reality then human life is going to change drastically. It is possible that development in future technology will make it possible at a comfortable price.

space shuttle in the space


Did you watch 2019’s action/sci-fi movie Alita: Battle Angel? It was an amazing movie based on cyborg human. Cyborg means the combination of human and machine. It sounds too unrealistic but also fascinating.

But this future technology could be the reality in future. Currently, scientists are working on this subject and have got some success in it. Scientists are able to develop the human parts like hands, legs which can be fitted on disable people so they can do their work properly.

The sensors in that machinery parts, get neuro-sense from the mind through the skin which helps to work them. In future, it is going to progress and maybe other parts of the human body can be replaced by machine as shown in movies.

Humanoid Robots

You may have watched lots of robotic movies, where robots are just like humans. They can talk like a human, they can walk, think and even they can think like humans. Those robots are called humanoid robots.

 What if I told you that this could be our future? It sounds stupid but it is true that we have already built a humanoid robot. The most advance human-robot in the existing world is Sofia. Sofia is a humanoid female robot who can give an answer to the questions asked with proper gesture and body posture. 

This robot is not so advance robot but, we are doing great achievement in technology and AI which make robotics a pillar of future technology. Sooner and later, this will be the reality that robots will also be like humans. 

three different humanoid robots which are the future technology.

Robotics Antibodies

In many sci-fi movies, it has been showing that they inject micro robots in their body which give them more power and can cure the disease they are suffering from. What if this actually happens in future? It will totally change the current scenario of health sectors. You should know that scientist of the University of Vermont, has successfully made living microrobots. These are the hybrid robots made using stem cells from frog embryos. And it is believed that one day it can float on human blood to cure diseases.

similarly, other different experiments are going on. This is still in the developing phase but scientists are trying harder to make it possible as soon as possible. If this future technology becomes successful then we should have better health care and longer life.

An info graphic showing different types of future technology which we can see on near future.

 Genetic Fortune Teller

Now, there will be the time when a baby born and he will receive a report card of his future. That report card will not be any ordinary report card but his DNA report card which shows his intelligence, IQ, probability of getting diseases like a heart attack or cancer, getting hocked on drugs etc. After that, we can take certain action to prevent that child from that disease.

Basically, this future technology analyzes the pattern of genes to make calculations and create a polygenic score which will predict the probabilities to obtain major diseases.  Now, this technology must need to be more advanced to predict precise results. Currently, it is on the research state but in future, we will definitely witness the genetic fortune-teller as our great health advancement. This technology is incredibly going to change the scenario of future technology.


To conclude this blog, in this blog we have learned about the future of technology. We have discussed ten technologies that are very interesting which are going to available for common people in the near future. These technologies will definitely change the way of living of people. Those technologies are hyperloop, 5G internet, humanoid robots, 3D printers etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Machine Replace Humans in Future?

Robots are the future of humans. Many people believe that they replace human but many also believe that they wouldn’t replace humans but they serve the human. We can say that they cannot completely replace humans but many works which need very hard work can be replaced by machines in future.

2. Relation of Future Technology and Artificial Intelligence

The future technology all depend on the development of information technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has a significant contribution to developing future technology. Whether the technology of self-driving cars or the technology of artificial neurons, AI is used everywhere. So, there’s a great correlation between artificial intelligence and future technology. 

3. What is a Technological Singularity?

Technological singularity is a hypothetical point of time in future, where technological advancement become uncontrollable and irreversible which result in an unpredictable change in human civilization. It is just a hypothetical concept. Nobody knows whether it could really happen or not. Also, many people believe that with the continuous changes and advancement in technology can bring us into the technological singularity where machines are very much developed and intelligent than human beings. Future technology will decide whether it could happen or not.

4. Will Robots rule humans in future?

Currently, AI and robots are in the developing stage. Ruling human by robots is a hypothetical concept. Many philosophical persons believe that continuous development in robotics and AI can make robots more powerful and they can rule on human but in other hand many others also believe that it is not possible for robots to rule human. Time will show what will happens but for now it is just a hypothetical concept.


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