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10 Best Hacking Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Not every time one can be focused on his aim but what if one can get entertained with his aim. Yes, This statement means that if you are trying to get some entertainment then why not try to get entertained with the movies that are associated with your aim and dream.

This can also help you in achieving your aim as well as this can make you realize what type of things you should avoid and what are the things that need to be adapted for your career.

What Do We Have For You

  1. Movie List
  2. Movie Description And Learning Outcome
  3. The Matrix (1999)
  4. Hacker (2016)
  5. The Girl With Dragon Tattoo (2011)
  6. Zero Days (2016)
  7. Secret History Of Hacking (2001)
  8. Office Space (1999)
  9. Who Am I (2014)
  10. 23 (1998)
  11. Live Free Or Die Hard (2007)
  12. Sneaker (1992)
  13. Some Other movies related to hacking
  14. Conclusion
  15. FAQ

Movie List 

The movies here are arranged according to the rating given to them on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

The movie that comes to the list according to ratings given on IMDB is:

Movie NameYearIMDB RatingRotten Tomatoes
The Matrix19998.787%
The girl with dragon tattoo20117.888%
Zero days20167.891%
Secret history of hacking20017.789%
Office Space19997.780%
Who am I20147.692%
Live Free or Die Hard 20077.182%

Movies Description And Learning Outcome

1- The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action movie directed by The Wachowskis. Neo is a computer programmer and hacker, he is always confused about his reality sometimes he thinks he is a robot, sometimes he thinks human but the reality is beyond his imagination.

Neo is targeted by police and Neo thinks he is the saver of the world so he decides to take revenge from machines.

Learning Outcome

Our truth have many different layers of truth, The deeper is the truth, The larger is a revelation.

We can make several new realities if we see the truth.

If you Overcome the inner selves, you overcome the external world.

Sometimes the biggest fight of our lives is with ourselves only.

2- Hacker (2016)

A hustler who lefts his family and move to another city, There he tries to hack some websites and cards the expensive products but fails to sell them, there he meets a guy name sye.

FBI is behind Mr. Z. Then both of them worked together and further move ahead, after some of their actions on the dark web, Z notices them and a girl named Kiara joins them. Kiara and the hustler boy fall in love. And due to breach hustler is arrested by the FBI.

Learning Outcome

– Never trust anyone easily, Somehow you don’t know why have they come to your life and what are they gonna take from you.

– Believe in yourself, No one is better than you.

– Traces of your foot on paths can be a reason for the hanger in your neck.

3- The Girl With Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Girl With dragon tattoo

A disgraced journalist is asked to write a biography on an industrialist’s family. But they want a journalist to find the girl who has disappeared 40 years ago.

The journalist is not at all interested in the biography but when the industrialist offers him that he will clear his name from records then the Journalist agrees. After a long investigation, the journalist concludes that the missing report of it has to do something with serial killings that took place 20 years ago the kidnapping of a girl.

So to move ahead in the investigation, he asks for a research assistant. The industrialist’s man suggests Lisbeth Salander, a talented hacker who does background checks for them. From her work journalist is impressed so, he asks her to work with him.

Learning Outcome:

– A badass pro hacker also leaves some clue behind him, You just need to find that to catch him.

– Love is never dead, it always grows never extinct.

– Your work makes you successful not your name.

– Money is worth nothing if you don’t have your loved ones with you.

4 – Zero Days (2016)

American and Israeli working together to develop a malware Stuxnet. It is developed to destroy Iranian enrichment centrifuges and to threaten attacks against Iranian civilian infrastructure.

5- Secret History Of Hacking (2001)

The secret history of hacking is the documentation movie that focuses on the lives of John Draper, Steve Wozniak, and Kevin Mitnick each of them are featured in the documentary, and additionally features comments from others.

6- Office Space (1999)

Three company workers who are tired of their jobs and they decide to rebel against their greedy boss. Then one of them visits a hypnotherapist, who dies just after putting Peter into a state of complete bliss.

Peter knew that his girlfriend is cheating on him though he goes to the hypnotherapist. After complete bliss, now he is free of worrying about making a living, he no longer feels the need to keep his job as the company is going through a massive downsizing.

However, his new attitude makes him a more valuable employee in the company’s consultant’s eyes. Peter’s and his friends Michael and Samir schemes to plant a virus inside Initech’s computer system that will send some amount from each transaction into Peter’s bank account.

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Learning Outcome:

Whenever you try to get someone’s money make sure that the victims do not suffer from a lot of drastic changes in his life.

7- Who Am I (2014)

Story of a young german hacker who is not treated well by his schoolmates. Later he joins a pizza company and serves as a pizza delivery boy. Thereafter for helping his crush anonymously.

He hacks into the university server for stealing exam papers but he was caught and there in the prison he meets a man who seeks him into hacking.

Thereafter he joins them and hacks many things like medical company, news channels, and many more things. But they work as a non-profitable hacker.

Later max wanted appreciation from his biggest idol Mr. X but he didn’t get it and later in a fight with his friends. Benjamin sends some important data related to friends group to Mr. X and they all meet a drastic situation.

Learning Outcome:

– If you are best in hacking then,never do it for free.

– Love and Career are both the opposite poles of a magnet. So focus on 1 thing first and then move on to another.

– Not every hacking can be done just by sitting behind a wall. For some, you have to come forward.

– Everyone sees what they wanted to see. So no need to disclose your secret or truth.

– You are always invisible, No one is watching you.

8- 23 (1998)

The movie 23’s plot is based upon a young group of hackers from Germany. In the 1980s the orphan Karl Koch invests in a flat and a home computer.

At the start, he dials a bulletin board to discuss conspiracy theories on ‘ILLUMINATI’ and after some time he and his friends start breaking government and military systems.

9- Live Free Or Die Hard (2007)

Someone hacks into the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division Computers. Director decides to collect all the hackers who could have done this. So he instructs them to get local hackers to take care of it.

One of the cops asks John McClane to bring a hacker named Farrell to the FBI. And when McClane arrives in Washington that the whole system breaks down.

10- Sneaker (1992)

It is the story of a security expert who has been flagged as a hacker and is falsely charged for stealing the government data.

He renames himself and now works as a waged hacker and steals things. His next task is the whole story, in which he has to steal the box which can solve any problem.

But the box he steals gets in the wrong hands and he is charged for murder also. He and his friends try to backtrack the path and get into the place where the box is kept.


Learning Outcome:

– If you are disabled, any of your body parts is falsely accused of something that does not matter at all, You have to e dedicated towards your aim.

– If you think you are on the wrong path then definitely you should change the way to success.

Anonymous – 6.9, The dreamer – 6.8, Eagle Eye – 6.6, Swordfish – 6.5, Takedown – 6.3, Hackers – 6.3, Untraceable – 6.2, Fifth Estate – 6.2, Micky virus – 6.0, Firewall – 5.8

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These movies are related to hacking but have been rated less than 7.0 on IMDB so I have not included these on the list but these movies also have learning concepts so, I suggest you if you have time and you are trying to entertain yourself then, you should also go for these movies.


The movies listed above are highly encourageable for new learners. Tools and Techniques used in the fictions and Movies may help you to develop your own set of toolkit.


Can these movies be watched with family?

Yes, All the movies are fine to watch with family.

Are these movies based on real life?

Yes, Many of them are based on real life.

The technology used in the movies exists?

Yes, all the technology exists. Some might be imaginable but almost all the technology used for hacking exists in real world.


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