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You know people always admire those who recently lose weight!! And the first-ever god damn thing!! that’s come to their mind is “HOW HARD HE WORKED TO BURN FAT OR TO GET THIS WEIGHT LOSS GOAL” but you know what! It’s the easiest thing to do when it comes to sports or the health & fitness industry!. You know why!!!

Let me tell you those secrets that every “Dietician” every “Trainer” every single  “Coach” out there uses it as of like a last sure shot weapon that always works no matter what.

I know you might be wondering a lot and your brain kind of storming like crazy. That how I know all this information!! right!? for that sake let me tell you

burn fat


I was the one who used to be very fat there was the pizza like crust my lower belly and my chest of seems like small tents in the t-shirt, 

But one day when I decided that I don’t want to be in the body. That I am in right now, from that day I started searching on the internet at home “can I change your body” there are a lot and a lot of suggestions out there and I applied most of them,

but none of them work. Because I was looking for the SOLUTIONS, not for the CAUSE, actually what I am trying to say here is I am not educating myself to transform my body.

 I don’t have that much money yeah! really I can’t afford a trainer or a dietitian. So I know I have to educate myself to get rid of all the fat lying inside of my body. I purchase a lot of books, courses on Udemy,

I started following a lot of people on YouTube  &  on Instagram Who talk about fitness related education. You have to educate yourself

That should be your very first step To start transforming your body. So there are all the things here below step by step that what you need to learn.

What’s in it for me

How and when our bodies started to Utilizing the fat as Energy?

First and foremost we need to understand something which actually happened inside into our body on a daily basis!! So there’s the hormone called


It’s the hormone that releases into your body when you eat something, no matter what.

Actually it is the hormone that is responsible for taking the nutrients from the bloodstream to the cell and tissue of our body. You can say it a fat-storage hormone also.

So we have to be insulin sensitive not the insulin resistive. Because if you are one of those you’ll going to be in a very hard time in losing weight or burning fat.

There are some of the symptoms of being an insulin resistant,

  • Feeling good after eating carbohydrates
  • Brain fog(sometimes your brain stop working on your motor skills)
  • Want something after eating!!!(generally for sweet)
  • Need a nap after lunch or dinner
  • Worse eyesight

The first question comes that how to reduce Insulin. So that the first barrier which is standing into our path we’ll step that aside by

Cut carbohydrate from the diet

but that doesn’t mean that you evacuate the carbs in such a crazy amount. Just do it by 25% first from the diet you consume in general. We’ll talk about it later in-depth here how we can do it.

Avoid combining sugar with protein

Because when you eat protein the amino acid chains tend to raise the insulin and the sugar will go easily into the cells of the body and become fat very easily.

Lean protein

burn fat diet
food dish prepared from protein rich foods

is very good for those who do resistance training or any sort of cardiovascular training. If you are not doing anything then you should avoid consuming it.

Stress is responsible for most of our problems

In us. Because it leads to the release of the cortisol hormone and cortisol will tell your brain that you are hungry.

Too frequent meals

you should avoid eating frequently. I know there are a lot of people who advise eating every 2-3 hours if you wanna build muscle or especially in loose fat. So that your metabolism can boost up and you can do fat loss but that a complete myth and a lot of science prove it wrong.


How effortless intermittent fasting for burn fat

plays the biggest role in suppressing the Insulin level down. You can start doing by 12 hours of fasting and go up to 24-48-78 hours of water fast but you don’t need to do it to at this level, this is prolonged fasting,

you can start your week with 12 hours of fast and 12 hours of eating window then week by week you can increase one hour and go up 18-24 hours max as a beginner.

I want to introduce you to the enzyme which is directly related to fat loss. Even you can say that it is epicenter of fat loss and that is

Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL)

You might be thinking that why I’m telling you all of these things.

But trust me if you understand this you can literally apply on to yourself, so back to the point

HSL is the intercellular neutral lipase that is capable of hydrolyzing a variety of easter. !! sounds complicated? In simple words it is a specific enzyme that really pushes the fat loss to occur. Just remember this as of fat-burning hormone. And the next is


Glucagon is also the hormone that encourages the breakdown of protein and fats and releases glucagon,

It releases when you are not eating. Just consider it as of like in this way it comes out in the absence of Insulin,

So that means when glucagon and insulin have the inverse relation. And there are some




nor Epinephrine

these Catecholamines release from our body when we get nervous or in a caloric deficit(eating less) or when we’re working out or fasting during these tasks our body tends to have these catecholamines in abundance.

So here’s the main part comes but before that guys I’m trying my best to keep things simple as possible so that so can understand properly but if you wanna know in-depth please tell in in the comment section I would love to make another in-depth blog on this topic.

Back to the topic In conjunction with Glucagon these catecholamines active the Hormone-sensitive lipase(HSL)  which is the epicenter of burning fat.

So then let’s understand the fats a little bit, I know it’s becoming boring but trust me it’ll worth it, We have storage form of fat call called


It is 3 fatty acid molecules that are bound to the glycerol backbone, it just 3 pieces of fat bound to a bag pack. A lot of triglyceride store in adipose tissue (in the abdominal area)

So from here now there are two stages of breaking down these triglycerides into energy, the first is Lipolysis: In this process these triglycerides come out of the storage form, here’s the quick tip: fasting is the most powerful at liberating fats out of storage form.

And the second step is where you actually burn fat by doing any kind of resistance or cardiovascular training

This is the last topic now then you gonna know an outer layer of how the stored fat on our stubborn areas like abdominal, chest, glutes, face, and other parts of the body.

So after we liberate those 3 fatty acids(triglyceride) there’s something called


comes into the equation it is just little proteins that hang out from the droplets if the fats (simply there’s job is to protect the fat from utilizing into energy).

Remember we have the abundance of adrenaline and epinephrine when we don’t some kind of push or pull training or any kind of cardio, then this epinephrine (when you working out) comes and goes to something called “Protein Kinase A”

don’t worry I am not gonna tell you what it just takes it as this Protein kinase A takes this perilipin out of the equation, these are the cops if the considering perilipin as a thief.

And then the road is clear for the Hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), it goes to the fat cells into the mitochondria (the power house of the cell) and then you know the ATP(adenosine tri phosphate) which is responsible for releasing the energy inside the cell becomes ADP(adenosine di phosphate) into the blood stream

and it goes to the lungs and after oxidizing with oxygen it becomes energy. So that’s it guys,

I cut a lot of things down the road but it is the simplest way out there that you can get on this whole internet.

So now we know a lot of things like how the fat burn into our body but now what should I do like practically?!! GOOD QUESTION! the answer is Start dieting!!!

Fat loss diet plan

burn fat loss diet

I’m not telling you that all other diets out there is wrong but if you can do it daily then it’s not for you because fat loss is not the sprint it’s the marathon where you see results slowly!! So after trying a lot of diets

I will tell you a variety of diet you name it keto, low carb, high carb, paleo, Atkins, vegan, classic, carb cycling. I’ve tried everything and the best one is which one you can follow and enjoy as well throughout the journey.

These two of the diet which is followed by a lot of people and get great results in a reasonable amount of time.

Low carb diet

It is the diet that you can apply for putting your insulin down to some degree so the chances of storing fat go down in probability, so you can go to another blog where I’ve shown you how to set up your diet link is in down to the website.

Keto diet

It is the diet you can see the fastest results in your fat loss journey, actually, it’s a high-fat diet actually got fat here what I’m talking about and you can go to the link where I’ve shown you how to set up the diet in-depth. And you can follow the intermittent fasting so you can get the result at a very high rate!!!

The side effects of burning fat

There are a lot of side effects of losing weight too quickly because fat does not burn that quick and if you’re losing weight too quick like 1.5 kg – 3 kg/week

that means you’re having some problem with him like eating too low calories and

doing workout and cardio or might be you’re having some serious problem with your health in general, the optimal rate of losing weight is ½ kg /week or 0.5lbs/week

it is how you can encounter fat not the muscles because your body is the sum of all the fat, bones, fluids, muscles.

And if you’re loosing too quick that means you’re not burning fat you’re losing muscle with as well and you might don’t want that.

Fat burning exercise for the belly

There is no specific exercise for burning fat from one area, you can’t just evacuate the fat form just one part of the body!! You just have to understand that if you want to lose weight and look good 

so you have to work on your whole body posture and yeah!! That’s the fat and there’s no one out there tells you the truth! , they always tell you that do this exercise and you can lose belly fat and you can lose this fat but the reality is if you wanna look good then you have to do what lean people do, they do gyming and do cardio or calisthenics a lot,

and that’s the god damn truth dear friend, you have to pay the price for what you want there’s no short cut, so now dig into it and you can follow my home exercises for just get your hands dirty into the fitness community, just click on to it and you’ll be there


So the main conclusion is that you can transform your body into the complete different equation by educating yourself and apply in practice, but the question is all up to you are you willing to put the work what it needs to have,

I understand the feeling of getting fail again and again but you’re because you don’t want to give up, just apply the practical knowledge and you’ll get whatever you want from life in general.

Do some aerobic exercise, strength training (lifting weights) with a couple of extra pounds so that the heart rate will get elevated because this is essential for losing fat. for the diet, perspective eats some healthy fats and the green tea to keep the metabolic rate a bit higher and it burns more calories or loses fat fast.


Where is exercise and diet which I can follow?

You can click on the subheading of the diet and the exercise and that will take you to the diet and in the workout

How to set up my diet for me?

Click on the diet subheading and that will take you to the page where you can get the diet.

what burn the most fat?

With the help of diet we can create a large deficit and can enhance it by doing resistant training or cardiovascular activity but the general recommendation will be resistant training(weight lifting or calisthenics) combining both can create a large caloric deficit and can help lose weight easily.

How to apply the science of fat loss?

You know now that how the fat loss process works so after that you can check the given list of taking insulin down.

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

there’s no specific exercise to burn fat on the targeted muscle or area, the full-body split will work the best for the beginners.


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