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How to Do a Project on Electricity Generation through Speed Breaker

Can we do a project on Electricity Generation through Vehicles on speed breaker? What it requires? What steps to follow for doing this project? Yes, we can do this project by following the below simple steps.

As we know that Electricity is one if the basic need of our society. Household devices, Huge machines, Electric Vehicles and iot based Automatic Controllers, etc need Electricity to do their respective work.

In addition to this uses, there is a system to generate power.

Whenever the vehicle moves over the inclined plates, it gains height resulting in increase in potential energy.

By converting potential energy generated by a vehicle while going up on a speed breaker into rotational kinetic energy. Electricity can be generated.

What’s in for me

  1. Introduction (Reverse Engineering–Selection and reassembling of artifacts)
  2. Preparation of canvases using Design Thinking based on reverse engineering exercise
  3. Feedback analysis with users
  4. Summary of the learning from Reverse Engineering activity 
  5. Finding Prior Art research
  6. Basic pre design calculation
  7. Fast-prototype model
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

let’s start

Introduction based on Reverse Engineering

For doing any project first we have to Reverse Engineering. It is also called back engineering.

In general it is a process where a man-made project is de-constructed. For the purpose of extracting knowledge from the project.

Here it’s important to realize that we are going to use the rolling mechanism of the speed breaker.

Whenever any vehicle passes the speed breaker. Then the speed breaker automatically rotates due to the friction between them.

This rotating speed breaker is coupled with generator through the chain-sprocket arrangement.

Furthermore due to the rotation of shaft of generator, the electricity is generated.

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Preparation of canvas on product development

Secondly, for doing a project we have make a project canvas. By developing this canvas, the steps will become clear to us. Above all it will work as our road map.

Development canvas for Project on Electricity Generation through Speed Breaker

Let’s figure out, which things we have to take include in our product development canvas.


Our purpose is to generate electricity from waste energy by means of speed breaker.


Peoples associated with this project are project team, vehicle riders and road authorities.


Our Ultimate product will be a Rolling speed breaker.


Various components involved in this projects are Roller, chain, sprocket, bearings, Generator and a battery.

Customer revalidation

By taking Customer survey before implementation of project.


Redesigning things as per the survey.

So, the above mentioned things will be included in our product development canvas. And will act as our road map.

Developing a Framework for Electricity Generation

Framework is a common approach to explore the problem and solutions gathered by observations. In addition to develop building blocks of models.

This will ultimately address the objectives and issues of our project.

Framework development for project of electricity generation through speed breaker.

Activities for Electricity Generation

Here we have to do activities like chosing a site i.e a particular speed breaker for our project .

And we have to find out how many vehicles are crossing through the speed breaker and at what speed. For estimating the output power.


Environment includes the entire arena where activities will take place.

In addition to this we have to figure out the surrounding condition of the site i.e Speed Breaker


Interaction are between the people’s for the site.

In this part, we have to talk with our end users and have to do surveys and take feedbacks.


Objects are the building blocks of the project.

They represent the key elements or instruments to be used in project.


Another key point is users. They are those people who will be using our final project directly or indirectly.

We have to find who are our users? What are their roles and relationships with our project?.

Feedback analysis with the users

Third step is to take Surveys or pre feedback for doing the project. For feedback analysis we have to take a survey or conduct conversation with the people regarding our project.

Conversation with the riders regarding speed breaker

We have conducted a conversation with riders regarding our project and following things came up to focus on.

  1. While conversation, first thing that they said about was smoothness of breaker.
  2. Secondarily they ask about the friction of the speed breaker.
  3. Thirdly Height and diameter of the breaker.
  4. Also about minimum and maximum permissible speed.
  5. And lastly about Maximum permissible speed allowable to cross the breaker. 

Conversation with the vendors regarding speed breaker

  1. The maximum traffic the occurs across breaker
  2. Also water resistance capability. 
  3. Also about the ypes of vehicles passing through speed breaker.

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Summary of the learning from Reverse Engineering activity 

By taking part in reverse engineering, we have introduced some new components.

Which can make speed breaker more energy efficient and also increase its life span.

Also we have visited the site to know about other activities that have been taking place. 

Some of the learning are as follows

1. Rubber enclosing the rolling breaker to increase friction between tyres and breaker.

 2. We can also Introduce heat sensor.

 3. In case of fault, we can use fault detectors in our project. 

4. Also to have better water resistance capability.

5. Also visiting of the site to know the number of vehicles

6. Gathering knowledge about the types of vehicles passing through speed breaker

Finding Prior Art researches on Electricity Generation through speed breaker

Last thing to do before actually starting to build the project is to Read and take reference from previously available research papers.

 [1]. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology (IJIET) 

This paper is available because of Alok Kumar Singh, Deepak Singh, Madhawendra Kumar and Vijay Pandit.

Block diagram for Project on Electricity Generation through Speed Breaker.

In short this paper presents how the modern industrialized civilization mostly depends on energy in the form of electricity.

With this in mind we have to produce huge amount of energy. Since the population is rising.

After all environment is going unbalance due to pollution, global warming and improper energy usage. In this case Speed breaker is a newest source of technology.

[2]. International Conference on Biology, Environment and Chemistry (IPCBEE), 1, 2011.

This paper is because of Aswathaman V, and Priyadharshini M. Also title is Every Speed Breaker Is Now A Source of Power.

In short his paper shows where energy can be harvested, in a beneficial way.

Due to the number of vehicles passing over the speed breaker in roads is increasing day by day.

Overall this type of rolling speed breaker is best suited for the places where the speed breaker is a necessity.

The places that are best for this project utilization are generally toll booths, parking etc. 

[3]. Journal of Engineering Research and Studies , 2(1), 2011. 

This paper is available because of Shakun Srivastava, Ankit Asthana. Also title is Produce electricity by the use of speed Breakers. (JERS)

In short this paper explains the mechanism of electricity generation from speed breakers.

The friction force due to vehicle tyres acted upon the speed breaker system is transmitted to chain sprocket arrangements.

Sprocket arrangements

Chain sprocket arrangements with gears

The sprocket arrangement is made of two sprockets. One of the sprocket is larger in dimension than the other sprocket.

Such as both the sprockets are connected with chain which transfer the power from the larger sprocket to the smaller sprocket.

Due to this the speed available at the smaller sprocket gets multiplied increasing the speed of rotation.

Gear arrangement

The axis of the smaller sprocket is coupled to a gear arrangement.

Here we have two gears with different dimensions, following with the gear Wheel with the larger diameter is coupled to the axis of the smaller sprocket.

Hence, the speed that has been increased at the smaller sprocket wheel is passed on to this gear wheel of larger diameter.

As a result this gear will rotate the shaft of Generator to generate Electricity.

[4]. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME), 1(1), 2012.

This paper is available because of Ankit Gupta, Kuldeep Chaudhary & B.N Agrawal. Also title is An Experimental study of Generation of Electricity using Speed Breaker.

In short this paper represents all the tools or components that will be used to implement the total system.

Components used in this Project like Gears, Batteries, Roller, Chain drives, Dynamo, etc


Roller is made up of Iron or steel but outer surface is covered by rubber.


Generally the Gear used is of ratio1:4 and its outer toothed part is connected with chain drive.

Chain drive

Chain drive is a way to transfer the mechanical energy from roller of speed breaker to the shaft of the dynamo or generator.


Dynamo directly generates electrical energy to output, while converting the mechanical energy as input.


Battery will store the electrical energy and helps to provide energy during no vehicle passing time.

 [5]. International Journal of Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. (Research gate)

This paper is available because of Noor Fatima and Jiyaul Mustafa.

Whereas the paper title is Production of electricity by the method of road power generation.

In summary this paper represents how an electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, by using electromagnetic induction.

Basic pre design calculation for Electricity Generation

Set for pre - design calculation

In the above figure for example there is a roller mechanism design, which is built to Generate Electricity from moving vehicles on road.

As an illustration the set up consists of 7 DC generators with torque of 5 kg and 300 rmp. The DC generators are fixed to crank connecting the roller. 

Dimensions of Roller rode: 

  • Length = 2 feet.
  • Diameter = 40mm.

Basement dimensions: 

  • Length = 4 feet.
  • Width = 1.8 feet.
  • Height = 6cm.

Calculations for Electricity Generation in power

For example, let’s assume the mass of a vehicle moving over the speed breaker = 200Kg.

Let the height of speed breaker = 6cm.

Moreover Work done = Force x Distance.

Force = Weight of the Body or Vehicle. 

Force = 200 Kg x 9.81 (for gravity).

So, Force = 1962 N. 

Also consider the distance travelled by the body = Height of the speed brake = 6cm. 

So the output power = Work done/Sec = (1962 x 0.06)/60 = 1.97 Watts (For One pushing force).

Hence the Power developed by 1 vehicle passing over the speed breaker is about 1.97 watts

Hence, by Breaker arrangement for one minute= 1.97 watts. Similarly, Power developed for 60 minutes (1 hr) = 118.2 watts 

Similarly, Power developed for 24 hours = 2.83 KW.

This 2.83 Kw power is sufficient to burn four street lights across the roads during the night time.

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Proto-type of Electricity Generation

This proto-type video include speed breaker, battery storage compartment, street lights.

As shown in proto-type video, when the vehicles passes over the breaker, it rotates the speed breaker due to the friction force.

And this breaker is connected with a chain sprocket arrangement which is finally rotates the rotor part of generator. Then the generator finally converts mechanical energy of rotor into electrical energy.

By this way we can Generate Electricity through speed breaker.


By doing this project, we can harvest a lot of waste energy from road speed breakers. Also, that energy can be stored in batteries for beneficial uses.

But still this project requires a lot of initial capital cost.

Furthermore, if you get succeeded to generate Electricity in a profitable way then this can also become a unique Business idea for you.

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Frequently asked questions

How does rolling Speed Breaker works?

Whenever the vehicle moves over the inclined breaker, it gains height resulting in increase in potential energy.

This above potential energy generated by a Vehicle is turned into kinetic energy due to rolling mechanism of speed breaker.

What is the purpose of Rolling Speed Breaker?

The Purpose of Speed Breaker is to do energy conservation.
To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, using the waste going energy.

What is the special features of Electrical energy through speed breaker?

The special features of Electricity through speed breakers is that free energy generated can be used for charging batteries or glowing nearby street LEDs.

Which are the best places to install this Rolling speed breaker?

Places where large number of Vechiles passes throughout the day and the place where the generated electricity can be consumed very easily just like Toll booths, parkings, etc

Pursuing electrical engineering degree from Government Engineering College Bharuch, Gujarat

Pursuing electrical engineering degree from Government Engineering College Bharuch, Gujarat

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