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How Video Marketing Increase Engagement?

The power of Social Media in the world of marketing is something that is well-known to all those who want to promote their brands and businesses and for good reason too. Billions of people all around the world spend a considerable part of their daily routines on social media, be it for leisure, networking, startup business, or even just simple entertainment. The enormous potential this market holds is not lost on brands either, with the whole market lining up to screen their ads to the billions of regular video watchers on the largest social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

If you can learn how to harness the power of Video in your Social Media strategy, you can create a successful outreach program that creates a large and loyal customer base that truly feels connected to your brand and helps you carve out a niche for yourself in the ever-competitive market in today’s world. 

The best part about Video marketing on social media is that it requires minimum effort to get into, and the possible benefits you can get out of it are almost endless. With such a large market available to draw from, what’s stopping you from entering the world of Social Video Marketing?

What is Social Video Marketing?

To understand the potential of Video Marketing on Social Media, we need to understand what Social Video marketing is in the first place. As you should be familiar with, Video marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating simple and effective video content to engage with a target audience and provide a means of communicating information in a manner that is easy to digest for the consumer. 

Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is essentially a method of marketing where brands engage with their target audience through their established social media pages and ads on various social media platforms. Since Social media is used by so many people in today’s world, it makes for an excellent platform for brands to invest in. However, to capture the attention of an appropriate target audience in such an overcrowded market and communicate the value of your brand can be quite a tedious task. This is where Social Video marketing comes into play.

Social Video is essentially video content that is made for the specific purpose of being promoted and shared on social media platforms. This is the perfect mix of both forms of marketing, as it allows you to leverage the reach of social media by capturing attention through interesting videos. Video marketing is guaranteed to create more engagement among your audience, as it is the type of content that tends to be shared and reshared on social media platforms. The power of moving, visual media over a large wall of text is extremely apparent, more so in a space where people’s attention spans can be quite low. 

video marketing

What Makes Social Video Marketing so Effective?

Creating a high-quality video marketing strategy for your brand can be quite an investment of resources, but what makes this commitment worth undertaking?

If the fact that newer and fresher trends and strategies for video marketing emerge every day isn’t testament enough, here are a few numbers to crunch your head over.

Visual media has always proven to drive sales and increase brand engagement. For example, take product review videos. Over 70% of people who check out product review videos buy at least one of the products mentioned in the video.

In a similar vein, 25% of buyers admit to using YouTube to look up items they’re considering purchasing.

Landing pages that feature Video content on them tend to increase conversion rates by over 80%, and on Social Media specifically, Videos have a 1200% share rate of over images and text combined. The more your content is shared, the more effective it becomes for your brand. It not only helps you reach wider audiences but also helps you engage with them on a much deeper level than anything some text or photos can accomplish.

The numbers never lie, and in this case, they tell the story of a strategy that can reap huge benefits to your brand if done correctly. 

Another crucial, yet underrated aspect of Social Video Marketing is how it allows you to dictate your relationship with your customer base. By constantly keeping in touch with your customers through entertaining videos that can be used to send messages, or simply for entertainment, you keep them engaged with your brand, and create a unique identity in the process. It is this identity that helps your business in the long run, as it gives your audience something to relate to, establishing a connection based on trust and credibility and thus making them more likely to support and continue supporting it for a long time.

Why you Need to Implement a Social Video Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve established the power of visual content in the realm of social media marketing, let us look at a few of the reasons you need to start working on a Social Video Marketing strategy for your brand ASAP!

1. Videos are best suited for Social Media and Mobile users

Social Media users are rather fickle folk, which is why Video content is usually the best way to get through to them. Spoon feeding them with interesting tidbits in the visual form is by far the best to engage with them, and ensure you get a good amount of likes and shares. 

The same logic applies to mobile users. They’re often the crowd that is busy multitasking or simply using their smartphones for some leisure, usually by watching videos. Combining this with the fact that mobile users love consuming content on the go, makes social video marketing the perfect way to penetrate this audience.

2. Videos build trust with your audience

Videos are the best way to foster a relationship of trust and credibility with your audience, as it affords you with a medium where you can be open, honest, and transparent. Consider this, through videos you can-

  • Showcase whatever goes on in your business,
  • Introduce the faces behind the brand.
  • Show off customer testimonials and positive reviews about your brand
  • Carry out Interviews, post reviews, ask for advice and feedback, etc.

All these actions help establish a degree of trust with your audience and remember, it is this trust that convinces them to finally decide to buy from your brand.

3. Videos get you customers

Social media marketing videos aren’t only good for gathering large numbers of viewers. A well-curated video that makes a great first impression on your audience can fetch you, customers, too. This is because people tend to connect with visual content a lot more, as they often tell stories they can relate to, or at the very least, they give relevant information that is a lot easier to digest. The trust that can be established through various forms of videos also helps greatly in this deal and makes the potential of your social media work to generate a business one you cannot miss out on. 

4. They’re quite simple to make

Nowadays, marketers just need heart, creativity, and a properly functioning smartphone to create videos for their brand. This makes it accessible to smaller businesses, who may not have enough of a budget for fancy videographers or top-class equipment. With access to cheap smartphone cameras that continue to improve every generation and plenty of editing software at free or nominal prices, budget is no barrier to marketing your brand.

The Best Types of Videos to Use for Social Media

To implement an effective social media strategy with videos, you first need to know what the kind of videos that can be used are, and when they’re best used. Here are some of the most common and effective types of videos you can consider using for your own brand-

  • “About Us” Videos

These videos are opportunities to showcase what makes your brand unique, and what offerings you have that sets you apart from your competitors. Through a descriptive video, you can turn your brand into something more than just a brand name and logo. 

The best way to go about this is to create and communicate a unique story about your business so your customers can associate a proper identity with it. This gives you the credibility and reliability so many brands crave in the eyes of their customers. These videos can take the form of behind-the-scenes clips, employee stories, and interviews, etc., and help greatly with building a strong and consistent brand image.

  • Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos are best used in social media ads and/or to reach out to many new customers in a short amount of time. They have to include all the necessary information regarding any sales or special offers you have on products and services that are part of your brand.

  • Product Overviews

Product overviews are great ways of letting your customers engage with the heart of your brand, the product you’re selling. Taking shots of your product from all angles gives your customer a comprehensive view of what they’re getting themselves into, which increases the likelihood of a successful sale. Discussing the details and quirks of your products also answers any questions that may come up among your customer base.

You can take several routes with product overview videos. This includes the informational type, where the product’s specific details are discussed, along with information that may be helpful to the consumer. Tutorials are an emerging form of product overviews, not dissimilar to How-to Videos, that can go a long way with establishing a great relationship with your customer base. People are much more likely to follow video tutorials than a manual that comes with the product and what better tutorial to follow than the brand that sold the product itself.

Video Marketing

The Best Way to Use Social Media Platforms with Videos

You need to have specifically curated plans for each major social media platform you plan on advertising your brand on, as they each have their own kind of audience and style of content consumption. Here are a few tips on the biggest platforms to get you started-

  • YouTube

 With over 2 billion monthly users, and over a billion hours of video watched every day, it is safe to call YouTube one of the biggest and most diverse platforms on the internet. Though your options on YouTube on limitless, it is suggested to stick to shorter (<30 minutes) videos, with custom-made thumbnails so people are more likely to click on your videos.

  • Instagram

Put all your most important information in the first minute, as this is the part that shows up on people’s feeds. Though IGTV is an option for longer videos, most people stick to the 60-second videos and 15-second story videos. Thus, Instagram is perfect for short and concise ads and videos. It is also the ideal place to market to Millennials.

  • Twitter

Like Instagram, stuff your relevant information right at the beginning. As this platform is usually text-based, long videos are not frequently given much attention. So, stick to short topical videos. Also, come up with creative captions to apply to the videos.

  • Facebook

Try making your videos work without sound by adding subtitles or focusing on the visual part, as videos on Facebook feeds autoplay without sound unless enabled. A short, eye-catching hook can do you wonders on Facebook, as the audience is quite diverse.


By combining the potential of Social Media with the stimulation power of Video content, you can harness a brand with quite an impressive number of customers. Curating your own content also gives you the power to engage with the consumers of this content, which works out great when you’re trying to carve out a niche in the market for your business. By implementing a comprehensive social media plan for your brand using videos, you can enhance the potential of your business to its fullest extent.


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