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5 Most Popular Business School-2020|MBA and MBM

What is a business school? they are world universities that offer degrees and certificates in business-related programs and management.

Schools of management help students to take real-life management decisions and also craft them into people who can take accurate business decisions and execute business processes perfectly.

However, In this blog, I will also talk about the most popular business schools in the world and also some of the best programs that are offered,

A degree from a business school is considered a plus point when seeking a job, companies look in for students who have a business degree because of their ability to solve problems and also making good decisions

In fact, you also might have wanted to learn all different business terms and to gain knowledge about business indeed so that you can apply everything in your business as much as possible.

Top business schools and their fees according to check facts 360.

Things to learn-:

  1. What is a business school
  2. History of business schools
  3. The top business schools in the world
  4. General programs offered
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ’S

1. What is a Business School?

students studying in a business school

Business schools are educational colleges that provide education regarding business management and studies. They specialize in subjects like Marketing, financial, human resource, sales.

Though there are about 3000 business schools in total all over the world.

These schools are highly competitive they are also known for it because they reject 90 percent of their applications every year.

In addition, If you also want to learn more about business check our detailed blog on business, departments of business management, top startups of India, and also some business books to read.

2. History of Business Schools.

Business schools are an important part of the education system. Even though every year tens and thousands of students from every part of the world apply to admissions in these schools for a management degree but only the top students with the best grades and CV are able to seek admission

The first business school ever found with an MBA program was the Wharton school of finance and economics in the year 1881 by Joseph Wharton.

Though there were business studies which were being taught but they were in primary schools and regular all subject schools.

There were no special schools with specialized programs and Wharton school of finance and economics were the first integrated schools for business studies only.

But now we have about 3000 schools all over the world.

Wharton school of business was found to provide the right skill and education about business to the students back then because there was no proper education in that field.

But also Wharton did not offer any recognized degree related to business studies. Harvard business school was the first school to offer the MBA program but Harvard was also not a business-related school.

In fact, it was the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris who initiated the business program. Hence business schools were kind off established in France in 1819.

history of business school infographic

3. Top Business Schools.


The Harvard business school-:

harvard business school logo

Firstly, Harvard business school has always been in the top 50 of global MBA ranking. Probably the most famous and the hardest to enter is the Harvard business school. Established in 1636, Harvard business school is one of the most reputed and famous colleges.

The Harvard curriculum offers a case study based study that gives a totally practical approach towards studies of different concepts to students helping them understand easily.

Tuition fees account to an average – 73000$

Number of admissions – 1700 approx.

There are more than 100000 students of which most of the students have ended up in big companies.


Stanford university business school-:

stanford university logo

Secondly, Stanford University was established in 1885, in California, United states.

The number of yearly admissions is around 900.

Tuition fees is approx 74000$

A broad curriculum makes it a perfect choice of university, offering a wide range of subjects like marketing, finance, accounting, business, and also many more.

The good part is that more than 65 percent of its students are employed. Having good employment to graduate ratio is important.


Wharton school of business-:

wharton university graduation

Thirdly, Wharton school of business is the first business university in the united states. And with the most reached out alumni network.

It university was founded in 1881 by Joseph Wharton.

The university is famous for its Ph.D. and MBA programs.

No of admissions early are on an average of 1800

And tuition fees average to 75000$

81 percent of total students are employed.


Massachusetts University of technology (business school)-:

Mit sloan logo

MIT highly involves with broader business terms, the main campus where the student’s study is the campus of Cambridge.

It is famous for its MBA program. They offer global courses in both bachelors and masters degrees. Providing a practical approach to its students with a case study based research.

Business academic studies have up to date syllabus, famous people have got out from these universities like the prime minister of Israel, former chairman of Citicorp.

Number of students every year exceed 850

The tuition fees average about 70000$

And also a total of 79 percent of its students have been employed.


Columbia university -:

columbia university logo

Lastly, The Columbia business school

Tuition fees cost an average of 78000 And almost 79 percent of the total number of students have employed.

The university involves excellent programs regarding business studies involving course subjects in the field of, entrepreneurship, retail, human resource, marketing, finance, and sales.

Columbia University established in the year 1754 but the Columbia business school inaugurated in the year 1916.

Students in the Columbia business school are offered a case study based approach to studying, and helping students to understand deep business concepts through practical learning.

Most of the students from this university have been employed.

4. General Programs Offered by Business Schools.

MBA – (masters of business administration)

Probably one of the most famous programs in India and abroad is the MBA.

MBA is a masters degree in business administration.

It is a 2-year-old post-degree, an MBA is generally with a tenure of 2 years but PGDM offers one-year programs as well in some college s.

Both of these courses are also divide into 4 or 6 semesters.

Specialized subjects of MBA in the second year involve marketing, finance, sales, human resource, supply chain, and many more.

Though this course is expensive, it is to be a great return on investment


  • Colleges and universities also offer this course which is the Masters of management a course to the students of business management
  • It is a two-year program also involving core studies in the business management course that offers a wide range of specialized subjects to choose from.
  • It is a course to develop leadership skills in students and provide case studies about business
  • management can be studied by any student from any field, From arts, business studies, and science and technical background.
  • It is a full-time course
  • in science in management
  • in arts in management.

Masters in management is somewhat similar to an MBA it also is a two year degree program

It is divided into 4 or 6 semesters with the first year being generally a basics of business management and the second year which involves specializing courses.


  • In business management is another popular post-degree program in most of the b-schools and universities.
  • It is also a two-year program involving either 4 semesters or 6 semesters.
  • It is generally classified into two big degrees.
  • Masters in business
  • Masters in management

Variations in masters in business management involve MSc in management and MSc in international business

This program offers a wide variety of subjects too with in-depth learning and deep practical approach.

Designed for students who have an experience of two years or more and are workingDesigned for students who passed directly from a business degree.
Quality and specialized level knowledge in the students field of experienceBasics of business are thought because students are new in the field and have no experience  
A bit more expensive in the top business schoolsLess expensive in comparison to MBA
Goal to gain more experience and knowledge in the field they already work inGoal is to get clear with the fundamentals of business
  Better paid jobs in comparison of mbm because of high experienceLess paid jobs in comparison to MBA because lack of experience
difference between MBA and MBM

5. Conclusion.

In this blog we have explained what is a business school. It is a college providing education in the field of business and management.

In conclusion we have also explained what are the best business schools in the whole world

Here in this blog we have also stated the different but the most popular types of business programs offered by the top colleges in the world

Learn about business management and its 6 departments

Also check out the global MBA ranking of colleges in the world to know more.

6. FAQ’S

How many business schools in the world?

There are more than 3000 business schools in the world

Which is the best business school?

That depends on many factors like fee structure, location of the city and country, curriculum, extracurricular activities, job availability after job and its average pay, depending on your situation you can decide which is the best business school for you.

Which was the first established school?

The first established business school with an MBA degree was the Wharton school of business by Joseph Wharton in 1881.


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