Resources of Honda and Supply chain management

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When it comes to resources, human power is the most important resource for Honda.

A company sells product primarily through Human interaction.

Honda had completed remarkable projects due to their employee’s effort.

Therefore, it is highly dependent on its employees from start to end in the manufacturing process of the company.

They require a huge number of skilled workers to manufacture 14 million engines per year which is the largest by any bike engine manufacturer.

Honda has relatively less fully-automated section when compared to its peers.

Many sections are semi-automated requiring a person to operate the machine and complete the remaining job.

Technicians and engineers work on a 2017 Acura NSX at the Honda Motor

We will learn about the resources of Honda

  1. Human Resources of Honda
  2. Research and Development resources Honda
  3. Supply Chain management
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Human Resources of Honda

Honda cars and bikes are declared under the same parent company.

Honda requires a further, large number of people to operate as it has numerous plants and dealerships.

The company possesses many dealerships around the world operated by a salesperson convincing customers to buy the product.

If the company is unable to generate sufficient revenue then it might not meet its expenditure on the manufacturing.

Every component required in their resource is very crucial which helps in completing the process.

Importantly, each department requires a workforce from top to bottom.

As the engine has lots of small and crucial component so skilled workers make it by using hands.

As it cannot be completed by an automated machine hence physical supervision is required to assemble the engine.

Human Resources

Research and Development resources of Honda

Honda has different departments like R&D, marketing, auditing and other departments employing people as suitable.

The government of any country promotes this initiative as it helps their people along-with the economy of the country.

As Honda operates in more than 150 countries having a total of 12 plants around the world and thousands of dealerships.

Moreover, their operation requires lots of resources like employees, raw materials, transportation, manufacturing and packaging of the product.

Above all, packaging is one of the most critical aspects which the company considers when they are expanding their business.

Honda has maintained its product quality through its R&D department and provides technologically advanced resources with innovative designs.

Helping to reform the economy

Honda expands by making plants and opening dealerships helping in job creation in the economy.

For instance, the company procures raw material from the local provider which makes it cheaper.

Dealership employment generation

Honda serves as a reference to the dealership operation as they are spread across 150 countries.

The dealerships were approached by Honda to market their motorized bikes.

Similarly,this approach helped them to style their shop to sell their Honda products.

However, this has now become a traditional style of selling their product by many other companies.

In conclusion, a dealership is a place where the salesperson presents the features of the product and try to convince the customer to reach an agreement with their verbal and interactive skills.

Providing benefits to small business

Honda has established 12 plants around the world for the construction of the plant’s necessary raw materials and resources being fulfilled by the local material provider of the country.

Honda helps in creating temporary contractual work and increase the revenue of the raw material provider in the vicinity of the plant.

Employment generation due to the hiring of local people will help in developing mutual harmony among society and improve efficiency in the work.

Supply Chain management

Honda requires a huge supply chain system as it is one of the largest companies in the world.

Honda has 12 plants around the world with operations running in 150 countries so they need an efficient supply chain management which can transport products from plants to different parts of the world.

The key features of the supply chain are logistics helping in the transportation of parts and products to various Honda plants and storage outlets around the world.

Therefore, Honda always transports goods in bulk helping to cut down the cost & minimizes the risk of future shortages.

Process of supply chain management

Honda uses built-chain movement as they supply their goods in bulk to save time in the future for any transportation so they use big cargo ships it environment-friendly.

Honda goes with the initiative in which they use several measures to control the pollution caused by them in the transportation of goods.

Firstly, try a different medium of transportation to a particular destination and select the best one out of it which causes less emission of CO2.

Instead of the traditional way of transporting by trucks, Honda utilises train to conserve time, cost and fuel.

Hence, they have innovated themselves with special packaging which involves less wastage and provides more protection to the cargo.

Honda aviation lineip


This shows the important factor of business on which the company runs.

Every factor included in the management has their individual and important role they have to execute.

Companies also give benefits to the local small business to sustained by getting assistance from them.

Honda even uses several precautionary measures in its supply chain not to pollute the environment.


1.Is Honda going to change its supply chain?

No. Honda did not announce anything about the change in their supply chain, so they will stick with their original process.

2.Is Honda planning to expand their supply chain?

There are possibilities that Honda will expand its supply chain as they are planning to build new plants.

3.Will Honda increase the employment in their facilities?

Honda will stick to its initial employment rate as the world is facing economic slowdown and they have to control expenses as well.

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