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Top 10 Shoe Companies in India

Let us admit it; self-grooming is one of the most important things in our life. We all spend a good amount of time grooming ourselves, reason being, good looks, personality, style, impression, feeling confident, etc.

I know you must be thinking of cool and stylish clothes when it comes to grooming. But, let me draw your attention towards the footwear. You also need to have a good pair of them that will not only add to your fashion but will also build your personality and gives you a perfect and complete look.

Imagine a man having a professional look wearing a suit and pant but wears a sleeper. Again, imagine a woman wearing a beautiful saree and shoes on her feet. Sounds weird right!

Today, footwear is not merely a need that helps protect our feet. But, it has evolved in becoming an important part of fashion accessories.

Here, I will discuss the footwear, particularly shoes. If I am more specific, I will take you on the journey to knowing the top 10 shoe companies in India.

So wear your shoes and walk along with me!

What’s in it-

Types of Footwear

Earlier you did not have a wide range of choices in footwear. But now, you will get confused about which one to buy. For every occasion, there is a different pair of footwear that will go along with your outfit.

So, if you are unaware of the types of footwear, not to worry. Before going through the top 10 shoe companies in India, I want you to know the varieties available in footwear.

Footwear for Women

  • Flat footwear
    • Ballet flats
    • Gladiator sandals
    • Flip – Flops
    • Two strap sandals
    • T – bar sandals
    • Mary Janes
    • Sliders
    • Oxfords
    • Brogues
    • Mules
    • Loafers
    • Moccasins
    • Docksides
    • Espadrilles
    • Clogs
    • Derby
  • Heels
    • Kitten heels
    • Block heels
    • Platform heels
    • Peep – Toe heels
    • Slingback heels
    • Wedges
    • Stilettos
    • Pumps
    • d’Orsay pumps
    • Spool heels
    • Ankle strap heels
    • Cone heels
    • Cork high heels
    • Scarpin heels
  • Boots
    • Ankle – Length boots
    • Lita boots
    • Army boots/ Doc Martens
    • Wellington boots
    • Thigh – High boots
    • Chelsea boots
    • Uggs boots
    • Cowgirl boots
    • Wedge boots
    • Timberland boots
  • Shoes (I will discuss this in detail later)
  • Indian footwears
    • Juttis
    • Kolhapuris
    • Padukas

I am mesmerized by the list of footwear for women out there. You always say, “What to wear? I do not have a good pair of footwear.” I hope after going through such a long list your problem will be solved.

Men are always sorted in this case. You will never hear them say, “I do not have a good amount of grooming stuff.” Instead, if they have even 4 pairs of clothes and two pairs of footwear, they will say, “My God! I can spend a month wearing them by just switching them and making combos.”

Anyways, let us look into their wardrobe what do they have in the name of footwear.

Footwear for Men

  • Boots
    • Riding boots
    • Russian boots
    • Snow boots
    • Ugg boots
    • Calf boots
    • Clogs
    • Crocs
  • Shoes (again I will discuss them in detail later)
  • Flip – Flops
  • Galoshes
  • Huaraches
  • Moccasins
  • Sandals
  • Slippers

That’s it!

This is so injustice to men. Where is equality?


So these are the list of footwear that you can switch from one to another as per the occasions.

I hope now women will not say that they do not have any option in footwear.

Different Brands in the Market

There are a hell lot of brands or companies available in the market, trying to sell their product to you. So after knowing about the types of footwear and before knowing the top 10 shoe companies in India, let us have a look into some of the footwear company names who are manufacturing and making them available in the market.

We will classify the footwear brand names into Indian and International to make you aware of the companies.

Indian Footwear Brands

  • Woodland
  • Paragon
  • Khadim’s
  • Liberty
  • Relaxo
  • VKC
  • Lakhani
  • Mochi
  • Walkmate
  • Metro
  • City walk
  • Red Chief

International Footwear Brands

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Seeandwear
  • Lee cooper
  • Fila
  • Reebok
  • Clarks

Types of Shoes for Women


Now, the most awaited footwear, shoes, will be discussed in detail. Every type of shoe has its own time to be worn out. You cannot simply pair any shoes on any occasion.

So before letting you know what the top 10 shoe companies in India are, let us look into what are the types of shoes available for you to wear as per the different occasions.

  • Sneakers – This is the one for which most of the women are crazy. It is the trendiest type of shoes. It can be worn while going out with friends, roaming around, going for a chilling party, etc. Also, they are very comfortable to wear.
  • Trainers – It is worn while doing physical activities i.e., sports. They are very comfortable while doing such activities. It gives you a proper balance and grip by fitting in your feet tightly.
  • Converse/ Chuck Tailors – It was first designed to function as basketball shoes. But as time passed by, women started wearing even for their casual looks.
  • Running shoes – By the name itself, it is quite clear that it is designed for athletes so that they experience comfort while running.
  • High – Tops – Again we have one more athletic shoe on our list. They are designed for the ones who play basketball. This shoe extends slightly above your ankle.
  • Earth shoes – This shoe was designed way back in the 1970s. The purpose behind this shoe was to enhance posture, reduce back pain and encourage deep breathing.
  • Oxford shoes – If you are looking for an elegant academic look, you can go with the oxford shoes. It is worn when you are carrying professional or formal attire.
  • Saddle shoes – It is a shoe mostly in fashion during the 1950s. So, if you ever want to resemble a 1950s look, you can pair yourself with this iconic shoe.
  • Cleat – Again, it is an athletic shoe. If you are crazy about playing sports, especially soccer, you should go with the cleat. It gives you comfort, stability, and grip on your feet that will help you in running fast.
  • Barefoot shoes – This shoe sounds interesting, isn’t it? But what is a barefoot shoe? So, this is the shoe that you can wear while running or even for daily use. It gives you comfort. At the same time, you will feel the way you used to while walking barefoot.

Types of Shoes for Men


In this section men also have quite a good number of choices. So, I think the companies have given them justice in this section.

Before jumping into it, I would like to clear you a small thing. Some types of shoes are common in both men and women. Those are known as unisex shoes. I will mention it as and when they come.

After this, we will see the most awaited topic, the top 10 shoe companies in India.

  • Oxford shoes – If you are looking for a classic, formal and elegant look, you can go with the oxford shoes. Professionals mostly prefer them when they have any business meeting, formal get together, wedding, etc. Also, it is a unisex type of shoes.
  • Derby shoes – It is like oxford shoes but a bit less formal. You can wear them even in a casual look or while going for corporate work.
  • Monk strap shoes – Again, it is a formal shoe. It will give you the same look as oxford or derby shoes. But the main difference between them and monk strap shoes is that this shoe does not have lace. So if you want a formal shoe without lace, you can go with this.
  • Loafer shoes – If you are going for any friends outing, you can flow with the loafer shoes. It gives a casual look along with comfort and style.
  • Nautical shoes – It is not a formal shoe. You can wear them while going out for boating, or catching up with friends and colleagues outside your work environment. It is comfortable and can go with your everyday look.
  • Trainers – I have already explained the purpose of this shoe in the women’s section. Please have a look at it. It is a unisex shoe worn by both men and women.
  • Espadrilles – You can pair them up with your casual look. If you are going to a beach party, a casual summer encounter, etc, you can wear this shoe and have a comfortable experience. Again, this is also a unisex shoe.

There are some more unisex shoes on the list. I have mentioned them down and already explained them in the women’s section. So you can easily check them out.

  • Running shoes
  • Earth shoes
  • Cleat
  • Sneakers
  • Saddle shoes
  • Barefoot shoes

Qualities of a Good Shoe

Now the question arises, what are the qualities of a good shoe? Many shoe companies are manufacturing shoes. But how to determine which one is the best.

I will tell the top 10 shoe companies in India, but before that let us see the characteristics of a good shoe. So that if you go shopping, you have a check on all those qualities and buy the best one that suits your purpose.

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Waterproof
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Grip
  • Ethics

Top 10 Shoe Companies in India

Finally, we are here to discuss the most awaited topic, the top 10 shoe companies in India. What do you think? Will it be an Indian brand or an international brand?

Frankly speaking, we cannot generalize those particular companies are the best shoe companies in India. Why? Because every shoe company focuses on some particular quality or purpose. They are all different from each other.

Take us human beings as an example. We are not the same. We all have one unique thing in ourselves that makes us different from the rest of the crowd. This builds up our personality.

In the same way, every company has some product or category type in which they are superior. No other brand can beat them in that specific area. This makes up their persona.

For example, Nike and Adidas shoes are well known for manufacturing sports shoes. They are at the top of this quality. Their other types of shoes are good, no doubt in it. But it might happen that for casual wearing shoes, some other company is better. For example, Paragon or Khadim’s.

I will mention the top 10 shoe companies in India but I would suggest that if you want to buy any shoes go to the nearby stores and try different brands by yourself.

I already mentioned the characteristics you need to have an eye on while buying the shoes. Have a check on them.

Well, let’s see which are those top 10 shoe companies in India ranking at the top.



So here we have our first brand on the list of the top 10 shoe companies in India.

Let me flaunt here, yes, it’s an Indian brand. It was established in 1992, founded by Avatar Singh.

The basic ideology of the company was to urge people to go outdoor for an adventure. By this, you must have formed an idea as to in which category woodland is great at.

They have a wide range of product categories such as footwear, clothes, gloves, jackets, etc. Apart from manufacturing the products they also practice sustainable and eco – friendly activities.

The durability of the shoes is very good. Even with the heavy usage, it can last up to 5 – 6 years. They are very comfortable to wear. Mostly the adventurers prefer the Woodland brand. So if you are an adventurer, keep an eye on this brand.

Do not take me wrong. Woodland’s other products are also very good.



It is a well-established brand and captures a huge market not only in India but worldwide. It is an international brand. This is our second brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list.

Nike is mostly famous for sports shoes. Though they have a variety of product categories which you can go for. But if you are an athlete, then you can go with Nike shoes. They are superior in this product category.

You can visit their website and have a look at the varieties of shoe categories and products. They trade in clothing, accessories, bags, etc. They have positioned themselves in the sports category more.

Red Chief


Our third brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list is again an Indian company, Red Chief. It was launched in the year 1997.

Red Chief successfully positioned itself as the manufacturer of high-quality leather footwear. They wanted to meet the growing demand for leather footwear. So they started manufacturing products of high-quality leather.

But there is sad news for women. They do not manufacture any women’s accessories or footwear. They only provide with men related products.

Not to worry girls. We have many shoe brands on our list. You can refer to them. But all the men out there, if you are crazy about having the leather and want to get loaded with it all in your body; you should stalk this brand.



Now, you cannot always wear sports shoes everywhere. You need to have some stylish and casual looking footwear as well in your wardrobe. So let’s have a look into a well-established brand in this category.

Our fourth brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list is one more Indian brand, Khadim’s. It was started in 1981.

The main focus of this brand is to serve customers with affordable and quality footwear. Their core objective of the business is ‘Fashion for Everyone’.

They have positioned themselves in the market and build their persona as the affordable fashion brand catering to the entire family for all occasions.

So if you go shopping and want to get footwear for your family, friends, relatives, neighbour, etc, you should check out their website.

Apart from footwear, they also sell backpacks, wallets, handbags, etc. So what are you waiting for! If you desired for these products, affordable with high quality, go and shop in Khadim’s.

How great! We have so many Indian brands in our top 10 shoe companies in India list.



The fifth brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list is Liberty. It is also an Indian shoe brand. It was established in the year 1964.

Their main focus is to provide good quality of leather footwear for all the age people, be it men, women or children. They target style-conscious people.

Liberty includes all types of footwear whether it is sports, formal or casual look. So if your priority is style and always up to flaunt with it, you must check it out to have a variety of footwear in your wardrobe.



The top 10 shoe companies in India list presents its sixth brand. It is a well-established company since 1949 and is an international brand, Adidas.

They are mostly famous for sports gear. Their main focus was to provide the athletes with the best sports gear. Hence, Adidas shoes are very good in this category.

They have built their persona in the sports field.

You might have heard about the Reebok brand. It is the company acquired by Adidas. Now they are controlled together. Reebok is also known for manufacturing and providing the best quality of sports shoes.

You have so many options if you are a sports enthusiast and want to buy sports gear.



It is an Indian shoe company and provides a variety of shoes. The main focus in the starting was on sports shoes. But as time passed by they started targeting other categories to serve the various purpose of the customer. It is the seventh brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list.

They have a very strong alliance in the apparel section with the well-known brand, Adidas. So you can estimate that their products are very good.

You will find sports shoes, casual wear, formal wear, etc, all under one roof. Go to their website and check them out.



Our eighth brand in the top 10 shoe companies in India list is Paragon. It is also an Indian shoe brand established in the year 1975. It was set up in Kerala.

This brand mainly focuses on manufacturing rubber footwear. The rubber category is the leading product which is still running successfully. They are considered no. 1 in rubber footwear.

They also focus on the longstanding assurance of quality and durability.

So if you want to try out rubber-made footwear then go and have look at their collections.



Puma is the third biggest manufacturer of shoes in the world. It was founded in the year 1919 and is an international brand. It is the ninth brand in our top 10 shoe companies in India list.

Again, this brand also focused on athletic shoes. First, they targeted the players or sportspersons. Then after getting success in this category, they moved into diversifying their product category.

So basically they are superior in sports gear. Hence, you have one more shoe brand, Puma shoes, which you can go for if you are an athlete. Although if you want you can also check their other products. Their other products are also very good.

It is very sad to see that there are very few international brands in the top 10 shoe companies in India list.



Last but not the least, the final brand in our top 10 shoe companies in India list is Relaxo. It was found in the year 1976 and is an Indian brand.

It is one of the leading brands in India that provide you with a variety of footwear. Their main focus is to provide you with comfort, style, durability, and quality workmanship.

Their demography ranges from men to women to children.

It has various brands running together. They are Relaxo, Bahamas, Flite, Sparx, and Schoolmate.

So you can check all of them and have your desired footwear so that you can easily flow with it.


So these were the top 10 shoe companies in India that are in demand. You can go to their websites and check them out.

But keep in mind what I said that every company is superior in one particular category. I would suggest you go to the showroom, check different brands by wearing them.

See what you are looking for or what is the purpose you are buying for. Then choose the brand as per your purpose.

Now, you must be clear about the footwear and shoes in detail. I tried giving you as much information as I can along with the top 10 shoe companies in India.

I hope this information was helpful to you.

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  1. What are Indian origin shoe brands?

    They are as follows:
    City Walk
    Red Chief

  2. What are the top shoe brands in the world?

    They are as follows:

  3. What are the top sneaker brands in India?

    They are as follows:
    Red Chief

  4. What are the top 10 shoe companies in India?

    The top 10 shoe companies in India are as follows:
    Red Chief

  5. What are the top 10 leather shoe brands in India?

    Hush Puppies
    Lee Cooper
    Red Tape
    Red Chief
    Louis Phillipe


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