Top 10 Best Air Cooling Appliances In India 2020

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Best air cooling appliances: Summer is about to come, I know it already came and during this lockdown are you working from and bearing the hotness of sun.

Which rises according to our climate change almost 45 degrees celsius and then your whole body starts sweating,

So that you cant focus on your work because the sun has no mood whenever it breaks the record.

And again your old fan fails to satisfy you that’s why you are searching for cheap and best air cooling appliances.

So that you and your family again having fun in this summer season and keep you cool and taste ice-cream then, you are right place.

We should make thanks to our modern technology and engineers who introduce us to lots of technology in which air cooling appliances is one of them.

Inside This Conetnt

  1. List of best air cooling appliances
    1.01. Havells Celia, I 55L Desert Air Cooler
    1.02. Symphony Diet 35T 35-L Air Cooler
    1.03. Bajaj DC2016 67L Room Air Cooler
    1.04. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler
    1.05. Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85L Desert Air Cooler
    1.06. Symphony Cloud 15L Room Cooler
    1.07. Symphony Hicool I 31L Air Coolers
    1.08. Bajaj DC2015 43L Room Air Cooler
    1.09. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Protect 50L Air Cooler
    1.10. Symphony Winter 56L Best Air Cooler
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQs

List of best air cooling appliances

The air cooling appliances down the room temperature in the comfort zone so that you can be done your work easily during this lockdown time,

Not only lockdown for the whole summer whenever you feel wormy air cooling appliances bring the temperature to your mood and make your home worm free.

If you are planning to buy cooling appliances and you are confused and thinking which one is best for you according to your budgets then you are right page now,

I picked for you the top 10 best and cheap air cooling appliances so that you can enjoy this summer.

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After doing my best research I picked some best air cooling appliances for you that you can easily buy them in the market also at a very affordable price.

Havells Celia, I 55L Desert Air Cooler

Havells is a huge brand in home appliances mostly in the electronic sector whatever it is cables, wires, switch, fan or cooler, etc.

It has a 55 liter capacity of dimensions of 66*51*111.5. which makes low noise colling and many other important features of Havells,

Its latest technology boasts an innovation fan that makes less noise so that, you can sleep very well at night.

It has a very strong fan moving rotation which delivery 3500 m3/hr that assured effective cooling of air even at a very large area.

Fully collapsible louvres that prevent your cooler from dust and other tinny particles and insects entering inside the air cooler.

This cooler has also an ice cooler that allows you to put ice into it to cool your room in a very short time.

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It works on the operating voltage between 220v – 240v and comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty from the date of purchases.

If this cooler got any kind of damages and needs repair, you will get service at your doorstep under warranty purchases.

Symphony Diet 35T 35-L Air Cooler

Symphony air cooler which gives you a variety of features and technology that you will never forget,

It’s a very productive cooling machine and multi-directional caster wheels are superb,

Through this wheel, you can move your cooler one place to others very easily with no hard time.

This air cooler protect you from mosquitoes and other harmful insects through its mosquito net.

It’s multi-stage purification which is built I pure,

That can protect you from other harmful microbes, dust, bacteria, and other unhealthy particles.

Its sleek and slim compact fabric body model is prepared with 2 light and,

Bright fan speed control knob and for contented use for swing.

Bajaj DC2016 67L Room Air Cooler

As know the power of bajaj technology and it is the oldest brand in India that can only run on trust.

Bajaj promises us to give cool refreshing air in power cut with the invertor and also it consumes less power.

This model cooler has 43-liter water storing capacity which works best and,

It provides a wide range of cool air in an ideal room of your size and,

Handle upto600 sq ft and suitable for all seasons and all-region.

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Its dimensions are 57.0 cm* 40.0 cm* 109.0 cm. with wood wool cooling media,

Which can easily removable pads and 3 side cooling pad for enhancing the performance?

It works on200 watts op system mean operating system voltage with 4-way air deflection 6 power.

It has castor wheel for easy to move from one place to another place very easily and,

The best part of this cooler is it comes with 10 days money-back guarantee,

If you get defect with their product and get some damages you can return easily.

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler

Crompton air cooler is made up of too many up to minute technologies,

That guarantee the best cooling experience to your family.

I tell you this is the best energy efficient with a high rating star.

That consumes less power of 190 watts only.

It has 75 liters water capacity which is best for an ideal room and has dimensions of 61.0 cm * 40.5 cm * 120 cm.

It allows cross-ventilation in your room so that it can give you the best cooling experience and work effectively.

Effective honeycomb cooling pads and speed air control which deliver an air of 46000 m3/hr and throw air up to 52 ft. has 3 modes of speeding the fan.

It also has a castor wheel and water indicator. This cooler works on 230v and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85L Desert Air Cooler

This hardware air cooler is energy efficient and also compatible with your inverter,

So, you never get worried about your electricity bill and it has a water level indicator that informs you of every shortage of water.

It has a 4-way air deflection facility that allows the distribution of air throughout the room at every corner.

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With this hardware air cooler has amazing technology, you don’t have worried about filling water in the cooler tank,

It automatically fill water tank through water pipe supply. It can store 85 liters of water.

Its pads are made to absorb dust particles or other harmful elements so that air quality can be improved in your room and you feel relax.

It works on 200 watts and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Symphony Cloud 15L Room Cooler

The Symphony cloud gives you the very finest and super intelligence cooling system with a 15-litre total room control system.

It works just like a mini air conditioner (ac). Symphony design this cooler just like an air conditioner without its outer unit and this design perfectly fits your wall and room.

Symphony provides you free installation service across India, to request for installation his cooler you can call their customer service.

Its electronic humidity control and automatic horizontal and vertical control give you soft and smooth fresh air quality for your loved once.

This comes with 4-speed cooling and cool flow dispenser which oscillates nonhumid cooling air to your hall and entire room.

Symphony Hicool I 31L Air Coolers

This cooler is specially designed for small rooms with the latest technology and it also comes with multi-stage air purification technology so that gives you fresh cool air.

It can throw air up to 37 feet distance with full function intelligence remote system which impressive 7 hours timer to operate.

Highly effective and honeycomb cooling pad with a cool flow system. It is easy to use and a user-friendly control panel with a full-function remote control system.

Bajaj DC2015 43L Room Air Cooler

If you are looking for a small cooler that fits your room then this is your best choice it spread its air up to 600 sq ft room and,

Its dimensions are 57.0 cm * 40.0 cm * 109.0 cm. buy this air cooler is your best choice with different types of additional features.

As you told earlier bajaj is the oldest and trusted brand and it promises you to give refreshing coo air even in power cut through an invertor.

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Its attractive knob which gives you full control to volume fan speed. This is the best choice if you are searching for a mini air cooler from a trusted brand.

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Protect 50L Air Cooler

Maharaja this brand gives you the feeling of the king. Its 18-inch wings can deliver cool air up to 3100 cubic air pressure.

And this cooler has a dimension of 65 cm * 56.4 cm * 98.7 cm with a tank capacity of 50 liters which is a huge number and the best part of this cooler is its anti-mosquito technology,

Through this technology cooler can disappear mosquito from your room very easily. This cooler comes with 1400 RPM motor rotation and 4-way air deflection technology.

Symphony Winter 56L Best Air Cooler

This Symphony cooler has come with dura pump technology that ensures its efficiency that converts according to the surrounding environment and,

It is easy to use moves with roller-coaster and its tank has a capacity of 56 liters.

This model of cooler is technically designed cool flow dispenser. This is the high rated cooling device with energy-efficient and works on 185 watts.

It has a 3-speed control motor that works according to your choice. This air cooler also wipes out harmful bacteria, dust, allergy, and many more.


You can buy any product from the above, I picked the best air cooler for you that never let you down, all the air cooler is best in their field and working technology.

It depends on you which kind of air cooler you are searching for that you can use it in your home.


1. Which air cooler is best for home use?

Top 10 Best Air Cooler For Home Use.

1. Havells Celia, I 55L Desert Air Cooler
2. Symphony Diet 35T 35-L Air Cooler
3. Bajaj DC2016 67L Room Air Cooler
4. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler
5. Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85L Desert Air Cooler
6. Symphony Cloud 15L Room Cooler
7. Symphony Hicool I 31L Air Coolers
8. Bajaj DC2015 43L Room Air Cooler
9. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Protect 50L Air Cooler
10 Symphony Winter 56L Best Air Cooler

2. Is air cooler better than AC?

Both are best, Cooler and AC are depends on their use. If you have low budget and want cooler conditioner and want to move it from one room to another room then it is best for you other hand, you have great budget and want to cool room at every corner then you can go through AC.

3. Are air coolers harmful to our health?

If you want to make your environment clean and safe than cooler is safe option for you because cooler doesn’t produce harmful gases like AC.

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