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Why Leather bags are tougher than normal bag?

All the people want to store the products in particular one thing and that thing is called Leather Bags. From small material to big things all types and sizes of material should be placed on the basis of required bags.

Because if you want to carry just books or laptop then there are various types of school/college bags and laptop bags which will provide you that much area to store your things. 

Leather bags

What’s in it for me?

  1. Uses of leather bags
  2. Making process of leather bags
  3. Types of leather bags
  4. Compare nylon bag & leather bag
  5. Brands who sell leather bags online. 
  6. Trends in leather bags
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

Uses of leather bags

Bags help us to hold the load in particular one thing. It can be wearable, hold able, use as a piece of luggage too according to the tradition the fashion style of bags also recreates its looks. 

Now when we say bags means leather handbags for men and women, leather for kids, etc. So skinny bags are made for both men and women. Now we will see the making process of bags. It might be carry bags, handbags, office bags, and so on but the techniques of making skin bags are the same. 

Making process of leather bags

So we will require some tools and material & a craftsman who can give proper knowledge to get perfect leather bags. 

Tools for creating leather bags:-

  • Hole making tools
  • Scissors/ knifes
  • Tapes
  • Glue
  • Leather sewing machine
  • Leather color


  • Leather skin
  • Nylon thread
  • First aid for safety
  • Long straight ruler
  • Market pen for measurement
Formal bag

Making process of leather bags

  1. Selection of leather and design

    Every user has a simple idea to make leather bags of their own choice with their created designs.

    But they don’t know which leather they can choose so the craftsman helps the buyer to choose the right leather.

    After that, they take the proper design of the hide bags to look at how it will look after making so craftsman takes their design and just show in leather and give advice to the buyer according to their design.

    Afterward, they have selected proper measurement of the bags to let’s say they have chosen travel leather bags means it looks like leather bags.

    So, there is default size like in width is 13 inches. Otherwise, it will depend on buyer regarding size 

  2. Cut all leather pieces together

    Now when you get leather material measurement then start cutting all marking pieces of leather to make a bag with proper measures cut.

    Apply these process for up to 3-4 layers so that we can stick all layers together for its durability.

    As per inches again recheck the size of material after cutting the leather and before cutting the important factor is to stretch the leather skin for its flexibility.

    The pieces should be collected and count that you get all sides and edges of leather pieces go create a bag like the backside of the bag, the front side of the bag, pockets of front and backside of bags, side pockets, two straps ( handles of bags), buckle straps, etc. 

    After the cut piece of leather, the edges of pieces should be around the edge to easily get a stitch and glue all leather pieces for its polishing purpose and quality purpose of edge to don’t get interrupted to skin. 

  3. Make a hole in straps and pieces of leather

    While creating holes in leather it helps to pluck another piece of accessories like a chain, buckle belt, etc.

    It connects the two pieces while creating a hole and then while testing continuously we can see the look of the bag is creating properly otherwise all leather material will become a strap and it will no longer use.

    Creating a hole is a technique to solve like a jigsaw puzzle of all pieces.

    If you don’t want you can directly collect all pieces and start sewing the pieces all together

  4. Color the leather material for dye

    While pieces should collect just apply your color in leather skin to look good and after it gets create the leather will not be applied the color 

  5. Make first accessories of leather bags

    While creating the bag, first create pockets, straps, handle first so that we can just pluck with screw and stick with glue or with sewing the accessories it might not get remove from that particular area of the bag. 

  6. Sew all piece together

    Now pieces are having their edges smooth, made a design in your leather with color print start sewing all piece one another.

    Every two pieces get to stitch with nylon thread just check that the shape of the bag is perfect or not from inside is more important but outside part of the bag should be tight at every particular edge stitch with leather.

    Structure of bags should be tested twice while stitching the bag so the first stitch normally for a look of the bag and when it gets ready double stitch on that particular edges. 

  7. Finishing and polishing 

    After applied all pieces together and stitched all the accessories with handle and straps.

    Now there is the last part which is finishing work. In finishing there are many faults should be fixed and make it simple and smooth to feel good and look great.

    Finishing makes product best because every buyer wants their product quality best.

    Polishing the leather makes the material smooth if it gets rough it helps to get smooth but not glossy so for that there is an oil made for leather that will get glossy and shiny. 

    That oil will also don’t smell to your leather. 

Types of bags

Formal leather bags

There are four types of skin material used in bags which are as follows :-

Sports bags

It is use to store sports material in bags like a bat, clothes, etc. and it can be used as a gym bag

(Backpack) carrier bag

  • It has two handles can be worn in both the shoulder and single shoulder.
  • It a casual bag which can be use by men’s and women both

Candlepin leather bag

  • To carry lawn bowling in the bags for protection of balls

Beauty leather bags

  • To keep a variety of beauty products in different sizes of the shape, length with the zip line. 

One side leather bag

  • How it looks when it is made with a machine and handmade 
  • With machine made leather bag the machine takes the material for cutting purposes till stitching the leather bag. It has a mechanism of the machine to work fast.
  • The production of leather bag has unlimited quantity just to look it with the quantity they create some bags with accurate size. The design of machinery has a default design. 
  • Handmade leather bag have flexibility, durability, and have a proper size with your own creative design. Design of handmade leather bag have unlimited than machine made
  • Lots of colors applied in leather skin than machine made
  • Quality is better than machine-made but production speed is lesser than machine made of the size of each and the size of every bag differs. 
  • Are leather bag look stylish in day to day life
Casual leather bag
  • All people nowadays using a leather bag as a fashion purpose. But when the era of this tradition gets starts at that time rich people buy leather bags for professional use.
  • But, nowadays people who can buy a leather bag online or office gets use as a casual routine day. 
  • Now there is a huge variety of bags from normal look to the various designer leather bags, so all designer leather bags are use every day. 
  • The stylish leather bag looks cool. 

Compare nylon bag & leather bag

Leather bag:-

  • Leather bags are made of animal skin so the material of skin has two types of soft skin for fashion purpose and hard skin for a routine purpose like trekking, hiking, long-travel, etc.
  • The cost of leather bags is expensive than nylon bags
  • As leather is made up of skin so the life of skin many long years to get skin thin than nylon bag
  • Hard skin protects us and then to it, does not get torn than nylon bag. 
  • Durability and flexibility of leather is better than nylon bags
  • Leather bags provide good quality accessories like zipping, pockets, etc. than nylon bags. 

Nylon bag:-

  • Nylon bags have one main good quality is every product has its own flexibility. Bad quality of nylon is it can’t hold the pointed product because of its thin size material. 
  • The cost of nylon bags are half of the leather bag.
  • Nylon doesn’t have a guarantee to the life span of nylon, is minimum
  • Nylon bag are less protective than leather bags. It can easily get teared. 
  • Durable and flexibility is not better than leather bags
  • Nylon bags accessories don’t have good quality.

Brands who sell leather bags online. 

  • Bags lounge
  • Hide sign
  • Viari
  • Nappa during
  • Leatherclue

Yes, the trends of leather bags will always be in trending position because every user wants to buy genuine leather bag online at the best price.

But the prices of every trending product also have very expensive so the competition in the leather industry will never stop. 

As we can see that approximately daily 80-85% of people search leather bag and why not. Their durable, flexible, hard material can’t be torn by hand so it is protective because of leather products.

Over the last 5 years, there are top 5 countries who always search regarding leather bag are Laos, Ghana, New Zealand, UAE, South Africa and many more countries who search daily every single minute. 

Event bag


So as we know that leather bag help for its safety due to its skin leather selection, strength, flexible but there are some drawbacks like due to expensive cost users think twice.

When they use to buy leather products. Machine-made leather bag have limited colors and patterns so go for custom skin-bag for unlimited patterns and colors with handmade tailored bags. 

See article :- How leather waistcoat is totally different from jackets


1. Which brand provides the best leather bags online in India

There are various who provides better quality of leather bag but as per my opinion leatherclue provides the best condition leather bag in india.

2. Are the leather industry provides 100% genuine leather bags

Yes definitely, because every meat industry provides skin to leather industry to get use to it.

3. Can leather bag be Customizable?

Yes , because if you find the shop who have craftsmen, they can provide you customise bags with your designs and size, and you can also select your own leather material which can be use in you bag.


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