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Best Affiliate Marketing Websites and Programs-2020

All of us are looking for a way to earn money online now and then but the internet either lacks trustworthy websites or it sell false dreams. Know about Best Affiliate Marketing Websites.

Now earning online is possible and there are many ways but are you ready to work and know Best Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Because unless you are ready to sacrifice yourself, work consistently no method in this world will help you generate a decent income. 

And if you are dedicated, let’s focus on one of many ways of earning online AFFILIATE MARKETING and Best Affiliate Marketing Websites.

What’s in it for me:

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Top Affiliate Website and programs
  3. ShareASale
  4. Flipkart Affiliate program
  5. Amazon associates
  6. ClickBank Affiliate
  7. Rakuten Marketing affiliate.
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is somewhat related to an online salesman. How does a salesman earn? He sells the product of a specific company and earns his commission. The same is with affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

You register with an affiliate program offered by eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, ShareASale etc. and whenever you help them make a sale you go home with your commission.

Understand this with help of an example:

Your brother wishes to buy a new phone. Now, what if when he buys a phone you get a commission of 5%?  And your brother has to pay no extra cost. Isn’t it amazing! Now, this process of earning 5% is affiliate marketing.  What if you have an Instagram or Facebook page and you help 5 persons to purchase the phone. 5% on each sale!

But what is the best online website to start an affiliate program?

Best Affiliate Websites and Programs

Here is a list of best affiliate websites and programs:

  1. ShareASale
  2. Flipkart affiliate program
  3. Amazon associates
  4. ClickBank Affiliate
  5. Rakuten Marketing affiliate.

Let’s dive in and find out how can you use these websites:


Being in business for over 20 years, one of the best affiliate marketing websites, ShareASale can help you generate some serious affiliate earning.

Check out ShareASale.

Based in Chicago ShareASale has over 3900 merchants registered to it, so there are plenty of products to choose from and earn online. 

Shareasale logo

The website has some advanced tools that lower your work and ease the process, all you gotta do is spread the link and earn hardcore cash.

The signup process as an affiliate is simple and easy. It has five steps and the most important thing that is required is a website. They ask for your website and check if your website is worth their products!

Now if you don’t have a website just write a couple of blogs on blogger and register it with them, sorted!

Once you register, you have to wait till you get approved.

The commission rate varies from merchant to merchant.

Know about affiliate program with highest commission rates.

Some merchants pay you for sales while others pay you even for leads. 

You get paid on 20th of every month provided you achieve the threshold. ( Minimum balance required to receive a payment is $50, which can easily be achieved once you understand how to generate leads.)

Payments are made either through posting checks at your address or by bank transfer. The bank transfer fee is $20.

Flipkart affiliate program

Everyone is aware of Flipkart. With an Indian origin, the site took the nation by storm. But its affiliate program is among the lowest-paying ones. The signup process for the affiliate program is quite simple and has some strict rules to follow.


Flipkart logo with text on it.

Earlier the affiliate program of Flipkart was suspended due to some uncertain reasons but since it has come back it is giving everyone the opportunity to earn but the efforts that are required to stand your affiliate business is worth such low commissions?

The commission rate varies from 11-3% mostly being on the lower side.

The company is very much precise and committed towards the payments made to its affiliates. Payments are made every month and the company claims that payments have never been an issue.

The payments are made in either gift vouchers or wire transfer.

The minimum threshold for gift vouchers is 2500 INR.

The minimum threshold for Wire Transfer is 5000 INR.


The world is evolving and so are we. Who could have ever thought that a few lines written in the form of codes would be so valuable, that there would be an era where digital products could produce billionaires.

Now affiliate marketing won’t make you a billionaire but will help you generate some healthy cash.

No sphere of products is left untouched by affiliate marketing.

Digital products are sold and they make people millionaire over time and affiliate marketers take a fair share of their money just by bringing sales

Text: ClickBank Affiliate Program


So Clickbank is one of the most trusted and high paying affiliate marketing program available almost throughout the globe. And all you gotta do is sell their digital products!

It’s commission rates are as high as 75%.

The minimum threshold can be chosen by you between $10-$100000.

Payments are made through direct deposits, Wire transfers or checks. You receive payments monthly, weekly or once per two weeks depending upon your preference.

Clickbank is one the best available in the market, all you gotta do is focus on an audience and earn handsome!



Amazon is a brand and everyone is aware of it.  On average it has around 350 million visits in India, and they sell it hardcore. Now being an affiliate to such trustworthy website can get you some serious money.

Text: Amazon associates

The best part about Amazon Associate is that whenever a person clicks on your link and purchase whatever from the website within the next 24 hours you get the commission of it.

Suppose you suggested someone a t-shirt and the person ends up buying a t-shirt, a jean and a trouser and a mobile. So you get paid for each product ordered. That is how beautiful this affiliate program is.


The commission rate is between 1-8%.

Payments are made every month through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

The Minimum threshold is 1000 INR.

With extensive sales and trust on amazon, the affiliate marketing with amazon is such a perfect place to make money.

 Rakuten Marketing Affiliate

Rakuten is an affiliate network program that means instead of offering affiliate services of one particular company, it offers the affiliate program for companies ranging with a wide array of choice.

Each of these companies has different affiliate rates and might and might not be interested in you.

Rakuten  affiliate marketing website home page.

The signup process is rather simple, and you can easily apply for different merchants and start earning with the sale numbers.

The concept is similar to ShareASale but offers fewer affiliate tools.

The commission rate entirely differs from merchant to merchant.

The minimum threshold is $5.

The payment is made either by cheque or by Paypal.

Payments are made on 15th of May, August, November and February.

Payments are made every three months so the payment cycle is lengthy.

You cannot rely on it for monthly cash but it surely will add money in your bank account every three months.



Affiliate marketing is money on auto piolet but before putting your account on auto piolet you need to take off and that is where the crowd is filtered.

Building a promising website can be tough but it sure as hell is not impossible.

All the affiliate marketing websites and programs mentioned above allow you to earn handsome cash, all you need to do is choose a program that you find most intriguing.

Girl holding the banner of blog on one hand and money on the other

Then focus on creating a website initially and then moving on to Instagram and other sidelines once your website has a stronghold.

After you manage to capture the attention of the audience all you gotta do is sign up for these programs and get approved.

Getting approved can be tricky at times if you try you fool these companies. Once you get approved you need to utilize all the affiliate tools these companies offer because these tools help you expand your reach and hence make more sales. 

The next very important step is to follow the guidelines of these companies and never do anything foolish to get banned from the program because they have options and they won’t budge once if you make a mistake.

There is a reason they have been in business for so long. Start the work by selecting your niche and building a website.

Know how to start affiliate marketing business this year.


1. How long does it take to succeed in affiliate marketing?

The answer to this question lies in your work ethics.  On average it takes around 4 months to 1 year before you can start earning decent cash but you need to know that the lower the time the more research and work you’ll have to put.

2. Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website by using social media platforms and Youtube. But here’s a catch, Social media websites don’t last forever as the world shifted from Facebook to Instagram, the world will shift from Instagram to any other platform, so you’ll have to change your strategy.

3. Why is blogging important in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is only possible if your audience trust in you and you provide them with the best possible work. Blogging not only helps you generate a good audience but also gives you a chance to advertise efficiently in your blog.
Consider you have a fashion blog, so your audience is interested in fashion, now if you advertise fashion-related products, the chances of sales are much high.

4. What is the best time to start affiliate marketing?

The best time to start affiliate marketing is now! No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or phone you can become an affiliate marketer.

5. Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

The answer lies in your definition of “RICH.” People earn big and even in six figures using affiliate marketing but they are old players and have been working day in day out for over many years now, but affiliate marketing will surely help you generate good income once to dedicate to it.


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