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Signs, Habits and Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

What makes a relationship healthy? A healthy relationship is filled with happiness and it involves trust and honesty. In this blog, I will discuss the Signs, Habits and Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

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Signs of healthy relationship

You are both able to speak your mind

Now communication is vital in a long-term healthy relationship. It doesn’t just mean that you talk about something and then kind of go over the subject

You have to be able to talk to your partner with undisclosed pretty much everything. Nothing can be taboo and nothing can be off-limits if you find yourself having conversations with your partner.

You both trust each other

Honesty and being truthful to your partner are some of the vital components that will make a relationship literally stand the test of time. If you have to lie about things from time to time to please your partner this is not a sign of a healthy relationship 

You can let things go now from time to time. You are both going to be annoying to each other. It’s just one of those things it might be that your partner has let you down in some way. A healthy relationship would be people communicating that they do feel a little bit underwhelmed and disappointed because they were let down by their partner but then they choose to let it go and they don’t bring it up time after time you are intimate

Remember healthy relationships are built together through bonding sensations of trust honesty and friendship. Anything on the exterior level which is lust and then physical attractiveness is just the start of a relationship and that does not mean that you are in a healthy one just yet your relationship is your safe place 


Mostly a Healthy relationship starts in the third stage of a relationship. Don’t know what are the stages of a relationship? Check our blog

You have your own space 

Now as we grow up and we go in more serious relationships we understand that we don’t have to spend all of our time together like we did when we were dating our teen boyfriends or teen girlfriends. So the most important thing about a healthy relationship is that you can come together and you can disappear and both go your own ways and do your own things explore

Your life develop new habits and hobbies and then you can come together and talk about it if you spend a lot of your time together doing the same things and the same crowd of people the same activities and same habits and hobbies you are eventually going to dislike the other person because you have no space to yourself

You can’t be a healthy adult unless you have your own space you fight the reason why this is a healthy thing and not a bad thing is because if you don’t fight with your partner I don’t mean physical fights I mean literally when you are arguing about something if you’re not happy and fight with your partner that means you can’t open up and something’s holding you back 

So in a healthy relationship having quarrels and disagreements from time to time is a healthy thing because it shows that you both have your own understanding you both have your own opinions and minds and that makes you stronger you like yourself and your partner exactly how you both are right now

Habits of a healthy relationship

Go travel together

couples travelling together

Travelling is exciting and it helps you discover new things. It brings back your moment and helps to experience a range of emotions while it is good to go on a journey alone it is even more enjoyable with the partner after all having something in your relationship that makes you look forward together is awesome. So discuss things together make a plan go on a vacation together you will feel the benefits of it 

Always be honest

Honesty is the best policy

This is the foundation of a happy and long-lasting relationship and actually in everything as well starting from little trivial everyday things when seeking advice when facing problems or when you hang out with your friends just be honest to your partner and to yourself

It is better for your partner to hear it from us rather than someone else. If your partner hurts you or you feel uncomfortable with your relationship. Just be honest and speak up and if you think you’ve made a mistake be gentle and apologize honestly, after all, no secrets and hidden things will make both of you happy especially if it’s related to each other 

Your partner is your number one friend so everything needs to go through them first before going anywhere or actually you don’t need to go anywhere at all your partner is everything that you need after all by maintaining good communication and honesty will keep your relationship alive and strong 

Don’t stop flirting

Remember the old days when you first fell in love with your partner you almost flirt every day right when you meet through phone calls or texts you always say unbelievable things to make your partner like you

The beginning of a relationship is always passionate exciting and romantic. There is so much enthusiasm and a desire to impress your partner in any way possible. When you start living together and start to become comfortable with each other the space between you is going to be calmer, steady and secure. Thus you may forget to flirt with your partner, don’t let things become trivial between you 

Give compliments

This is a small thing to do but very important being together with your partner means that you are always with them for a reason. There must be a lot of things that you like about them so why don’t you tell them what and how much you are grateful for them always give compliments to every little thing 

Make sure nobody feels unrecognized when your partner smiles. It will make you feel good too right so express how much you care about them by appreciating them saying they’re attractive and make them happy whenever you can. 

Celebrate every little thing when you or your partner achieve something 


It’s important to celebrate it together it is necessary to acknowledge your partner’s efforts. You don’t need to do something extraordinary.

Remember small things count. These might seem trivial but these small habits of rituals will ensure that your relationship blossoms and you experience a fulfilled relationship

Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

Be in the present

Whenever any relationship faces challenges, people try to dig into past events. Maybe what happened two years back three years back five years back. So do you think those events have any relevance, as far as what the present moment is concerned? So your focus should be on the present crisis or on the present challenge and try to solve.

Avoid judgment

Now we all like to be a judge and pass judgement in any situation, but that will be completely on our perception. Instead of being a judge, be a reporter. Report to the other person what exactly you failed and what exactly went through when that event happened

Take one issue at a time

Now maybe in that relationship you have lots of issues lots of challenges. If you try to collect all those four to five issues and try to solve it at one go. Will it happen. Absolutely not. 

You will be in a position where you will not solve any of the challenges or any of the. So take one issue at a time. See what you can do to work on that challenge and then go to the next issue. But don’t clump all the issues together.

Do not assume

Because you know you are unique, every individual on this planet Earth is unique, and because of our uniqueness, our perception is different or any situation. Now, as far as your perception is concerned it doesn’t match with the other person’s perception. So don’t assume

When we assume we are not ready to listen to the other persons or other people’s perception. So you be firm with your perception, but at the same time be open enough to listen to others perception. 

Being compassionate.  

In any relationship. Most of the relationships go for a toss. They face challenges because of the ego to be compassionate if the other person is making a mistake. Just be compassionate, show your empathy towards that person.

Take action

Now after all the challenges have been solved all the issues have been solved. You should take some actions or you should make note of some actions which you are willing to take when such situation pops up in the future so that you don’t get into the same situation or in the same circumstances that you have been right now.


Nobody is perfect in a relationship but if you’re in a healthy relationship then it will contribute to a long and happy life life . The important thing is to find a perfect partner then only your relationship will become a healthy relationship

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the key for a healthy relationship?

Trust is the key for a healthy relationship

2. Why healthy relationships are important?

Healthy relationships contribute to a long and happy life that’s why healthy relationships are important

3. What is it like to be in a healthy relationship?

It is true love from both partners and understanding what the partner needs and providing it

4. What makes or breaks a healthy relationship?

It is the matter of choice that you want to make the relationship work or not

5. What is the biggest myth about healthy relationship?

The biggest myth about healthy relationship is that the relationship will always remain healthy


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