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2 Types of plants (Indoor and Outdoor) | Is it help nature?

There are two types of plants. Indoor and Outdoor Plants. The cycle of the whole world depends on them. The most important thing is that they give us oxygen, and it is very important for the rain. It makes the grains grow, the fruits are there, which keeps our life going. Thus, it is very useful for us.

So sometimes I imagine that there is no air for me to breathe. Therefore I am fighting life with the breath of a machine. Thus the food I eat grows from the plant’s formation from the ground. And If I ever think that I do not get food, can my life go on?

Sometimes it can also be an option. But it is a matter of thinking that the rays of the sun are burning us, it is these trees that protect us.

Such as these 2 types of plants, we get fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, tea, coffee, sugar, peanuts, oil, medicines, eucalyptus oil, jute bags, rope, newspapers, bur ros, clothes, flowers – rose, mogra and many more. So one thing is certain that if they were not there then we would not have been either.

So in this blog, i will tell importance of plants in our life.

indoor and outdoor plants

There are many subjects which show how it important for our life.
But in this blog, we discuss only what types of plants.
And what is it to help us? What importance to nature? So we read in this blog:-

1. Types of plants
2. What happened if it not in nature?
3. Conclusion

1. Types of Plants

2 types of plants are important in our life. As a result, We can’t live without plants.
Certainly, Plants are very essential in our life. Thus Plants should be there in every house.
without plant life is difficult to survive.

people should be surrounded by plants. Plants should be everywhere.
Plants give us oxygen. It also gives us the necessary material like food.

Firstly we should be thankful to God that they have given such a beautiful thing. 
We should not cut trees and grow more trees.  

There are 2 types of plants. 
(A) Indoor plants
(B) Outdoor plants

(A) What are Indoor plants? 

Furthermore, plants that can be grown in houses and need less temperature.
also called ” houseplant “. They need less humidity also.

It grows in the house. So they don’t need more sunlight. Indoor and Outdoor Plants. And it only needs less amount of water also. indeed they don’t need more space.
Example_ _plants snake, peace Lily, Chinese plant, etc.

(B) What are outdoor plants?

Some plants that are grown on the grounds and fields are outdoor plants.
Because these plants need more temperature and need more space. So they need more humidity. Thus these plants cannot be grown in the house.  
Example catmint, coneflower, Russian sage. 

Importance of Plants

The Benefit of indoor plants  The benefit of outdoor plants 
1Indoor plants help to take more oxygen.
It helps to produce oxygen.
It improves air quality.
2It helps to remove toxins.It helps in improving humidity levels.
3It helps to purify the air.It makes people calmer.
4It helps to increase productivity.It makes people happier.
5It helps to create a healthy environment.It improve concentration level.
6It helps to reduce stresses.It helps in improving creativity.
7It helps to enrich health.It helps to get fresh air.
8It helps the well being.It helps in explorer our hobby.
9Reduce tension.It gives Employment.

Likewise, the difference between types of plants(indoor plants and outdoor plants) is their temperature. The main difference is their temperature tolerance. 

Plants generally which are grown in the houses are called indoor plants or houseplants like all the types of species they are called indoor plants.
Because this plant does not need heavy sunlight. 
And they do not require constant sunlight also.
Some plants like aloe vera etc.

develop hobby

Make Good Food

Firstly plants which are at home are very useful. However, we can make good food out of that. As well as that they can be used anytime. Moreover, indoor plants do not need more sunlight, it can grow easily.
Indoor plants only required not only less amount of water but also less space too.

They do not need much sunlight also.
Indoor plants help people to stay healthy and fit also.

Outdoor plants need more tolerance temperature in spite of indoor plants to need less tolerance temperature.
For example of indoor plants is a rubber plant, aloe vera plant, etc.
For example of outdoor plants are vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc.

Indoor plants, and outdoor plant’s coolest temperature to grow.
Outdoor plants can be grown in the house too but it would be difficult to grow and house. Because they need constant direct 5 hours of sunlight.

This plants need the 50-degree temperature to grow. so it can’t be grown at home.
Outdoor plants need more space so they are being grown outside, in the big ground, and in big fields. 

Especially indoor plants will stop growing in winter and autumn season.
On the other hand, outdoor plants grow all year even in winter.
In spite of indoor plants can be grown in the house and it helps a lot. 

Certainly, people grow a lot of indoor plants in their house.
Indeed it gives us many benefits Indoor plants help to take oxygen. Finally, it helps people to get healthy. 


Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Good Vegetables From Their Own House

Furthermore, people will get vegetables from there home. In addition, it would be easy for them to get good vegetables from their own house.
So the house becomes nicer than before. 

It decorates the house also. Not only the house becomes more beautiful but also people get busier in making and growing there plants.
Therefore houseplants help people to be positive.

For one thing, if people are depressed, indoor plants help people to be happier in their life.
Due to this people get confidence. Thus, indoor plants make the house a more peaceful place.

Writers and poets sit in the front of plants and then their write blog, article, poem, etc. it makes them feel good.

As a result, indoor plants purify the air in our house.
Indoor plants give us fresh air also. But the air point of view all 2 types of plants give very good air.

beautiful indoor plants

More Beautiful

People grow indoor plants in offices also, because to make it more beautiful.
People bring plants at home but they failed to take care of that plant, people should take enough care of them. 

Outdoor plants are taller than indoor plants.
However indoor plants need a controlled climate. So That reason indoor plants are grown in the home.

Likewise, outdoor plants are grown in the open area and open air. In the same way, indoor plants need less space, and areas to grow such as outdoor plants need more amount of space to grow.

Especially the plants which are considered to be good for our bedroom is aloe vera, peace lily, Jasmine, lavender. Because of this all plants are very good to grow in our house and are included in indoor plants.

We should not go near plants at night, because they take carbon dioxide at night. Thus some indoor plants purify the air. So indoor plants increase humidity in the room, For that reason people who buy air purifiers can have relief by growing indoor plants.

So they can grow indoor plants it will help them to control humidity and to increase humidity. As well as indoor plants help to reduce noise pollution.

People choose indoor plants more because these plants take less space, so they grow plants in offices and at home. Especially that indoor plants need less soil and less water comparable outdoor plants need more soil and more water and more sunlight.

However indoor plants get sunlight through the window and that sunlight is enough for them to grow. So an indoor plant is not big. 

In addition to this outdoor plants grow faster than indoor plants. Then outdoor plants need regular water. if indoor plants will not get enough water, the plant would die.

More Nutrition

Therefore indoor plants need more nutrition and they need more maintenance.
Hence indoor plants need more fertilizers.
Such as fungus and diseases that can harm the plants.

If fungus and disease are found in indoor plants, it would not be difficult to control that, but if fungus and disease are found in outdoor plants it would be more difficult to control that. gardening at home helps people to get rid of stress and tension.

Air Purifying plants INFOGRAFICS

Healthy and Happier

It helps to save people more healthy and happier. indoor plants need the best care. south-facing window plant gets more light, so the people who have indoor plants should be facing there plants through the south side of the window. 

Therefore Some indoor plants required shaded areas. So one of the biggest problems in indoor plants is the regulation of water. Thus plants required water daily. So that outdoor plants, it is not difficult as the take water from roots, and get water from rain.

Fields owner should provide water regularly for both indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor plants can also have grown for vegetables used in our house. 

Therefore people like to grow plants and their houses, how to make the home is more beautiful. In this way, they decorate their windows and balconies. Therefore People grow more flowers to get a nice smell from them.

if We want to see a variety of both type plant then goto following sitehttps://www.ugaoo.com

Apart from this Outdoor plants give shelter, shade, etc to many birds, animals and provide a livelihood to many people. And also provide a variety of fruits, vegetables in a different season, different fruits and vegetables are provided by them.

They provide a product such as cardboard, paper, pencil, medicine, wood, fruits, which are provided by outdoor trees. And wood is used for many products also. Definitely, it helps to make many things. 
So outdoor plants help the farmer to earn money and they work on the field to earn money. 

Children Learn About Plant

Without a doubt, indoor plants help young children learn about plants. So they learn about in which quantity water, soil, nutrition, sunlight is required to them. And it gives water to them. In addition, They use their time in giving water, light to plants. Growing plants in the house are people’s hobbies also. As well as people feel good by doing this all.  

At this time normal people can’t do outdoor planting. Because outdoor plants need many requirements, they need regular maintenance, regular check on it. Therefore farmers are the perfect people who can do outdoor planting. 

So the conclusion both the indoor and outdoor plants are important and are very useful for all of us and both the indoor and outdoor plants provide various benefits to human beings.

Grow more trees inside and outside also.
Similarly, growing trees are more important.
So they give many benefits, we should take care of plants.
Because of the above reason, it is saying that “grow trees, grow life”.

In the same way, anyone wants to know more then go to
Some more Knowledge on https://en.wikipedia.org

Bonsai trees

2. What happened if these types of plants not in nature?

After so many think we are saying that if these types of plants not in nature. Then we are Zero without it. For example, without air what is our life. Likewise no grains no fruits, we are no surviving.

3. Conclusion:-

Overall, the importance of 2 types of plants both Indore and outdoor are very important for us. And it is very important for human life. This is because we benefit a lot from both trees and plants and indoor and outdoor Plant comes, some plants grow in less sunlight and some plants need more sunlight. For that, we can separate them into two sections, indoor and outdoor.

Both outdoor and indoor plants have special importance for nature, without them nature and mankind are completely incomplete, thus both these things are very important. So these types of plants are very essential for us.

designer indoor plants


Q.1. How many types of plants?

There are two type of plants. First is indoor plants, and second is outdoor plants.

Q.2. What is indoor and outdoor plants differences?

Indoor gardening refers to growing of plants in indoor such as homes or offices. Outdoor gardening is growing plants outside, in the open air. Climate greatly affects the plants to grow indoor or outdoor. Indoor plants need a controlled climate.

Q.3. Indoor plants any reference books?

8 books every indoor plant lover should own.
Urban Botanics by Maaike Koster and Emma Sibley. …
Leaf Supply by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan. …
House Plants by Emma Sibley. …
Plant Society by Jason Chongue. …
House of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Bay.
Living with plants by Sophie Lee.
Indoor Green: Living with Plants by Bree Claffey.

Q.4. Outdoor plants any reference books?

The 8 Best Gardening Books for Your Home Reference Library
Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening. Find it on Amazon. …
The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible, 2nd Edition. Find it on Amazon. …
All New Square Foot Gardening II. Find it on Amazon. …
The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual. Find it on Amazon. …
Plants You Can’t Kill. Find it on Amazon. …
Epic Tomatoes. …
The Gardener’s Year. …
Homegrown Pantry.


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