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ODI Cricket – Most Played Cricket Format

ODI cricket means One Day International cricket. So it is clear that in this format the match duration is one day. It may be day-night or in the day time.

Most people have an illusion of considering only man’s matches as ODI cricket matches. But this is not like that. ODI matches are organized between man, woman, and also physically disabled persons.

ODI cricket matches are played between international teams who are the members of ICC ( International cricket council).

This blog mostly discusses the man’s cricket match but in the later part of this article, you can found some stuff regarding woman cricket team.

In ODIs there is one innings per team, having a limit of a number of overs. Currently, the over-limit is 50 but at the starting of the ODI matches, it was 60 over per innings.

Nowadays ODI matches are played much frequently. This is because of the number of the country who have got the ODI status from ICC is increasing.

The first official ODI match was played between England and Australia in January 1971. For the betterment of the team mindset, many cricketing boards are organizing different kinds of domestic ODI matches and domestic ODI tournaments.

The biggest event in cricket is the cricket world cup. This is played in the ODI format. Nowadays world cups are played between men, women, physically disabled persons, and U19 teams. In this event, Australia is the most successful team in Man and woman categories but in U19 and disabled category India showed his dominance over the past few years in the world cups.


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The first ODI cricket match was played between Australia and England in January 1971. At that time India is not considered as a good ODI team because of their deafening approach.

West Indies was the strongest team at the beginning of the ODI cricket. They won back to back two world cups that is the first two wold cups ( 1975 and 1979). Sir Viv Richards is the strongest player at that time representing west indies.

Sir Vivian Richards
Sir Vivian Richards

In 1975, Kerry Packer introduced the rival World Series Cricket competition, and it introduced many of the features of One Day International cricket( that is ODI cricket ) that are now adapted, including coloured uniforms, matches played at night under floodlights with a white ball and dark sight screens, and, for television broadcasts, multiple camera angles, effects microphones to capture sounds from the players on the pitch, and on-screen graphics etc..


Nations Having Permanent ODI Status


Australia played its first ODI cricket game against England ON 5th January 1971. Team Australia played a total of 943 ODI match and won 574 matches. They have a winning percentage of 63.64%.


England are the opponent team of that inaugural ODI match that is played by Australia. So its first ODI match was held on 5th January 1971. England team has played total 746 matches and won 375. They have the winning percentage in ODI format is 52.85%.


New Zealand played its first ODI match against Pakistan on 11th February 1973. They played a total of 769 ODI matches and won 349 matches. Their winning percentage is 48.35%.


Pakistan played its first ODI cricket match against New Zealand on 11th February 1973. They played a total of 879 matches and won 464 matches.

An odi match
An odi match SA vs PAK


West Indies played its first ODI cricket match against England on 5th September 1973. They played a total of 823 matches and won 401 matches.


Team India played its first ODI cricket match against England on 13th July 1974. Also, they played a total of 987 matches and won 513 matches.


Apart from these teams, Sri Lanka got ODI cricket status on 13th February 1982, South Africa got ODI status on 10th November 1991, Zimbabwe got the status on 25th October 1992, Bangladesh got this status in 10th October 1997, Ireland and Afghanistan got this status on 5th December 2017.

Nations Having Temporary ODI Status

There are some other nations who have got the temporary ODI cricket status from ICC –

For example Scotland, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Nepal, Netherland, Namibia, Oman, Papua New Guinea, United States, Kenya, Canada, Bermuda, Hong Kong, East Africa etc..


Basic Rules

The Rule of Time Out: 

If a player becomes out / retired hurt then the forthcoming batsman should take the guard from the umpire within 3 minutes or come to the crease to play otherwise the forthcoming batsman shall be declared out.

No appeal No Out: 

If a batsman gets out of some way (like LBW, caught behind etc.) and the fielding team does not appeal for out then the batsman can not be given out even if the batsman was clearly out. The appeal is mandatory.

 If Bails don’t fall then Not Out:  

A batsman is declared out if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps. If the bails don’t fall even after the ball hits the wicket then the batsman shall be declared Not out.

The Rules for injured Players: 

If the injured player goes outside the field and returns on the field without informing the umpire then 5 runs are cut from the score of the fielding team.

 Out if Hit the ball twice

The striker is out if he hit the ball twice with any part of his body or bat before the ball has been touched by a fielder.

Returning the ball to a fielder:

Either batsman is out if (during the playtime) he uses the bat or any part of his person to return the ball to any fielder without his consent.

Mankading Out: 

This is a kind of run out. It happens when a bowler; before releasing the ball or without completing his usual delivery swing, attempt to run out the non-striker if the non-striker tries to run from crease before the delivery of the ball.

Shot Playing Time: 

Normally it happens that when a bowler is ready to throw the ball, the batsmen should be ready to play the shot. But if a batsman is not ready to play the shot within 2 minutes, then he is given the first warning and if he repeats this mistake, then the umpire is authorized to give 5 runs to the fielding team.

Disturbing to Batsmen: 

If a fielding player disturbs the batsman before paying the ball is thrown then this ball shall be declared dead ball by the umpire and 5 runs are also given to the batting team.

Only 4 Substitute Players: 

In the one day cricket; each team captain shall nominate 11 players plus a maximum of 4 substitute fielders in written to the ICC Match Referee before the toss.

If there is any change in the playing eleven after the submission of the final nomination then this can be done only with the consent of the captain of the opposition team.

Out on No Ball

Generally, it is a rule that a batsman is not out on the no-ball. But the batsman can be out even on the no-ball in these ways;

a. Hitting the ball twice

b. Obstructing the field

c. Run out

Run out
Run out

The ICC match referee shall not be from those countries between them the one day match is going to be played.

 No team has the right to object to the appointment of umpire and match referee.

During the match, no umpire shall be replaced, although this can be done in exceptional circumstances such as injury or illness.

 Retired Out

If a batsman retires for any reason; the innings of that batsman may be resumed only with the consent of the opposing captain. If for any reason his innings is not resumed, that batsman is to be recorded as Retired – out.

No runs to be scored

If the striker is dismissed/caught, runs from that delivery completed by the batsmen before the completion of the catch shall not be scored or counted as run.

Slow over rate:

At least 14.28 over should be thrown in the one day match every hour, otherwise, the captain of the fielding side shall be penalized for slow over-rate.

Review decision: 

If any side wants to take review, then it has to make this decision within 15 seconds of the ball being thrown. To review, the player has to mark the ‘T’ with both hands and this mark has to be raised at least till the height of the head.

Match Duration:

 A total of 420 minutes is allotted for the whole match.

 During the game, the water should not be poured on the pitch.

Field Restriction

Field restriction was first introduced in 1980 in Australia. Till the year 1992, it was a rule that only two players are allowed to be outside 30-yard circle in the first fifteen overs, then five fielders are allowed outside the circle for the remaining overs. And in the year 2005 fifteen over shorten to ten over that is called the power play.

            According to recent ICC rules there are three levels of field restrictions they are-

  • In the first 10 overs of an innings (that is the power play), the fielding team may have at most two fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
  • Between 11 and 40 overs, four fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle.
  • In the final 10 overs, five fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle.

Maximum Over Bowled by a Bowler

In ODI cricket minimum five bowlers can bowl and one bowler can bowl maximum ten overs.


ICC World Cup

It is the biggest event of cricket usually it should play once in your year. ODI status team can take part in this tournament.

Australia is the most successful team having a tag of five-time world cup winning team. Similarly, West Indies and team India won two times each. Also, team Sri Lanka and Pakistan won one time. And lastly, the most recent 2019 world cup won by the English team it is their first world cup trophy.

World cup Victories Team

ICC Champions trophy

It is also a fifty over format tournament the last time winner of this trophy was Pakistan. However, India won two times.

Asia Cup

Asia cup is played between Asian international teams. And in this tournament, India is the most successful team. Team India won 7 ( seven ) times. However, Sri Lanka won five times and Pakistan won two times.

Source :- ( Sportskeeda )

Triangular Series

This tournament is played between three countries. In other words it is also called as triangular series.

Bilateral Series

This is played between two nations. That is normal ODI series are played in bilateral form.


The ICC, international cricket’s governing body, maintains the ICC ODI cricket Rankings for teams, batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders. All ranking lists are given below-


3New Zealand116
4South Africa112
8Sri Lanka83
9West Indies78
Team ranking in ODI cricket

Source:- ( ICC )


1Virat Kohli869India
2Rohit Sharma855India
3Babar Azam829Pakisthan
4Ross Taylor828New Zealand
5Faf du Plessis803South Africa
6David Warner796Australia
7Quinton de Kock782South Africa
8Kane Williamson773New Zealand
9Joe Root770England
10Aaron Finch769Australia
Batsman ranking in ODI format


1 Trent BoultNZ727
Jasprit Bumrah IND719
Mujeeb Ur Rahman AFG701
Pat Cummins AUS671
Kagiso Rabada SA664
Chris Woakes ENG659
Mohammad Amir PAK656
Matt Henry NZ643
Lachlan Ferguson NZ638
10 Mitchell Starc AUS637
Bowlers ranking in ODI cricket

All Rounder

Rank PlayerTeamRating
1Mohammad NabiAFG301
Ben Stokes ENG294
Imad Wasim PAK278
Colin de Grandhomme NZ266
Chris Woakes ENG263
Rashid Khan AFG253
Ravindra Jadeja IND246
Mitchell Santner NZ241
Sikandar Raza ZIM232
10 Sean Williams ZIM229
All-rounders ranking in ODI games

Source:- ( ICC )


In conclusion, I must say that this ODI format is currently the most played cricket format. Firstly I must say the ICC World Cup is the number one tournament in cricket and secondly according to the statistics Australian team is the most successful team in ODI format.


Is ODI format is the toughest format to play for a youngster?

No, ODI format is not the toughest one to play for a youngster. The toughest format is the Test format to play for a young player.

Can ODI format is played wearing white jersey ?

In national and international level it’s not allowed to play an ODI match wearing white jersey. But local and inter-college ODI matches might play wearing white jersey.

Is any ODI match played with involving any scam ?

Yes, in 90’s decade many players came to the controversy due to match fixing.


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