Master the Art of Public Speaking l Overcome Stage Fear 2020

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In this article, you get to know all about why a man fear to speak in front of large crown of people. what are the actual reason behind stage fear. How beneficial to be great in public speaking.

Because you know the fact, most of the successful people who have achieved something great in their life always have Good Communication Skill as well as great on public speaking.

Because speaking on the platform is he very good skill.Its like an power itself to communicate to hundreds of thousand of people very intelligently.

The most important part, You get to know about tips and hacks about overcome the fear of speaking on platform and develop and polish your public speaking skill.

What are going to explore in it ?

  1. What is public speaking
  2. Stage fear
  3. Benefits of good Public Speaking
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What is Public Speaking 

Personally I believe public speaking is not only about giving speeches and lectures on school, college, and public places in order to make you feel high. But I believe it is the art of way of expressing you in front of a huge audience (could be small) to influence people, become the strong attention-grabbing magnet.

Do you know?

Stage Fear 

I think its also your problem also, when you try to speak or express you on the stage, you sacred.

Here’s-fear is a state of contraction of your body, mind, and stuck your thought in such case you will not be able to speak and you feel fear.

Note : According to me its a false fear . (the fear created by your own )

Yep we’re gonna further discuss below on this topic deeply.

Why do We Fear?

this image shows that we fear on stage ,, our reaction after just thinking about to go on the stage

You knew secrets, I am going to reveal that in a minute …..

Whether you believe or not, but in most cases , you create the boundaries of limitation in your mind and agree with false beliefs that are created by your own.

Wrong beliefs about your audience which sit over there obviously infront of you, by observing very intensely come to know that you don’t see your audience as a usual audience but you consider them as judges that would intend to give you score on your performance, you think, they are continuously judging you……

That the biggest mistake most beginner speakers do …….

shitttttttt .. why you take them in such way … they simply are listeners…… 

They are not coming to judge you mannnnn

So change your mindset and way of looking over there….

Wait !!!!!! here’s some other false fear stimulating factor. Low body language, so much of thinking, mismatch of status between you and your audience. 

Low body language attract hesitation, nervousness, and thinking contract.

 This means a close body, as you can see an image of this type of nonverbal posture make you feel fearful and nervous. because always remember your physiology is connected to your psychology .

Mountain of Thinking!!! 

If you think too much about if and buts, what will happen if I do this or if I do that, etc etc etc … I calls it overthinking. so anyway here’s an interesting formula below which could clear you this concept 

Status differences

 It mean when you speak in front of people where most people are on a high position than you ..chances are you feel inferior about yourself.

Way to Overcome Stage Fear

My first formula triple three “P”-

Every educated,achiever,talented person who has achieve something, all know that treasure hidden in the keeping practice and improving.

If you take my personal advice I suggest you speak in front of the mirror as you are on the stage and speak in front of thousands of people watching you and listening carefully ……..

Whether you agree or not its a golden very first tip 

Fit Body

Yeah yeah you think I am going to give the advice to go to the gym a build a muscular body ….. But that not my advice …..

But you should look active and energetic because here is an truth that you would be working as a generator and spreader of enthusiasm……to your audience direct .that’s it .

Also read in detail : Health tips for fascinating healthy lifestyle (2020)

Open Body Language

As we read above about close body language . So here’s what should do in terms of your non-verbal language.

You keep moving in certain relable hand gesture .Try to use your hand s and movement also to explain certain things as well. as shown below images .

Suppose you cannot speak you have problem to speak or may be by birth could be hereditary issue.

Now, what you gotta think how to explain totally based open your action , movements and face expression.

This shows your open mindedness this is the way you have to use non-verbal language

Connect You to Them

The best and easy and fast way to highly attract your audience to you and engage very intensively. nothing big deal you only have to be good in story telling because studies show that FACT TELLS AND STORIES SELLS. its the very awesome statement and its working . yes !! 1000% tested and proven .


Sometimes public speaking fear comes from the distracted mind,it means your mind thinks over here and there so many unnecessary things 

The very ancient and quick -easy way to relax your mind is meditation.

You could first wake up early and sit in a comfortable position with a silent places it could be any places whether in your home or out of home in the park.

I am talking about 5:00 a.m. morning at that time hardly any crowd or noise occurs in the environment ……….. So any way 

Leats get back to steps of meditation 

  • Sit in a comfortable state 
  • Put earplug in your ear ( to cancel noise which left ) 
  • Take deep breathe ( as well as slow )
  • And count your breath.. consciously
  • like this 1……..2……3…….4……5…..6……7…… go on

It brings your energy along one direction, align your focus …… give clarity…

Speak by Heart

When you only speak through the use of your brain …..

It will contract you…

Because it tie up you in the so many right or wrong thinking. This way disturb your flow of speech.

Speak by heart when you speak by heart its get truth character in your speech delivery .bring originality as well as your speech flows like an river water, it sounds very smooth and attractive voice …..

Remember, when your heart talk, high probability that creativity comes out …..keep in mind.

Make Rapport with your Lovely Audience 

Uhhh!!!! One of a bright technique, i also use to sells products as well as for building relationship to new person.

In fact, neither i but many talented people make rapport with their prospects when they want to sell or make better relations with them …….

Here Ques is how you can learn this technique?

My simple advice is , you have to begin with some interesting exercise with the audience in order to make your audience free and friendly by you …

You can search that exercise on google 

But here’s some tips _ you could play male and female up-down game with audience.Remember, i was talking about sit up and sit down hahaha so you don’t take it otherwise…

Or you could experiment several clapping ways 

Such as try to clap with 5 finger ,4 finger 3,finer, fast and slow , try to imitate with raining sound etcc…etc

And so on ………………….

Self Affirmation

Its call self-suggestion, the suggestion or words to yourself that you talk to yourself that you believe about yourself …

Always say to positive thoughts, goal statement, and consider yourself as the greatest speaker, to yourself 

this image is explore one tips from above public speaking tips .The elf positive thoughts . we should affirm self daily with positive thought . such as-curious,i can , i will, i am the best and so on

You could also put positive thoughts in your room wall where you spend time most.

Benefits of Good Public Speaking

You Become an Attractor of New People 

I see the master of public speaker not as a speaker only , but as artist of persuader and attractive magnet of audience.

After time to time you learn the behaviour of peoples , you get nerves of the psychology of peoples .

Then what?

You have the ability to impact people to influence peple to take certain action 

That action could be anything whether related to business or some other reasons.

More Confidence 

Having the good and impressive public speaking will definitely shoot your confidence level on the high level …..

Heres how?

Cause becoming a good speaker means you have tackled all the fears and self-doubts already, you have the ability to express yourself in front of people without getting hesitant…….so it obvious that according to my formula and also in terms of facts ..

Your own Large Network

.phewwww.. Hmmm it’s a golden benefit for you by having so good in public speaking.

When you deliver the value to the audience place, related to themselves ..

Then everyone want to talk to you wants to meet you personally, very much times peoples want to make relation with as a friend as a business partner, as a coach etc etc ……

In such a way automatically you will be expanding your social network it becomes larger and larger over time to time …

Shiny Vocabulary 

So after all that effort and so much of practice… you also have gotten so much of experience. now you deeply know the effects of words and voice tone has a greater impact on your listener.

Your tonality becomes attractive and the way of use of words also very conversationist.

Conclusion(learn at your tips) 

Public speaking is an art of influence people and communicates to the heart of your audience skill.

As well as you also get enormous benefits to having better public speaking skills.

Now you get insight of why fear comes in your mind when you gonna speak on sate . beside that you also got to know how to overcome fear.

Having a good public speaking also make you handsome amount of money. In fact many people take it as a career and charge a handsome amount of cash in order to speak or motivate to people or employess or whatever they invites you.

Last finishing, you may have some question so move on to below scroll down and know your answer.

You may also know :


1. How public speaking can help you?

Definitely, its help you in so many parts of your life , it could help you business life ,could help you in college , could boost your confidence and so on …. i have described above .

2. Can public speaking be learned?

Ofcourse, its a learnable skill in fact you can learn some body language gesture and ways of tonality and practising daily you become good at that soon.

3. Is public speaking class hard?

No, its a normal human talent according to me , It’s not an big deal . its simply a type of speaking in front of some people that’s it . Man if you think it in this way then it will become very easy to acquire skill okay .. don’t take it as a course or degree something like that ..

4. Where to practice public speaking?

No my friend. there isn’t as such certain or particular place to practise. But ,However, i suggest you if you are a beginer then first have to practise daily in front of mirror for at least one month of regular 1 hour .really its golden hack. And after that you start to try on your college ,clases wherever you feel little bit comfortable okay.

5. How can i Meditate when my environment is noisy?

Oh, I think, it could be issue of most of people.So, You can block noise by an small cheap Ear plugs that will block 97% can buy either from amazon or any drug or sports shop.

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