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Programmer or The Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developer is the one who has the knowledge on programming and can develop an application depend on business requirement.

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  1. Key points on about developer
  2. Salesforce Developer Concepts
  3. About Developer Console
  4. What is the Role of a salesforce Developer?
  5. OOPS(Object-Oriented Programming)
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Key Points About Developer

  •  Salesforce developer can approach the development using either the programming or declarative option
  • For the declarative part can use page layouts, record types
  • Where as in the programming part can use the visualforce and its components including the apex programming language
  • When the User Interface is not approached using the declarative part then the Developer can go with the programming part which includes triggers, controllers and the classes
  • In declarative we have options like Workflow, validation rules and approval process

To access the data model in declarative part one can use objects, fields, Relationships where as in programming uses the metadata API. Rest API , and bulk API

Below figure shows you the details of the declarative and programming approach:

Developer - approaches
Developer Approaches in salesforce

A Salesforce Developer works on the salesforce platform , as we know  Salesforce is an vast concept  which one can be specialize. Anyone or the user can build at least some good performance in the platform in a less period of Time.The developer task can include:

  • Working or maintaining the website or mobile application
  • Building or developing the apps for the other salesforce developers
  • Integrating the platform services with other Systems
  • Customizing the environment based on the requirement of customer

Most of salesforce Developers begin with a Basic knowledge in the developing and they can also have the knowledge on the administration part.

To be a good Salesforce Developer one should focus on the following concepts

Data Modelling , Security and the Management: Data model is the way of storing the data in the application . Security needs to store the data in an company /or in the application. Salesforce provides many security features to protect or store the data

Platform Development:  Service provided by the salesforce to develop or build an application is through Platform as a service. Where we can deploy the  cloud applications.

It has its own features and provide the tools , services for uplifting the business process and even integrate with the external applications

SOQL(Salesforce Object Query Language): Full form of SOQL is Salesforce Object Query Language. SOQL supports some features in SQL. SOQL is similar like SQL (Structures Query Language). By using this we can fetch data in force.

Apex Programming Language: It is a strongly Object –Oriented programming Language. which supports OOPS features

  • It can be compiled ,run, easy on a salesforce.com
  • Most of it uses the java syntax

Visual force:  It is a markup language like XML that allows in defining the User Interface Components in salesforce

By using this we can develop our own customized UI or an application

Let us learn about Developer console:

What is an developer console:

It is a place where we can debug or checking of errors , Test and create an application . as a result,It is Integrated environment in a salesforce org.

How to use developer console:

  • In salesforce org. after logging in click on user account i.e on the user name
  • Then,By clicking on the Developer Console option it will take to you new window

Lets execute the apex program in our developer console

  • Firstly, Choose the option Debug -> click on open execute Anonymous window or can simply use the short cut key as Cntrl+E
  • Secondly,Enter the program/code in that area or window and then proceed to execute
  • Later, After executing every time logged is created if you wish to see log then select open log check box.
  • Then,to open the log just double click on that log. To compare result we can open multiple logs
  • We can create classes, visual force, triggers, pages many more in this console
  • So, that We can run the test classes and can even abort the execution

Need more help click here

  What is the Role of a salesforce Developer?

  1. Working on both mobile and web applications
  2. Developing the other Salesforce dev applications
  3. Customizing the sales force environment based on user needs
  4. Need to have good programming knowledge
  5. Should have the Skills of Data modeling, security and management etc

 OOPS(Object-Oriented Programming)

Object Oriented Programming Concepts are very important. So, as to design system in the Object-Oriented Programming Model. One should have the knowledge about the OOPS.  It helps in  software development and maintenance. The major OOPs concepts are as follows:

oops concepts

Let’s discuss above mentioned each OOPS concepts with a real-time example.

1.Object: in simple terms object is a real world entity which is exisiting in the world . In more simpler words it is a thing


in general,The Object is the real-time entity showing some action or the behavior. In pl like java  Object is an instance of the class

developer-oops concepts

2. Class : A class is a group of objects  or things that  have common properties. It is a physical entity or blueprint from which objects are created. In simple, a class is the specification or template of an object. A real-world example can be circle ,fruits etc

3. Abstraction : Abstraction means hiding lower-level details and showing  only the essential and equivalent  details to the users. In more easy way it is the way of Data-Hiding

Abstraction is also called as Data Hiding

Ex: ATM  we perform the activities like withdrawal, deposit, mini statement bu we doesn’t know what going inside the machine

Developer oops concept- abstraction

 4.Encapsulation: It is the process or a way of wrapping or binding of data and methods in a single unit

however, Data and its methods operating or functioning on those data combining to form a Single Unit,which is referencing the Class

EX: In a daily activity as a result, we see that in a Capsule or tablet all the medicines is encapsulated or bind inside a capsule.

5.Inheritance: It is used to use the features of one class to the another 


It is the process of obtaining data members and its methods from one class to another class. As a result,It is one of the Strong feature of object-oriented programming.

It has the two classes- Parent class is also called Base class or Super class and  Child class is called Derived class or sub class

  • Super class: In this the features are inherited is also known as a super class
  • Sub Class: Similarly,It is the class which inherits the other class is known as Sub Class
  • In other words,parent is super class, child is sub class

EX: The properties or features in a child is inherited or generated from the parent class i.e  from superclass to base class

Developer oops concept- Inheritance

6. Polymorphism: In easy way let us see the definition poly means many.so, polymorphism deals that ability to take more than one form

Other definations include:

  •  So,as to Perform the one action in a different ways
  •  Process of showing one form in multiple ways

EX: A boy in as school acts like a student

Similarly ,in mall we will acts like a customer where as in hospital we will acts like a patient, where as in home will acts like a son

We conclude that the boy is same but he has the ability to act in a various forms

Check out this video for good experience

Also See other modules in salesforce


As a result ,The record-level access controls at the Developing platform are extremely flexible and powerful, and will serve the co operation and security needs of all customers—from those working in small teams to those people working in very large company. Both , Salesforce developers and Admin can develop system performance to deliver the honestly and flexibility to their companies require in access control.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is the average salesforce Developer Salary in india

Average Salesforce Developer Salary in India is ₹501,972

2.What skills are required for Salesforce developer?

Bachelor’s degree in the field ofcomputer science. Should have an Minimum work experience of 8 years as a software development and 4 years of Salesforce application development. Self-motivated ,creative. and Proficient with Apex, VisualForce, Native, MySQL and JavaScrip

3.Do salesforce developers actually write code?

Yes,Salesforce developers writes or do  a lot of coding or programming. APEX and Visualforce are just some of the tools they use. Apart from this, Salesforce developers use their APIs and write code is virtually any computer languages such as Java, C#, Node.

4.Is Salesforce developer a good career?

Salesforce Developer has been named one of the world’s best jobs.In a list of 25 job roles, Salesforce is the only company to get a mention. The rest were general positions, not tied to a particular technology or brand. The tenth best job in the US today is not a CRM developer; it’s a Salesforce Developer.

5.what is salesforce developer certification

A Salesforce developer certification is a identity that verifies a professional has the necessary skills and knowledge to design custom applications and analytics functions on top of the features of the Salesforce platform.

6.Is it easy to become a Salesforce developer?

person who has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, mathematics or other related fields. Then, a Salesforce developer needs to gain Salesforce-specific knowledge, for example, with online courses,tutorails,using trailhead or coaching


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